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  • Two-Hundred Years: Mapping Indiana's Bicentennial, Educator, Youth, & Family Institute, July 12-16, 2015; 12-65 PGP/LEU/GISP (see below)
  • NCGE 100th Annual Conference, August 6-9, Washington D.C.
  • For details about the 2015 Indiana Geographic Bee amazing work by our 106 participants!


Educator, Librarian, Geographer, GIS Professional, Youth, Family, and Citizen Summer Institute

July 12-16; Indiana University Southeast

Learn about Indiana's past two-hundred years; analyze Indiana's present; and plan for Indiana's future during this four-day Summer Institute. Educators, youth, families, & GIS professionals will create legacy resources: giant county maps, timelines, and curriculum. Educators and adults can relax and enjoy southern Indiana hosptality and diversity. Youth will learn and experience Indiana's past, present, and future AND be recognized as anIN Bicentennial Youth Leader. Families will enrich relationships through the many experiential learning opportunities. All Indiana citizens can benefit through improved geographic knowledge!

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        National Geography Awareness Week 2014

      IN Bookmark Contest Winner

by Rachel F., Chesterton High School; Cathy Dean, Geography Educator


IndianaMap wins international award for open-source data innovation

September 30, 2014 (Read web version: http://iute.ch/1CEoO2P)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The IndianaMap, an interactive collection of Indiana geographic information system (GIS) map data, has been named one of the most innovative in the world, thanks in part to experts at Indiana University.Earlier this month, the IndianaMap received the award for best open-source data integration at the international 2014 Free and Open Source Software 4 Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference in Portland, Oregon. This annual event is the world’s largest gathering focused on open-source geospatial software. Featuring more than 300 layers of useful statewide open geospatial data – including property boundaries, census figures, voting districts, wetlands, railroads, geological fault lines and more – IndianaMap provides Hoosiers and local governments with a platform for sharing this data. (Geospatial data is defined as any type of data that includes location as an attribute.)

The project is the result of a partnership between the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute's Research Technologies division, the Indiana Geological Survey, the Indiana Geographic Information Council and the Indiana Geographic Information Office.

"The IndianaMap benefits Hoosiers in every corner of the state by supplying up-to-date information on a range of features, from crop distributions and streams to parcel boundaries and statehouse districts – via a website with free data downloads," said Scott Michael, manager, IU research analytics. "It’s an incredible honor to win this award from our international GIS colleagues, and we are grateful for the recognition."

Michael’s team manages the Indiana Spatial Data Service, which give online access to aerial photos, topographic maps, and historic imagery of Indiana – all of which feed into the IndianaMap. Web feature services are harvested monthly from counties and assembled as statewide layers and distributed through the IndianaMap. This data-sharing partnership has resulted in near statewide coverage of parcels, address points, local jurisdictional boundaries and street centerlines.

"IndianaMap is the most comprehensive, state-based geospatial data resource in the nation," said John Steinmetz, director of the Indiana Geological Survey and state geologist. "From its beginnings in 2000, IndianaMap has been a cooperative venture between the Indiana Geological Survey and Research Technologies to serve up enormous data sets, for free and to anyone who’s interested. The FOSS4G award is well-deserved recognition of the hard work we’ve invested in this resource over the years."

"What’s great about the IndianaMap is that anyone and everyone can use it," said Justin Peters, IU principal GIS analyst. "For example, homeowners can use it to see if their property is in a flood plain and political scientists can analyze demographic data within legislative districts and other governmental boundaries. The map is a model of a state, county and local data-sharing initiative that really works."

Philip S. Worrall, executive director of the Indiana Geographic Information Council, said, “For over a decade the IndianaMap partners have made hundreds of unique layers of authoritative statewide geospatial data easily and freely available to everyone. It's a great honor to have IndianaMap recognized by the members of an international organization like FOSS4G.”

In addition to the FOSS4G honor, the IndianaMap was recently recognized as a "Notable Government Document" by the American Library Association.

Ceci Jones Schrock, UITS/Indiana University; ccjones@iu.edu; 812.856.2337



Geospatial Inter-Actives for Indiana High School Students

(taking GHW or APHG)


1. Land Use Change: A GeoSpatial Tutorial on

GPS, Remote Sensing & GIS

Educator Lesson Plan

on-line Inter-Active


2. Water & Drought: Two Sides of the Same Coin -

A GeoSpatial Tutorial on GPS, Remote Sensing & GIS

Educator Lesson Plan

on-line Inter-Active


Geospatial Inter-Active for Indiana Middle School Students

Focus on Natural Hazards: A Geospatial Tutorial on GPS, Remote Sensing and GIS

Educator Lesson Plan

on-line Inter-Active



Link to Landsat images for some IN counties via INView


Bats in the City

Curriculum: elementary, middle, high school lesson plans, & resource suggestions

What Does the Indiana Bat Say? (a music video)

Borrow the Bat Education Kit



Indiana Broadband: Don't Get Left Behind!

  • What is it? What type of information does the map convey?
  • Why is it important to Indiana's economy? How does broadband impact your life?

Download the postcard

Lesson Plan for IN high school students: GHW, APHG

To learn more about Indiana and broadband, visit http://www.in.gov/gis/Broadband.htm

To participate in an on-line broadband data test in your community, visit http://www.indianabroadbandmap.com


IN Geographic Literacy & GeoSpatial Technologies Policy Timeline

In an attempt to see "where" geography has been in our great state, this timeline was created to provide a foundation for moving forward into the 21st Century where those literate in spatial research and applications and those demonstrating global literacy will be employed. The timeline is a living and growing interactive tool created in conjunction with the Indiana Geographic Information Council and many other partners. Students could model this type of timeline when conducting research about a local person, place, occurrence...Please submit additions for review.


Geography Book Blog

Newest book blogs:

The Walk by Lee Goldberg


Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer

Accepting appropriate, geographic book blog submissions


  Speak Up  for Geography


National Geographic Bee sponsor Google produced a great short video about

What Can You Do With Geography?

cut and paste into your browser:



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Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act

Why do we need better geography education?  Check out the latest Roper Poll on Geographic Literacy and you will have your answers!  Read on...

Dear Indiana Geographic Literacy Advocates,

I need your help!!! Please contact our federal Senators and Representatives to urge them to support a bill (the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act) that would authorize $15 million annually over the next five years for teacher-training and materials in geographic education. Did you know that Geography is the ONLY federally-recognized core subject that has not received dedicated federal funding since No Child Left Behind was signed into law in 2002? Not one dime. Yet, every other core subject receives support. It will help our cause if the Members of Congress have heard from YOU (their Indiana constituents) about the importance of geography education and geographic literacy, and about the existence of the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act. I urge you to join me in a chorus of support for action by Congress.

YOU are who our elected officials want to hear from.

You can go to SpeakUpForGeography.org and send pre-written letters directly to your Senators and Representative. It only takes a minute to show support for K-12 geography education in our schools. By the time I visit Capitol Hill, our Members of Congress will know that I am speaking on behalf of an accomplished group of educators, curriculum coordinators, university professors, professional geographers, and IN citizens who are making a difference throughout the state.

THANK YOU for considering this opportunity to help put geography "back on the map" with federal support. I am proud to represent Geography Education to our elected officials, and I am hopeful that we can correct the troubling oversight that leaves Geography alone without federal funding.


Kathy Lamb Kozenski



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