Curriculum provided for the Giant Traveling Map of Indiana

Famous and Notable Hoosiers

A listing

Giant Map - Giant Storms

To understand the impact of tornadic activity in Indiana.

Giant Map Tornado Quiz/Answers

Path of the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak: April, 1965

(from the National Weather Service, Northern Indiana Office)

Map of IN tornadoes by county, 2000-2010

How Big is Indiana? 

Students will use a map to learn the use of scale and geographical comparisons.

How We Get From Here to There - Bunnies on the Go: Getting From Place to Place

To have students learn the various forms of transportation people rely on today and in the past.

Indiana Pizza Box Project

To broaden the students’ awareness of the counties in the state of Indiana through research and creativity.

Indiana Pizza Box Project student worksheet

Leaders of the State:  Indiana Governors on the Giant Map

In order to better understand how Geography has influenced politics in Indiana, students will learn of Indiana’s past through the lives and achievements of Indiana’s governors.

The Executive Branch of Indiana Government:  Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency, Article 5

Madonna of the Trail and the National Road

To introduce students to Indiana’s early roads and transportation routes.

Marking History on the Map

In order to explore the state through a historical and geographical perspective, students will identify and study various federally recognized sites and locations throughout the state.

Native Americans On the Map

Students will identify Native American groups that lived in Indiana and understand their influence on Indiana.

Native American Place Names in Indiana

(From Indiana Place Names by Ronald Baker and Marvin  Carmony)

On the Banks of the Wabash

To help students develop a better understanding about Indiana’s mighty river.

Indiana Hydrology blackline map

Indiana Counties & County Seats blackline map


Scavenger Hunt

Students will identify geographical aspects of Indiana using the Giant Traveling Map of Indiana.

Simon Says...

Students will explore Indiana by using the Giant Traveling Map of Indiana to participate in the game Simon Says.


The Floating House

To introduce migration and transportation in the development of Indiana, students will read the story "The Floating House" while using the Giant Traveling Map of Indiana.

The Invisible Railroad: Indiana and the Underground Railroad

To help student learn of the role of the Hoosier state in the Underground Railroad Movement through the use of maps and research.

Urbanization and Indiana In order to better understand a GIS, students will study historic, modern, and future population and urbanization trends in the state of Indiana, then, will apply their skills and knowledge to global nations/nation states/countries.  Recommended for high school students taking Geography & History of the World or AP Human Geography.

Weird and Wacky Indiana

Students will use maps of all shapes and sizes and references to identify characteristics of places and to identify, describe and understand what makes a place unique socially, historically, and geographically.

Welcome to Indiana!

Students will become more familiar with their home state through an introduction to the Giant Traveling Map of Indiana:  good review of basic map skills, too.

What's in a Name?

Students will discover the origins of our county names and the person/persons behind the name.

Where the Money Is

Students will make observations and draw conclusions about information given on a map.


Suggested Literature List