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JILL BOWMAN, an amazing individual we will all miss...


Jill passed away August 3, 2014 at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis after complications from surgery and life-long health issues. Jill was born in Anderson, Indiana to Richard and Alberta Louise Bowman. Her sister, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons were her world, along with her dog, Rocky - a fiesty Jack Russell Terrier. Jill was extremely involved in her church's many education and outreach activities, always teaching about geography through any venue possible. Many of her friends and neighbors commented on her insistence that everyone understand a place's physical geography in order to better understand the cultural issues. Jill always had a cache of maps on hand with which to teach or to share during conversations.


Jill began working with the Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana, Inc. in 1989 during a three-week Summer Geography Institute at IUPUI. The event was quite intensive, but the educators really bonded and became true friends, many of those friendship lasting throughout the years. Shortly thereafter, Jill became the facilitator for the Indianapolis Urban Geography Team, coordinating geographic literacy outreach efforts for the metropolitan area. She implemented the Family Geography Challenge for her school, for Indianapolis Public Schools, and for the Indianapolis Archdiocese Schools. She participated in the Costa Rica Geography Institute for four weeks, engaging in the field study of the human and physical geographic aspects of this amazing country. Jill contributed to the Indiana Social Studies Academic Standards during two iterations. Jill also presented numerous sessions at local, state, and national conferences sharing teaching ideas and her passion for geography. She received an Outstanding Geography Teacher Award from both GENI (Indiana) and the National Council for Geographic Education (national). She coordinated a minimum of three, three-week urban geography field experiences and many one-day or ½-day professional development workshops. Jill served on the GENI Board of Directors from 1995-2005, including serving as the Board Secretary for three years and as the Treasurer for five years. She retired from serving the Indiana Geography Education community in 2005, when personal demands became a priority. Her love of the organization, and the love that many in the organization have for Jill, kept the lines of communication open with her right up until her death. Indiana Social Studies Education would not be “where” it is at without the many contributions from Jill Bowman!!!



> Jill was always such a “trooper” and so sincerely committed to GENI and each of us who are members of the board.

> Thank you for sharing the news, even though it is sad. I appreciate knowing and may be coming down for the visitation or service, depending on when it is. I will always think of “La Cucarachas” when I think of Jill.

> Jill was with us (GENI) from almost the very beginning. I can remember her work with my two large institutes at Purdue. At that time, Jill was doing the Geography Family Challenge. She was a marvel at how she could squeeze every penny out of her funds. I admired her for doing so. She was a big help as secretary to the board when I was President. All that foot work getting our Friday night dinners arranged for Board Meetings was appreciated, too. All nicely done. That was Jill. Her simple lessons went a long way. Great elementary teacher. Always helpful. Quiet, but resourceful. She cared for all of us on the board. She liked coming, participating, and just seeing us together made our board meetings meaningful. I will miss my friend, Jill. She admired her father in so many ways, too.

> We will miss a great elementary educator and friend.

> The state of Indiana is losing a wonderful resource and asset each time it loses a teacher like Jill.

> Jill’s love of teaching is the most important aspect of her that I will always remember…and the love of her dogs.

> I have fond memories of Jill for her enthusiasm and positive spirit. I know that in addition to being a wonderful geography educator she was simply a great teacher, the kind of teacher any parent would want for their child. She will be long remembered by all of us and the many youngsters whose lives she touched and enhanced in so many ways.

Memorial contributions can be made to Sunrise United Methodist Church,

7551 Oaklandon Road, Indianapolis IN 46236




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  • Why is it important to Indiana's economy? How does broadband impact your life?

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Advance Placement Human Geography Portal

The National Geographic Education website has created a portal for teaching and learning resources dedicated to the major topics taught in the APHG course. Visit the site often as it is constantly growing.

APHG / ELA Connections

A document highlighting a few of the English/Language Arts Common Core Standards connections to the Advanced Placement Human Geography Standards. The document is a starting point. Please share your additions!

National Geographic Education Foundation

The guide, Interconnections, is an alignment of the Common Core English Language Arts with Literacy in Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects to the Geography for Life: National Geography Standards, Second Edition.



Speak Up

    for Geography


National Geographic Bee sponsor Google produced a great short video about

What Can You Do With Geography?

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Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act

Why do we need better geography education?  Check out the latest Roper Poll on Geographic Literacy and you will have your answers!  Read on...

Dear Indiana Geographic Literacy Advocates,

I need your help!!!

Please contact our federal Senators and Representatives to urge them to support a bill (the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act) that would authorize $15 million annually over the next five years for teacher-training and materials in geographic education. Did you know that Geography is the ONLY federally-recognized core subject that has not received dedicated federal funding since No Child Left Behind was signed into law in 2002? Not one dime. Yet, every other core subject receives support. It will help our cause if the Members of Congress have heard from YOU (their Indiana constituents) about the importance of geography education and geographic literacy, and about the existence of the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act. I urge you to join me in a chorus of support for action by Congress.

YOU are who our elected officials want to hear from.

You can go to SpeakUpForGeography.org and send pre-written letters directly to your Senators and Representative. It only takes a minute to show support for K-12 geography education in our schools. By the time I visit Capitol Hill, our Members of Congress will know that I am speaking on behalf of an accomplished group of educators, curriculum coordinators, university professors, professional geographers, and IN citizens who are making a difference throughout the state.

THANK YOU for considering this opportunity to help put geography "back on the map" with federal support. I am proud to represent Geography Education to our elected officials, and I am hopeful that we can correct the troubling oversight that leaves Geography alone without federal funding.


Kathy Lamb Kozenski



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Indiana in Maps:  Geographic Perspectives of the Hoosier State

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Explore the many careers in Geography!

The study of geography helps people understand, think knowledgeably, and make decisions about the world in which they live. Indiana interacts with the world at large, and, therefore, every citizen in the state needs to be geographically literate and environmentally responsible.  Geography Educators' Network of Indiana, Inc. (GENI) exists to promote the value and significance of geography in Indiana, the importance of geography in the curricula of Indiana's K-12 schools, colleges and universities, opportunities for pre-service and in-service training in geography for Indiana teachers, and the availability of materials for the teaching and learning of geography in Indiana.