IUPUI Update: An armed robbery and carjacking occurred near the intersection of Blackford and North Street in the Blackford Street Garage or Lot 72 at 725 West North Street. First suspect was a black male in his early to mid 20s, 5'11" with a medium build and shorts and a short sleeve shirt with short hair. Second suspect was a thin build black male in his 20s, 5'8" with a short sleeve shirt, long pants and had a silver handgun. Suspects were driving a 2001 Buick Century, maroon in color with four doors. Trust your instincts and take safe shelter. If you are not in the area, stay away. Follow instructions from university officials or local authorities. Call 9 1 1 if you have additional information. For available information and updates on this dangerous situation visit

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Forms and Applications

Child of Certain Veterans and Public Safety Officers Supplement Grant Program

The Child of a Disabled Veteran Program and Public Safety Officer Supplemental Grant Program (CVO) provides tuition and fee assistance for eligible children of disabled Indiana veterans, eligible children and spouses of certain members of the Indiana National Guard killed while service on state active duty, and eligible children and spouses of certain Indiana public safety officers killed in the line of duty. The grant pays 100% of undergraduate tuition and the General Fee (IUPUI) or Technology Fee (IUPUC) as a supplement to other state financial aid.

  1. Students seeking CVO benefits are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each aid year they wish to receive CVO. The March 10 FAFSA Priority Receipt Deadline does not apply to CVO eligibility determination.
  2. The student's FAFSA must be valid. This means that all errors and ICHE edits that could affect a student's eligibility for federal or state aid must be cleared. This does not include ICHE edits dealing with the FAFSA Priority Receipt Deadline, the eligibility time limit for ICHE grants, or the first bachelor’s degree requirement.
  3. Students must not be in default or overpayment on a government loan or grant.
  4. Students must meet the residency requirements of the Indiana institution they are attending.
  5. The veteran must have, at some time, been a resident of Indiana for 36 consecutive months.
  6. Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  7. Student should submit all documentation prior to the beginning of the semester of enrollment. Submission must occur during the semester for benefits to be awarded. Submission during the last three to four weeks of classes of a semester may be too late for an award to be processed.
  8. A break of attendance for two consecutive semesters requires the submission of a new original and certified application.

Contact the IUPUI Office of Student Financial Services via Ask an Advisor if you have questions.

Download 2012-2013 Forms

2012-2013 Remission of Fees for Former Students and/or graduates of the Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home for Remission of Fees for Former Students and/or Graduates of Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home for Knightstown

2012-2013 Remission of Fees (free tuition) for Indiana Purple Heart Recipient for the recipients of the Military Order of the Purple Heart

2012-2013 Application for Remission of Fees for a Child of a Disabled Veteran (veteran entered the service on or before June 30, 2011) for a Child of a Disabled Indiana Veteran or a POW/MIA

2012-2013 Application for Child or Spouse of Indiana National Guard CVO Fee Remission for Child or Spouse of Certain Indiana National Guard Members Supplemental Grant Program Military Department of Indiana

2012-2013 Application for Child or Spouse of Public Safety Officers CVO Tuition Remission for Eligible Children and Spouses of Certain Indiana Public Safety Officers Killed in the Line of Duty