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Online Tutorials

How to Complete the FAFSA
   This tutorial demonstrates how to complete a FAFSA.

How to View Your Financial Aid
  This tutorial demonstrates how to view your IUPUI financial aid online through your Student Center.

How to Print Your Financial Aid Notification (FAN)
   This tutorial will demonstrate how to print your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) through your online
   Student Center.

How to Accept or Decline Loans
   This tutorial goes over how IUPUI students can decline or accept all or a portion of the financial aid
   that they have been offered.

How to Complete Entrance Counseling
   This tutorial demonstrates how to complete Entrance Counseling on
   which is a requirement of federal loans.

How to sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN)
   This tutorial demonstrates how to sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) on
   which is a requirement of federal loans.

Student Loan Management & Public Service Loan Forgiveness
   Are you preparing to graduate? Are you curious about reducing your federal loan payment?
   Want to find out how you can have your federal student loans forgiven? Find out the answers
   to these questions and more in this informative presentation!

State Aid: How to Update Your School Choice
   This tutorial will take you through the process of changing your state aid from one school to another.
   This is often necessary for students who transfer between colleges or list more than one college on
   their FAFSA and need to ensure their state aid is set for the correct college.