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Applying for Financial Aid at IUPUI

Financial Aid Tips

  • Submit your FAFSA by the MARCH 10 Priority Application Receipt Deadline for the next aid year to receive maximum consideration for financial aid awards. FAFSA On the Web is Quick (3 weeks faster than the paper FAFSA), Easy (online help screens), Accurate (edits for inconsistent or missing info) and Safe (encrypted).
  • You must be admitted to IUPUI (or IUPUC) for us to receive your FAFSA to begin the financial aid process. For more information on admissions to IUPUI, visit Admissions.
  • If you indicated on your FAFSA that you are interested in student loans, your federal student loan eligibility will be determined automatically by our office. After your receipt of your Financial Aid Notification, you can notify our office to reduce or cancel any student loan.
  • After submission of the FAFSA, check the status of the FAFSA (3 to 5 days after submission if you used a PIN to sign or 7 to 10 days if your printed, signed and mailed a signature page) to make corrections if applicable.  Corrections to resolve a FAFSA reject status or comment code can usually be made by the student. After our receipt of your FAFSA beginning in March of each year for the next aid year, these FAFSA problems will also result in a To Do item available in your OneStart account.
  • Check your Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) eStudent status after the March 10 Priority Receipt Deadline if you met the deadline and are Indiana resident to determine if you need to make any ICHE edit corrections and to confirm your first choice college is IUPUI (or IUPUC if applicable). Also check to confirm your high school diploma type (e.g. Core 40, Academic Honors) has been accurately reported. For ICHE consideration you must file the FAFSA by the Priority Application Receipt Deadline. The 2012/13 FAFSA will be available on January 1, 2012. ICHE edit corrections for the 2012/13 FAFSA must be received by the federal processor on or before May 15, 2012.
  • Our official and primary method to communicate to you is via email to your IUPUI account (or IUPUC account). Additionally, we may assign a To Item if you need to complete a process and/or submit a form. Check your IUPUI email and OneStart account on a regular basis. While you may not be enrolled in the Summer, check these accounts at least weekly in the summer months.
  • Email us from your IUPUI email account to or via Ask an Advisor and include your university 10 digit identification number. If you have a question, we may have an answer at Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Save a copy for your records of all financial aid forms, documents, and letters.
  • Visit OneStart > Services > Self-Service to view your Financial Aid Award Summary, Accept/Decline Financial Aid (e.g. Federal Work-Study), view your Bursar account summary, view and print your Bursar eBill, and for any To Do items you will need to complete before receiving financial aid.
  • Be an informed financial aid consumer. Monitor your annual and total student loan borrowing at least once a year via the National Student Loan Data System after receiving your Financial Aid Notification to determine your total borrowing and remaining borrowing eligibility. Consider if you can reduce or decline any student loans for the current aid year.
  • Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute – failure to reply and complete financial aid processes may result in delays, cancellations of your awards, or no financial aid awards.
  • Your enrollment is monitored over time and will impact your eligibility for financial aid awards to be packaged, determine if financial aid will credit your bursar account, and if any adjustment is required to your financial aid awards after the start of the semester. Two key monitoring points are the semester official census date for federal Pell, Grants, and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education census date at the end of the refund period. Please ask us for information to help you make an informed decision if you are considering dropping courses or withdrawing for a semester.