Pizza Box Projects
By Melissa Martin
Lafayette, IN

To broaden the studentsí awareness of the countries of Asia (or any region you choose) through research and creativity.

National Geography Standards:
1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15


 Students should:
  1. have background knowledge of the countries of Asia
  2. be able to follow all directions.
  3. be creative!
  4. use the resources given to do the research.
  1. Distribute and fold pizza boxes.  Students  should put their name and class period on the bottom.
  2. Have students draw countries and put the name of the country on the bottom next to their name.
  3. Pass out Pizza Box Outline and grade contracts.
  4. Schedule library or computer lab for research.
  5. Allow approximately two weeks for project.  (three days of class time; the rest out of class)
Teacher discretion or grade contract.


  1. Students present projects to class
  2. Display projects at local library or businesses
  3. Add other information slices
  4. Use different continents