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2016-2017 Faculty Council and Faculty Council Executive Committee Membership

Elected Members

From the Bylaws of the IUPUI Faculty

Section A. Membership

Faculty Council shall be composed of elected and ex officio members.

  1. Elected members. Faculty members dedicated to teaching, research, creative work, and service, and librarians dedicated to performance, professional development, and service shall represent academic units. To be entitled to representation on the Faculty Council, an academic unit shall have its faculty organization documents on file with the President of the Faculty, be headed by an Academic Dean, and be certified by the IUPUI Faculty Council. The University Libraries of IUPUI shall be considered an academic unit.
    1. Elected members of the Faculty Council shall consist of unit representatives and at-large representatives.
  2. Ex officio members. The Chancellor of IUPUI, two Indianapolis administrative officers having campuswide responsibilities and having been designated by the Chancellor, the head of each academic unit located in Indianapolis, and any elected member of the Executive Committee as well as any elected IUPUI representative to the University Faculty Council who is not otherwise a member of the Council shall be ex officio members of the Council.
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