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Online Tutorials


Seven Easy Steps to the FAFSA for 2015-2016
   This tutorial will show you how to complete the 2015-2016 FAFSA.

Doing Business with the University
   This tutorial will cover some of the general information you would need when doing business with
   the university.

Financial Aid Basics
   This tutorial goes over some of the basic financial aid information for students and their parents.

Accepting/Reducing Loans
   This tutorial demonstrates how to accept all or a portion of the offered Stafford loans.

Declining Loans
   This tutorial demonstrates how to decline Stafford loans.

Navigating Your To-Do List
   This tutorial gives you step by step instrucitons on how to find your to do list and get the details on
   to do list items.

State Aid: How to Update Your School Choice
   This tutorial will take you through the process of changing your state aid from one school to another.
   This is often necessary for students who transfer between colleges or list more than one college on
   their FAFSA and need to ensure their state aid is set for the correct college.

Printing Your Financial Aid Notification (FAN)
   This tutorial will show you how to print your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) from OneStart.