2008 Geography Awareness Week

Postcard Contest Winners

The postcard entries had to include an illustration that represented the 2008 theme:  Mapping the Americas and provide a 1 to 3 sentence description for the illustration, using the template provided.  They were then judged on the quality of work and how well the illustration (and description) conveyed the theme.

K-2 Category - Gabriel Cash, 2nd grade, Lumen Christi Catholic Academy, Indianapolis [Description:  Whether by boat or car or plane or bus, traveling the Americas is fun!]

3-5 Category - Leah Bode, Sycamore Elementary School, Avon [Description:  This shows the Americas including the Bahamas.  I used a blue line to show the Amazon River, brown triangles for the Andes and the Rocky Mountains, blue shapes for the Great Lakes, and umbrella trees to represent the rainforest.]


6-8 Category - Sadie Gustafson-Zook, 8th grade, Bethany Christian Middle School, Goshen  [Description:  There are many different faces, and each face has a culture.  So this map is mapping the cultures and faces of the Americas.]

9-12 Category - Shyon Wallace, 10th grade, Northwest High School, Indianapolis  [Description:  The old way of mapping to the new way of mapping.]

Some additional competitive entries: