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Student Life Fee Advisory Board


The General Fee Advisory Board was established to:

  • Provide advice regarding how specific campus wide mandatory fees are invested.
  • Provide advice regarding how to improve student life.
  • Provide advice based on research findings related to student life.
  • Provide advice regarding the campus climate for all students – graduate and undergraduate.

General Fee Advisory Board Members

  • Vice Chancellor for Student Life
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Learning
  • Dean of Students
  • Director of Finance/Administration for Student Life
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
  • Director of Assessment and Planning for Student Life
  • Chair of the Faculty Council, Student Affairs Committee

USG President and three Undergraduate Student Representatives appointed by the USG President GPSG President and three Graduate Student Representatives appointed by the GPSG President.

General Fee Advisory Board usually meets during the spring of each academic year.

How do I become an advisory board member?

The Vice Chancellor asks the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) President and the Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) President to appoint three students from each constituency to serve on the advisory board in addition to themselves. All interested students are encouraged to contact the USG or GPSG Presidents.