This page provides information for contacting your instructor or solving problems. Please read through the entire page before contacting the instructor. You may find the answer to your problem. Print this page and keep it in a safe place—in case a computer problem prevents you from reading it. Here you will find information on:

Computer Problems During a Quiz or other Assessment

In this online course, you only have a limited amount of time to take and submit an assessment. If you have computer problem during a timed assessment, you should re-enter and retake the assessment AND contact your instructor immediately.

If you encounter a problem as described above:

  1. Reenter Oncourse and enter the quiz or assessment again. If it was submitted, Oncourse will prevent you from retaking it again. If it was not submitted, Oncourse will allow you to complete the assessment.
  2. Contact your instructor during the assessment time frame to indicate the type of problem you are having or had. If you have problems of any kind, you should contact your instructor to make them aware of the problem.
  3. If your computer fails altogether, you should immediately locate another computer where you can take the quiz or assessment within the assessment due time/date. Send your instructor an email describing the problem.

In the case of any computer or internet connection issues during an assessment – you should always try to complete the assessment. You should also contact your instructor to let them know you had problems. Your instructor can and will only help you if you contact them during the assessment time frame. Emailing after the assessment due date, or not contacting the instructor when you have problem, may result in a zero on that assessment.

Please be aware that your instructor will not be available on weekends or evenings (after 5pm) to answer questions. Plan accordingly to allow yourself time for fixing problems – those students who complete assessments at the last minute generally do not do as well as those that complete assessments well before the due date.

At the beginning of the semester, you should identify a back up computer you can use. Your instructor will not allow make-ups due to faulty technology - always have a second (or third) choice of computers to complete assessments. Consider computers available at these places:

Technology Problems

In most cases technology problems cannot be solved by your instructor. Always contact a campus help desk AND your instructor if a technology problem is preventing you from completing coursework.

Technology problems include:

If you have a problem with technology, here are some resources for help:

Instructor Contact Information

Do you have a personal experience related to something you read? Do you have a question? Are you having trouble? Do you want to know more about geology? Did you find a broken link, a typo, a half written sentence, etc? If so, then please contact your instructor.

The instructor for your section of Oceanography G115 is:

Instructor Contact Information


Jennifer Nelson

Office Location

SL 118 (S)

The SL building is located on campus at the corner of Blackford and Michigan Street. This office is in the first floor level of the SL building. Check in with the receptionist.

Office Hours

My office door is open (no appointment) on:

Tuesdays 1 - 2 pm
Wednesdays 2 - 3 pm

Alternate office hours are available by appointment, please email to set up time and date. Allow 24 hours advance notice.

Mailbox / Mailing Address

Campus Mailbox:

Mailing Address:

IUPUI Earth Sciences
723 W Michigan Street, SL118
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Office Phone / Fax

Office: 317–274–7732 (leave voicemail for Jennifer)

Fax: 317-274-7966 (include instructor name on any fax sent)


All email is handled via Oncourse Messages. Course coorespondance through any other email client will not be answered.

Contact Hours and Availability

Messages and voicemails will be answered between
9am and 5pm Monday – Friday.

Allow 24-48 hours for a response during the week, limited or no responses on weekends or evenings.



Academic misconduct of any type will NOT be tolerated in this course. Penalties may range from a zero on an assessment to formal charges that result in a failing grade in the course. Please see more complete explanations of academic conduct under the Syllabus "Guidelines" link at the top of this page.

It is the responsibility of the student to know of the prohibited actions such as cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, academic, and personal misconduct, and thus, to avoid them. All students are held to the standards outlined in the code. Please reference the entire Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct (Part II, Section G of the code) at Any violation may result in serious academic penalty, ranging from receiving a warning, to failing the assignment, to failing the course, to expulsion from the University.