This is an online laboratory for students who cannot or do not want to come to campus. You will be required to travel to three Indiana State Parks. You will also be required to come to campus to drop off or pick up labs, IF you choose not to submit them electronically.

This laboratory was redesigned to be an online laboratory that does not require a visit to IUPUI's campus, but will require you to take a few field trips on your own schedule.

The lab is organized into 7 workbook exercises and 3 field trips (compared to 15 class meetings in our regular laboratories). It will be set up where you complete two lab exercises and one field trip per month. The schedule varies by the fall and spring semester. You will complete each field trip on your own, listening to MP3 audio files from the instructor while at a park as you complete a field based exercise. Students will be provided with detailed directions once enrolled in the course.

Field Exercises will be due at the end of each month--there are no tests in the course. The three field exercises are based on these state parks (click to see location): Turkey Run State Park, Mounds State Park, and McCormick Creek State Park. An instructor assigned to the course will be available to help you through email, discussion forums, and chats. The assignments are designed so you can work on them on your own.

To participate in this lab, you must meet the following requirements:

A special course fee of $20-$30 applies in this course. Course materials will cost approximately $70 (a workbook, 2 maps, and a set of rocks--the rocks can be sold back). If you don't own an MP3 player, most students favor the iPod shuffle (which lacks a display) or iPod nano (which has a display). IUPUI students are eligible for Apple's education discount available through online purchase or the Apple store in the Keystone Fashion Mall (Indy) or Kenwood Town Centre (Cincinnati).

G136 is offered Spring and Fall, and will also be offered across Summer I and II in 2012.

For additional information, contact our Lecturer.


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