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Money Matters

JagAid TV

IUPUI Student Financial Services and the Office of the Bursar have created instructional tutorial videos regarding a wide variety of college money matters. Videos include How to Complete the FAFSA, Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Information, How to View Your Bill, and other instructions related to web site navigation and conducting business with IUPUI.

IUPUI Financial Success Planning Outreach Programs

The experienced staff in the IUPUI Office of Student Financial Services offer customizable Financial Success Planning presentations for on-campus classes, student organizations, and other interested parties.

IUPUI Financial Success Planning Calendar

This 15-month calendar includes key financial dates from June 2017 to August 2018 intended to help students plan and budget their financial resources for the year. These dates include billing due dates, refund dates, payroll dates for students that have on-campus jobs, and more! This calendar also includes several useful money management tips.

IUPUI College Budget Balancer

The IUPUI College Budget Balancer is an interactive web calculator that allows a user to estimate and evaluate the college costs associated with college enrollment. In addition to providing a running calculation between estimated expenses, this tool also provides financial aid resource options. Users can use this interactive tool to "do the math" in the estimation of expenses and to explore other potential financial aid possibilities, and get an idea of the need to reduce potential expenses or obtain other financial resources.

IUPUI Financial Success Planning Action Tool

This financial planning worksheet is intended to help students identify all of their financial resources as well as their expected college costs and living expenses for the year. The information gathered through the use of this tool is intended to help students build a budget to assist in making decisions regarding borrowing amounts needed to meet their college costs.

IUPUI Financial Success Planning Resource Guide

This pamphlet serves as an introduction to financial aid and Financial Success Planning at IUPUI. It includes information about saving, spending, scholarship, employment, and borrowing strategies.

IU MoneySmarts

Financial Wellness permeates every piece of our lives. Indiana University’s Office of Financial Literacy was developed to provide you with information that will help expand your financial literacy. The tools, resources, and information provided are a learning opportunity that will assist you in making more sound financial decisions. Check out our tutorials and resource information at our Money $marts webpage.

CashCourse (IUPUI Partners with CashCourse to Provide Students with Free Financial Resources)

Whether you are planning for college, trying to pay for college, or graduating and thinking about your future, it has become clear that the financial decisions you make today may impact your financial livelihood well into your future. Therefore, no matter what term you choose—money management, financial literacy, or budgeting— it is important for you to know and understand your personal finances to ensure you are making good decisions for yourself and your future. To help you navigate these decisions, IUPUI has partnered with CashCourse, which provides free financial educational resources for college students.

Use CashCourse to:
   •  Create a budget
   •  Learn about the benefits of checking and savings accounts
   •  Protect your credit
   •  Plan for retirement
   •  Set financial goals
   •  Read more about financial aid

You may go to CashCourse website by clicking here:

Net Price Calculator

Planning effectively for attending college can be a daunting task, whenever the process begins. Whether you will be attending within the next year or even farther out, it is our mission to provide students with accessible resources to assist students and their families in understanding how to plan and pay for college. Let the Net Price Calculator illustrate the affordability of an education at IUPUI.