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BioBlitzing @ Fort Ben Harrison State Park with the Park Naturalist, Dylan, during GeoFest...

slime fungus, white oaks, white snakeroot, American bladdernut, calico asters, white tail deer and more


IN ArcGIS Online Story Map Competition RESULTS - Top 5
THANK YOU to Christina Lapham, DeKalb High School; Matt Bechdol, GeoSilos; Dawn Mason, DeKalb County GIS Coordinator


Interested in borrowing a Giant Map of Indiana ... two options ... see below
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Fun & dynamic opportunities to teach & learn MORE about Indiana across the curriculum


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> Educator Requests for Proposals: Planetary Stewards 6-8 / Teaching the Human Story K-12 / Educator Grants K-12

> Geo-Inquiry Process & Educator Professional Development

> NatGeo Certified Educator



Indiana Bioblitz archived webinar of 4/12/2016: transcription of webinar / PPT from webinar

National Geographic BioBlitz (ideas, curriculum, resources, videos...) / National Park Service BioBlitz

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Geospatial Inter-Actives for Indiana High School Students

(taking GHW or APHG)


1. Land Use Change: A GeoSpatial Tutorial on

GPS, Remote Sensing & GIS

Educator Lesson Plan

on-line Inter-Active


2. Water & Drought: Two Sides of the Same Coin -

A GeoSpatial Tutorial on GPS, Remote Sensing & GIS

Educator Lesson Plan

on-line Inter-Active


Geospatial Inter-Active for Indiana Middle School Students

Focus on Natural Hazards: A Geospatial Tutorial on GPS, Remote Sensing and GIS

Educator Lesson Plan

on-line Inter-Active


Link to Landsat images for some IN counties via IndianaView



Geography Book Blog

Newest book blogs:

The Walk by Lee Goldberg


Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer

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Indiana in Maps:  Geographic Perspectives of the Hoosier State

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