Betsy and Tim enjoying the shade

Busy journal work

Figuring distance across a river

Orienteering Exercises

Compass Exercises

Cathy and Tim - Compass Exercises

Compass Navigation


Ken and Hilary-lost?

Tim Gavin, Orienteering Instruction

Orienteering Instruction

Weary Travelers

Re-launching on the other side of the dam

Re-launching on the other side 
of the dam

Local Fish Ladder

Discussing the fish ladder below

Setting up camp

Camping fun

Transect work

Our Angel of food-Mary


Evening campfire

Lunch break after portage

Stream velocity field tests

Lazy River

Susan and George cruising along

Ken and Scott-hard at work?



Kirk on Turtle Rock

Susan and George coasting along

Canoe thieves

Betsy and Tim on patrol

Transect work


A ride back to campus in style