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This unit will cover the geologic processes and fundamental properties of Earth’s ocean basins. After completing the next four modules you will (1) understand the fundamental processes that created (and still create) Earth’s ocean basins, (2) describe the shape of the seafloor in relation to the processes that created the oceans, (3) describe the materials found on the seafloor and understand the processes that create these materials, and (4) understand the physical and chemical properties of water and seawater.a group of people walking in a rift valley in Iceland.
IUPUI Geology students walk in a rift valley in Iceland. A rift valley forms as a result of tectonic processes. As you complete this module, think about what type of plate boundary runs through Iceland. (Source: IUPUI Earth Sciences).

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

Prior Knowledge

Before completing this module you should be familiar with the following concepts:

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