By:  Renee Townsend, Rolling Prairie, IN, 1993

Purpose:  To introduce geographic landforms and characteristics of each.

Teaching level:  Intermediate/middle school

Geographic themes:  Location, place, human/environmental interaction.

Upon completion of this lesson, students will...
 1.  identify geographic landforms on a map and name characteristics of each.
 2.  describe how these landforms influence human activities and vice versa.
 3.  develop a word game using knowledge of landforms.

Materials required:
-landform maps (paper or individaul student's desk map)       -index cards
-overhead projector                                                                      -crayons
-chalk                                                                                             -chalkboard
-timer                                                                                             -book "The Lost Lake" by Allen Say

1.  Read and discuss the pictures in the book, "The Lost Lake".
2.  Introduce landform map or overhead and have students list any landforms they are able to recognize.  Write these on the board or overhead.
3.  Discuss these features; differences, similarities, how they effect human activities and how human activities effect each feature.
4.  Using previous landform lists, have students give you five most common terms or ideas that come to mind for each word.  For example, if the word is 'lake' the five words relating to it may be:  water, fish, beach, boating and Great Lakes.  These words are the taboo words.
5.  Divide class into small groups to make taboo words for the landforms you wish to study and transfer them to index cards.  These will be your playing cards.
6.  Divide class into two teams A & B.  One student will try to get the rest of the team to say the secret taboo word using suggestive sentences or one word hints as clues but may not say any of the words on the card.  That's TABOO!!
7.  Each time your team shouts out the secret word, your team gets a point.  When the timer runs out, record scores and then the next team gets a turn.  If you say a taboo word when giving clues, you don't get the point.  Continue play until a designated point or time limit has been reached.

Class participation

Add on all year and use as a review or use in other curriculum areas.