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Summer Financial Aid FAQs

Listed below are common questions about summer financial aid. Visit our main summer financial aid page for additional details about eligibility requirements, available financial aid, and the financial aid awarding process.



How many credits do I need to take to receive financial aid?

Students admitted into a degree-seeking program must be enrolled at least half-time (at least 6 credit hours for undergraduate students and at least 4 credit hours for graduate students) for the summer term. Note: Federal Pell Grants can be awarded to qualified undergraduate students in less than 6 credit hours.


What if I only need to take one class?

If you will not be enrolled at least half-time (at least 6 credit hours for undergraduate students and at least 4 credit hours for graduate students) for the summer, contact our office at to discuss your options.


Do I need to take summer courses?

Students are typically not required to take summer classes. However, you may need to enroll in courses to stay on track to graduate on time. Also, undergraduate students who receive the Frank O’Bannon Grant or 21st Century Scholarship must complete at least 24 or 30 credits, respectively, each year to maintain their eligibility. So, you may need to take and complete courses to continue to receive your awards.

Summer Grants and Scholarships

Are Federal Pell Grants available during the summer?

Yes, eligible students mays receive a Federal Pell Grant during the summer term. Visit our Pell Grant page for more information about general eligibility requirements.


I was a full-time student in the fall and spring and received a Pell Grant both semesters. Can I still get a Pell Grant for the summer?

Yes. Beginning with the summer 2018 session, eligible students may receive Federal Pell Grant funds during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.We will review your enrollment information for the summer and add the Pell Grant to your financial aid package. Please note that in some cases you may be required to take at least 6 credit hours during the summer to receive your award.


I am going to get an external scholarship to cover my summer costs. How do I get this applied to my account?

If you have been awarded an external (non-IUPUI) scholarship for the summer, please use our External Scholarship Reporting Form to report the scholarship.

Tuition and Fees

Does banded tuition apply during the summer?

No, students taking courses during the summer will pay by the credit hour.


How much do summer classes cost?

Tuition and fees are assessed on a per credit hour basis during the summer term. The amount you will be charged will depend on your academic program, your enrollment level, and the specific courses you take. Visit our bursarís office for additional details about tuition and fee rates for the summer.



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