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Lesson Plans Elementary: Lesson Plans Secondary:
Fred the Fish (K-12) Water, Water Everywhere (6-12) an activity from Population Connection
Every Drop Counts (K-12) an activity from Zero Population Growth, Population Connection To Sustain Life: Water and Development in Nepal (6-12) from Cornell University
Indiana's Environment and You (3-5) from IDEM Watershed S.O.S. (Saving Our Sources) (6-8)
Can We Keep the Lake Clean? (K-2) from NGS

Groundwater Basics (6-12) from the EPA

Top Ten Cities (3-5) from NGS "Walking For Water" Mini-Unit (6-8)
World-Water Hero (3-5) Interpreting Population Statistics (6-8) from NGS
Splish, Splash:  Water's Journey to my Glass (K-2) from NGS

Rivers and Capitals (9-12) by Carole Mayrose; Brazil, IN; Northview High School

Thirstin Builds an Aquifer (K-3) from EPA Track Your Family's Water Usage (5-12)
A Day in the Life of a Drop (3-5) from the EPA "Hydro-Technology" Mini-Unit (9-12)
Frog Alert! Frog Alert! (K-2) from NGS Population Issues in China and India (9-12) from NGS
Ancient Flood Stories (K-2) from NGS Contaminents in the Water Cycle (9-12) from NGS
Create a Wetland Scene (3-5) from NGS Oil and Water in the Middle East Region (6-8) from NGS
"Water Has Many Uses" Mini-Unit (K-5) Designing a Water Study (6-12) from
Fix a Leak Week (3-5) from the EPA Water Resources in Asia:  Changes and Challenges (9-12) from NGS
How People Get Their Water - Reservoirs: “Holding Tanks” for Drinking Water (K-5) from EPA Tracking Pollution, A Hazardous Whodunit (9-12) from EPA
Beautiful Blue Nile (K-2) from NGS The Nile in Crisis (9-12) from NGS
Getting to Know the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (K-2) from NGS Changing Nature's Course: A Look at the Kissimmee River (9-12) from NGS

The Rhythm of Rice Production (3-5) from NGS

Watershed Model Activity from

Bringing Water to a Lesotho Village (K-4) from the Peace Corps Bringing Water to a Lesotho Village (6-8) from the Peace Corps
Splish-Splash: Daily Use of Water (1-3) from the Peace Corps A Sense of Water (6-8) from the Peace Corps
Water Uses and Children's Lives in East Africa (3-5) from the Peace Corps Waterborne Illnesses (9-12) from the Peace Corps