Research Paper (Fact Sheet)

You must complete a project within this course that requires submission of a written paper. Your paper will be submitted in Fact Sheet format (described below). You have an assigned overall topic, but you must narrow this topic down considerably to something that interests you.

Why do you have to write a research paper? -- Because employers and graduate schools value those people who have strong writing skills and research skills that have advanced beyond typing a word in Google. As a result, IUPUI wants students in 100-level courses to use and improve upon their writing and research skills. Having good writing and research skills is what will make you an excellent college graduate. Yes, it may be nice to know types of sediment on the seafloor, but nobody is going to hand you a handful of beach sand in a job interview and ask you to identify it.Please open and read the documents below completely BEFORE emailing your instructor or classmates with questions regarding the research options.

These documents are very thorough and describe most everything you need to know regarding either research option.

The Research Deadlines document provides details on your thesis statement and outline, annotated bibliography, and paper due dates.

You will learn the “ins and outs” of writing a research paper in the “Library Resources” module in the first weeks of class. Please note that you have several deadlines in addition to the deadline for submitting your final fact sheet, these are listed in the course calendar. The material you submit by each of these deadlines will be factored into your final course grade.

The links in the tables below will take you to word documents that thoroughly describe everything you need to know to complete your research fact sheet. You should read these documents entirely to identify this semester's research topic, submission guidelines and requirements, how to reference your sources, etc.

You will be required to submit progressive parts (thesis statement and outline, annotated bibliography, and final paper) of your research to your instructor by the dates listed in the course calendar. This will help you to stay on track with your research and complete your paper in a timely manner. Please download/print the document below describing your research deadlines in detail.

Research Deadlines Guidelines

Research Deadlines (Thesis Statement and Outline, Annotated Bibliography, Fact Sheet)

(click the link above to access this PDF document)


The link below will take you to a PDF document describing the research requirement in this course. You should plan to read this document before submitting any research items for credit.

Research Fact Sheet Guidelines

Researched Fact Sheet on Oceanic Issue

(click the link above to access a PDF document)

You will demonstrate your ability to collect and analyze research materials in order to discuss a current issue or problem in Oceanography. Your fact sheet will provide a clear summarization and analysis of the project in the manner described in the fact sheet guideline document above. This is not a traditional research paper - you will present your research in fact sheet format. A fact sheet allows creativity in presenting your research and will require you to use tools in Microsoft Word that you may not have used previously.


Extra Credit Opportunities are available with the research option. To earn extra credit (5 points each) you may:

Extra Credit Opportunities
All Due by April 8

  1. Visit the University Writing Center or the TCM Writing Center with a draft of your thesis statement, outline, or fact sheet and receive help with assignment clarification, thesis statements, editing, reader review, etc. Have your tutor send a confirmation to your instructor’s email address ( to earn your extra credit points.
  • Peer Review a classmate's fact sheet, and ask that student to Peer Review your fact sheet. If you choose this option, use this worksheet for peer review. You, and the student who peer reviews your paper, will both submit a copy of this worksheet back to your instructor to earn credit.