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Receiving Financial Aid at IUPUI

You must submit a FAFSA each year to be considered for federal and state aid. After receiving your FAFSA we will determine aid eligibility, calculate financial need, award financial aid, and send Financial Aid Notifications (FANs). Here are some important financial aid reminders for current students:

   •  Complete the FAFSA every year by March 10. By meeting IUPUI's priority filing deadline,
      students will receive maximum consideration in the aid awarding process. Eligible Indiana
      residents must have their FAFSA submitted by April 15 to be considered for most forms of
      state aid, so filing by March 10 ensures that you also meet the state deadline.

   •  Read your IUPUI email regularly. Our primary means of communication is via the student's
      university email account.

   •  Check your To Do List items often through One.IU. Anything that ends up on your
      To Do List must be completed in order for you to receive financial aid. Therefore, it is very
      important that you check your To Do List on a regular basis and turn in all requested
      documents in a timely fashion since most forms take at least 10 business days to process.

   •  Electronic FANs are delivered by mid-June. Financial Aid Notifications should be available
      to view through One.IU, given that no additional documentation is needed. To learn how
      to view your FAN please click here.

   •  Accept, Reduce, or Decline any federal student loans or Federal Work-Study funding
      that you have been offered.
Grants and scholarships are automatically accepted on your
      behalf since it is money that you don’t have to earn or pay back. Other awards (such as
      Federal Direct Loans and Federal Work Study) must be manually accepted, reduced, or
      declined by the student. We recommend doing so as soon as you receive your bill to ensure
      that funds are applied by the Office of the Bursar’s billing due date. If no action is taken your
      loans will not disburse and will not be applied to your bill. To learn how to accept, reduce, or
      decline awards please click here.

NOTE: Students who have already received a bachelor's degree may have limited funding available to cover their educational expenses. For more information, visit our second degree financial aid page.