"Repositioning Geography Education:  From Neglect to Necessity"

By Daniel C. Edelson, National Geographic Society, Vice President for Education & Children’s Programs, 2008


"Why We Need to Save (and Strengthen) Social Studies" by Judith Pace/Eduucation Week Dec. 2007

"Who Gunned Down Geography?" by Jerome E. Dobson

"Schools urged to teach spatial literacy"
Researchers call for integration of GIS, spatial thinking in K-12 curricula

"Geographic Education Revival" by Matt Rosenberg

"How can We Fix the World if We can't even Read a Map?" by David J. Smith

Indianapolis Business Journal Article by Mickey Maurer on geography education in Indiana

"Geography in the British School System" by Ben Clifford


NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) results!

National Geographic-Roper 2002

Global Geographic Literacy Survey