What Is That Bubblin’ In My Back Yard?

George Michael Fox
Summer 2001
Anderson Community School Corp.
Anderson, Indiana

Topic- Spatial relationships between student homes, schools, and community environmental hazard sites.

Classroom sessions / estimated time- 80 minutes

Grade Level – 8th through 10th

Purpose- To introduce GIS resources to students.


Behavioral Objectives- Procedures – Note: Make sure students understand that being listed on this list does not make a particular site an “evil” facility.  These are just locations that are registered and monitored by the EPA.  In reality, these firms may be much better environmental “good   guys” than an unknown, unregulated polluter.

Note: Advanced students located in the Indianapolis MSA will be able to plot all of these locations using the SAVI web site and Arc Explorer software.

Locating local EPA-Regulated list…

  1. Enter on your Web browser www.epa.gov
  2. Select Your Community on the sidebar
  3. Select Search Your Community
  4. Enter Zip Code or Codes of your school district.
Note: You can click on the name of each facility to view technical data as to what is being regulated.

Discussion Questions to Analyze Your Newly Created Map-

Which section of your community has the most EPA Regulated sites?  Which has the least?
Whose home is the closest to a potentially dangerous site?
Which school appears to have “the record” for being in the most potentially hazardous location?
Extending the learning-

Check student maps and aerial photo sheet for accuracy and neatness.  Display completed work in room or hallway.