Many people see geography simply as a course taught in school and therefore, assume geographers are only found within the education community.  On the contrary, careers in geography can be found across the spectrum from business and industry to government and planning.


“The geographer carefully observes and measures the human use of the earth under diverse combinations of natural and cultural environments.  Such observations and measurements yield geographical knowledge that will help us to understand our changing world and its parts and will improve the performance of business, management, law, education, planning, public affairs, and other professions.”

From Careers in Geography by Salvatore J. Natoli

Here are a few examples of the types of jobs geography graduates may seek:


  • College Professor
  • Elementary/Secondary Teacher
  • Environental Lawyer
  • Business Location Analyst
  • Meteorologist

Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning

  • Urban and Community Planner
  • Applications Developer
  • Regional Development Coordinator
  • Zoning Administrator
  • Airport Planner

Cartography and GIS

  • GIS Analyst
  • Applications Developer
  • Image Analyst
  • Cartographer

Environmental Studies

  • Park Ranger
  • Hazardous-waste planner
  • Forestry technician
  • Public Lands Manager

Travel and Tourism

  • Area Specialist
  • Tourism Planner
  • International Business Representative
  • Travel Agent

Global Studies

  • International Trade and Development
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Environmental Protection
  • Relief Services

From Brigham Young University Geography Department


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