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Some suggestions for using geographic oriented books and discussion question ideas.


  From ICSS Conference Session 11/6/08

  From Geography Action 2008 "Americas"

From Geography Action 2007 "Asia"

  Asia Bibliography from GA Rep, Melinda Butler

  Asia in Children's Literature by Dr. Sally Simpson, Tri-State University

  Growing Up in Asia and the Middle East...additional literature list


  Mysteries in Our National Parks Series

  Bibliography of Program Literature from the Arizona Geographic Alliance

Grades K-3; 4-5; and 6-8

Geography and Children’s Literature – Primary Reading (K-2) from the Delaware Social Studies Education Project

Fables and Trickster Tales From Around the World




Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain (4-6)

An Environmental Lesson From Poppy (5)

The Floating House (4)

The Greak Kapok Tree (K-7)

History Through Picture Books and Photography (1)

How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World (K-8)

How We Get From Here to There:  Bunnies on the Go (K-8)

Jack's Forest (K-12)

Lessons From The Lorax (K-5)

Making the Connection With Quilts (4)

A Multicultural Study:  Chinese New Year (K-3)

Nine O'Clock Lullaby (K-8)
On the Same Day in March (K-7)

One Day in the Desert (3-4)
Over the River and Through the Woods (K-6)
Paper Bag Book Report (3-8)

Place Poems with Prelutsky (5-9)

Quilts Across Cultures and for Many Reasons (2-4)

Reading the Landscape in Children's Literature (K-12)

Riding with Alice (K-8)

Sarah, Plain and Tall (3-5)
Silent Signals (3)

Solid Waste and Our natural Resources Utilizing the Story The Lorax (K-5)

Spirituals (4)

Travel with Kate Books (3-9)

Economics and Geography Lessons for 32 Children’s Books



Counting on Grace, by Elizabeth Winthrop. ISBN 13: 978-0-553-48783-1. Yearling Books, New York.  The account of a young girl, her family, and her friends growing in a textile town in the northeastern United States in the late 1800's /early 1900's.  Difficult and dangerous work, school, home, food and much more.   Documents and photographs included.  See the book review.

Dragonwings, by Laurence Yep.  ISBN 13: 978-0-06-440085-5.  Harper Trophy Books, New York.  The story of a young boy sent to San Francisco, California from China to live and work with his father, uncles, and male cousins to maintain a good business to be able to send money back to family in China and to bring other family members from China to the United States.  The boy's experiences include different looking people, economic differences, opium houses, and other situations that kids notice.  Part of the Golden Mountain Chronicles.  See the book review.

The Illustrated Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time, by Dava Sobel and William J.H. Andrews.  ISBN 10: 0-8027-1344-0.  Walker & Company, New York.  The story of the many difficulties and challenges of determining longitude.  Contains great illustrations to enable the reader to better understand the concept of longitude.  See the book review.