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Dropping Classes and Financial Aid

Federal and state financial aid is awarded to students based on projected or actual enrollment with subsequent monitoring to determine if the student remains eligible based on multiple criteria including enrollment. If you drop courses after receiving federal or state aid, you may no longer qualify for the federal or state financial aid.

If you drop any classes, you may lose eligibility for financial aid awards that you have received. Prior to dropping courses, you are encouraged to contact us to request information on the financial aid impact.

If Your Enrollment Drops from Full-time to at Least Half-time
For undergraduate students, if you are enrolled at least half-time (e.g. taking at least 6 credit hours):

   •  Your state aid (e.g. O’Bannon Grant and Twenty-First Century Scholars Grant) will be cancelled
      if you are not full-time (e.g. taking 12 or more credit hours) by the state aid census date (e.g.
      the end of the fourth week of classes or the end of 25% refund period).

   •  Your Federal Pell Grant eligibility will be reviewed and adjusted based on your enrollment on
      the Pell Grant census date (e.g. the end of first week of classes or the end of 100% refund

For graduate students, as long as you are enrolled at least half-time (e.g. taking at least 4 credit hours) there is no impact to your loan eligibility .

If Your Enrollment Drops Below Half-Time
If you drop below half-time when monitored at the fall or spring census dates your federal and state awards for the semester will be cancelled except for your Federal Pell Grant, which will be reduced or cancelled. If you drop below half-time later, but are still enrolled in 3 hours, you may remain eligible for aid already credited to your account but you won't receive additional payments for awards that have not yet credited.

You will receive a Financial Aid Notification at your IUPUI e-mail address with an update and a referral to visit to view your financial aid award status and bursar account status. You are responsible for paying additional charges assessed to your account based on the reduction and/or cancellation of such awards.

For additional information regarding the impact of withdrawing from all courses for a semester, please review the information on aid eligibility guidelines.

Dropping courses after the IUPUI official census date may impact future eligibility for federal or state financial aid due to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements. Future SAP monitoring will include any courses dropped after the official census date as attempted but not completed hours.

Additional Resources:
•  Office of the Registrar – the designated office to notify to complete the process to drop classes or officially withdraw and academic calendar including tuition refund periods by semester.

•  Return of Title IV Funds – Regulatory Summary

•  Withdrawing for Semester and Its Impact on Your Financial Aid

•  Office of Bursar – Tuition and Fees, Tuition refund policy, and Tuition Refund Appeals