The latest results from the 2001 NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) corroborates the effectiveness that the Geography Education line item budget, via the Indiana Department of Education, has had in the state of Indiana.  The NAEP results show that fourth and eighth graders improved their Geography scores with significant increases seen in the percentages of students performing at "Basic" or above.  We believe that students benefited from the influence of dynamic National Geography Standards, world-class Indiana Social Studies Proficiency Guidelines, and increased prominence of well-trained Geography Teachers in the schools.

Also, Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), utilizing 2001 NAEP Geography questions, conducted a more in-depth study analyzing the effect of sound Geography Teacher Training (via the state's Geography Network) on eighth grade student performance.  McREL findings indicate that students taught by Geography Teacher Consultants significantly outperformed students in the NAEP sample.  Better still, the more institutes and workshops in which the educators participated, the better their students performed.  For years we have known the value of the Indiana Geography Network, but now we have statistical evidence.  (For more information on the McREL Geography study, contact Dr. Kerry Englert, 303.632.5627 or  (For more information regarding the NAEP results, visit the following website,

Working with many public and private entities around the state and country, the Geography Educators' Network of Indiana (GENI - recipient of the Geography Education IDOE grant) has facilitated real, documented, positive change for Social Studies Education that is nationally respected.  Please support the on-going financial contributions from the state, which for every $1.00 leveraged, GENI gains $3.00 from national sources.  It is because of your past support, the support from Dr. Suellen Reed and her Team, and support from the entire Assembly that Social Studies Education in the state of Indiana has improved student performance, enhanced teacher training, and gained national recognition.  THANK YOU!

The Geography Educator's Network of Indiana, (GENI), was established in 1983 when concerned educators and citizens realized the lack of geographic literacy expressed by their students and children.  With support from the  IN Legislature via the IN Department of Education, GENI has almost tripled the Indiana legislative contributions utilizing the state monies as leverage to secure national grants.  Dynamic and innovative programs have been offered directly to over 3,127 kindergarten through post-secondary educators throughout the state, and those educators have shared information with countless colleagues and with approximately 185,000 students (low estimate).  The Geography Education Newsletter is sent to roughly 3,900 individuals around the state and beyond;  the GENI web site is visited by hundreds of educators each semester seeking professional development opportunities, classroom ideas reflecting the National Geography Standards and the Indiana Social Studies Academic Standards (which were rated A+ by the Fordham Foundation review for geographical content - Indiana being only one of two states to receive such a rating), and updates about the direction in which geography education will take.  Over two-thirds of Indiana counties have a professionally trained "Geography Teacher Consultant".  In order to affectively educate our youth to become viable participants in their international future, we must have creative, appropriate, and accurate professional development opportunities for educators.  National and international investors look positively toward a citizenship rich in Geographic literacy.  THANK YOU and BE WELL!

Kathy Kozenski, Director