Geography Awareness Week 2014: November 16 - 22

"The Future of Food"

National Geographic GAW website

Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest

Indiana's Edible Industry: Food Manufacturing

Gotta Eat: Indiana Food Processing

Geography Awareness Week 2013: November 17 - 23

"Geography and the New Age of Exploration"

National Geographic GAW website

Geography Awareness Week 2012: November 11 - 17

"Geography: Declare Your Interdependence"

GENI GAW Bookmark Contest

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National Geographic Society GAW website

Geography Awareness Week 2011:  November 13-19


Be sure and have your students enter our Geography Awareness Week 2011 Design a Bookmark Contest!

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Geography Awareness Week 2010:  November 14-20


Touch on FRESHWATER each day of the week!  Suggested Activities/Resources

FREE After-School Workshops:  Registration Form

Geography Awareness Week 2010 Postcard Contest!


Guide to planning a "3.7 Mile Walk for Freshwater" event
Guide to publicizing your event
Thirst is Relative Poster

Indiana Water-Related Maps & Organizations

Freshwater Lesson Plans

Freshwater Graphics and Animations

"Bucket Display" - visual showing the drastic difference in the average American's water use (100 gallons/day) and the average African/Asian family's water use (less than 5 gallons/day).

Existing Online Freshwater Resources

Save the Date Flier   More detailed Promotional Flie


Waterlines:  News affecting the management and use of Indiana's water resources - Newsletter from the DNR

Winter '09: 2008 What a Year!

Water Crisis from the World Water Council
Water shortages reach crisis levels in China from CNN World

GEOGRAPHY ACTION! 2010"Oceania "

The Geography Action! tour of the continents will make it's final stop this year with Oceania.  Check back frequently for new posts and resources.

Oceania Culture Regions MapLabeled   Unlabeled

Resources from Sherri Collie

Oceania color image


Stop #4 took us to Europe this year!  GENI once again offered a free after-school workshop and GENI Newsletter dedicated to Geography Action!  See links below for some great resources.

Get Started today!

What Am I (in Europe)? Activity Political Borders Lesson European Countries Word Search
Geography Awareness Week Suggested Daily Activities GA! Europe Literature List Additional Websites for GA! 2009

Geography Awareness Week 2009 Postcard Contest Results

Congratulations to our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Jacob Frazier of Rushville Consolidated High School in Rushville, Indiana.  Jacob won the grades 9-12 category and was chosen for the Grand Prize.  His design will be printed and copies  of the postcard will be provided to Jacob and his school, as well as used by the GENI Office.  Congratulations also goes out to our K-2 winner, Maggie Coffey of Smith Elementary School (Martinsville), and our 6-8 winner, Brooklyn Chalfant of the Christain Academy of Indiana (New Albany).  Click here to see the winning postcards.  Thank you to all the schools who participated this year!  We hope you will consider participating next year when the focus turns to Oceania.


       "Get Lost in Mapping: Find Your Place in the World"


November 16-22     "MAPPING THE AMERICAS"

Well, it was stop #3 on the Geography Action! tour of the continents: the Americas.  For resources, visit  Contact the GENI office for specific GAW/GA! resources.



Geography Awareness Week 2008 Postcard Contest

Congratulations to our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Sadie Gustafson-Zook of Bethany Christian Middle School in Goshen, Indiana.  Sadie won the grades 6-8 category and was chosen for the Grand Prize.  Her postcard will be printed and provided to her and her school as well as used by the GENI Office.  Congratulations also goes out to our K-2 winner, Gabriel Cash of Lumen Christi Catholic School (Indianapolis); our 3-5 winner, Leah Bode of Sycamore Elementary School (Avon); and our 9-12 winner, Shyon Wallace of Northwest High School (Indianapolis).  Click here to see the winning postcards.  Thank you to all the schools who participated this year!  The creative ideas for expressing "Mapping the Americas" were amazing!  We hope you will consider participating next year when the focus turns to Europe.

The Americas Word Searches:  Countries  Capitals

Biking Across the Americas:  from Arctic waters of the Beaufort Sea in Alaska, to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina [Intro Handout]



Get your student fired up about geography with GIS.  Show them how GIS affects their daily lives and what career opportunities there are in GIS.  Check out the GIS lessons on the GENI "Lesson Plans" page.


November 11-17     "ASIA:  Continent of Contrast"

Check out the resources from GeoFest 2007 below for literature lists and more for GA! 2007.  Asian Word Search puzzles:  Capital Cities, Cities, Lakes, Mountains, Indigenous & Tribal PeopleAdditional Resources

Celebrate "Asia" Event - Asian Adventure, Skiles Test Elementary, Indianapolis, IN; 11/9/07


November 12-18    Africa in 3-D:  Demographics, Diversity, Discovery
Please share your activities/projects with GENI and your colleagues.  Send us a brief description and photos, if you have some.  We would love to share your ideas with Indiana educators in our next newsletter.  Even if you have plans for a future date, share them with us.    Download Form
Visit the NGS web site for more information -  Get started today!


November 13-19  Migration:  The Human Journey
What did you do to celebrate Geography Action 2005 - Migration:  The Human Journey?     DOWNLOAD PROJECT GUIDE

So National Geography Awareness Week has passed.  It's never too late!  Get your class involved now! Scavenger Hunt to accompany the poster available.  Migration Poster Scavenger Hunt

Cultures:  The Sounds of Place

2004 Proclamation from the Governor:

Left to right: Alan Hagedorn (Center Grove High School), representing the History Educators' Network of Indiana; Lou Camilotto (McCutcheon High School), representing GENI; Governor Joseph Kernan; Mohammad Kaviani (IUPUI Department of Economics), representing the Indiana Center for Economic Education.

The National Geographic’s New Program:  Geography Action!

The National Geographic Society has expanded Geography Awareness Week to include a series of activities/events/resources:

“You’re invited to take part in Geography Action!, an annual conservation and awareness program designed to educate and excite people about our natural, cultural, and historic treasures. Join the National Geographic Society in protecting our greatest resource—the Earth—by taking action with hands-on conservation activities. Geography Action! starts each spring, and culminates during Geography Awareness Week, in November, when the results of how people took action will be posted online.”

Geography Action! - Habitats:  Home Sweet Home

You need only look out your window, take a walk outside, or stroll around your neighborhood to celebrate Geography Action! 2003—Habitats: Home Sweet Home.

Beginning just beyond the window, and extending past the boundaries of your town or city across the Earth's surface, an amazing variety of habitats awaits—along with the plants and animals that live in them.  Start exploring them with the Introduction on the National Geographic website.  Then, get to know your "home" by identifying which of these habitat types you live in or near:  Cities and Suburbs, Deserts and Tundra, Forests, Fresh Water, Oceans and Coasts, Prairies.  Check out the following web site for great ideas and activities to get started today!

2003 Proclamation from the Governor:

Left to right: Kathy Kozenski (GENI Executive Director); Jenny Johnson (IUPUI Digital Libraries Team); Governor Joseph Kernan; Dr. Rick Bein (IUPUI Department of Geography); Kara Salazar (Center for Earth and Environmental Studies); and Robin Crumrin (IUPUI Digital Libraries Team).  

America's Backyard:  Exploring Your Public Lands


       2001 Proclamation from the Governor

Here Today - Here Tomorrow:  A Geographic Focus on Conservation

The weeks leading up to Geography Awareness Week 2000 and the week itself was busy for the GENI office.  We sponsored four workshops around the state:

  • October 30th - Held at the Lilly Center in West Lafayette.  Melissa Martin presented a variety of classroom activities on behalf of the National Geographic Society, focusing on a conservation theme plus wetlands field work with Naturalist Mary Cutler.
  • November 4th - Held at the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  Melissa again presented with fieldwork studying the fossil beds along this section of the Ohio River with Naturalist Bett Etenohan.
  • November 10th - Held at the IUPUI Geography Department in Indianapolis.  Melissa hosted a cultural conservation presentation given by Dr. Rick Bein of IUPUI, highlighting the loss of culture in Papua New Guinea.
  • November 15 - Held at the Indiana Dunes State Park.  Ruth Johnston presented a variety of hands-on activities focusing on the region’s wetlands and exotic aquatics species with naturalist Wendy Smith.
  • Although National Geography Awareness Week has come to an end, be sure to visit the National Geographic site for information and lesson plans.  A special thanks to Melissa and Ruth for all of their hard work and dedication!

    GENI also teamed up with the Indianapolis City/Marion County GIS Team for National GIS Day 2000,
    November 15.

    GIS Day 2000
    November 15

    After being declared GIS DAY by the Mayor of Indianapolis, November 15, 2000, brought a day of successful community outreach events.  GIS Day 2000 was a global event that celebrated geographic information systems (GIS), the exciting technology that uses geography to change the world. GIS is becoming more and more a part of our jobs and our lives. GIS technology was celebrated throughout Geography Awareness Week November 13-17, and was an outstanding accomplishment. The entire City/Marion County GIS Division was busy in preparation for the planned activities. Thanks to the outpouring of interest, support and sponsorship from individuals, schools and universities, government agencies, as well as private and public organizations, the Team and its volunteers reached out to citizens, students, and also the city/county employees in greater numbers.  For more information on these events and to see first-hand some of the volunteers in action, go to: GIS Day web site.