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Important Information for Transfer Students

Students transferring to IUPUI who are regularly admitted to enroll as degree-seeking students in an eligible program of study will be reviewed to determine financial aid eligibility after receipt of the FAFSA for the current aid year. 

Eligibility for financial aid cannot be determined until confirmation of admission status is received.

Eligibility for spring and summer financial aid is dependent upon any awards received for the same aid year at a previous institution. All awards received in a prior term of the same financial aid award year will be taken into account to ensure that students do not exceed the maximum annual amounts allowable by federal regulation.

To determine remaining eligibility for transfer students, we use the most-recent information available regarding funds received at a previous institution.  If that information is later updated to reflect additional awards received, a corresponding reduction to the IUPUI financial aid award may be required. If the change occurs after funds have disbursed to the student's account, it could result in an outstanding balance due to IUPUI.

If you are temporarily attending IUPUI and from another IU campus and plan to return to your former/home campus to complete a degree program, please contact your former/home campus to discuss options for receiving student financial aid as a consortium student.

Steps to Receive Aid as a Degree-Seeking Transfer Student

There are several steps involved in completing the financial aid application process as a degree seeking transfer student. We suggest that you begin this process as early as possible to avoid delays in receiving financial aid.

  1. You must be admitted to IUPUI as a degree-seeking student to qualify for federal and/or state financial aid. If you are not degree-seeking (e.g., visiting or non-degree student), please contact our office for information on other options which may be available to you.

  2. Complete or update the FAFSA for the appropriate aid year, making sure to list or add the school code for IUPUI (001813).

  3. CVO recipients must make sure that their CVO eligibility is on file with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Students can check their status or submit their CVO documentation through their ScholarTrack account. (Note: Students are limited to 124 total CVO hours.)

  4. Recipients of private scholarships should contact the donor directly to determine if the scholarship can be transferred to IUPUI.  Please note that not all scholarships are transferrable.  Contact the Office of Student Scholarships with questions.

  5. Cancel all financial aid at your previous institution for the upcoming semester, including Direct and Parent PLUS loans.  A student may not receive financial aid at two institutions at the same time; failure to cancel awards at a previous school will cause a delay with the awards at IUPUI.

  6. If you received a private loan at your previous school, you must cancel any outstanding disbursements with the lender. Private education loans are tied to the individual school and are non-transferrable.  You will need to apply with your lender for a new loan at IUPUI if you choose to borrow through a private loan program.