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  • IUPUI Faculty Council Membership 2013-2014


    Chancellor of IUPUI: Charles Bantz

    President of the IUPUI Faculty: L. Jack Windsor (6/14)

    Vice President of the IUPUI Faculty: Ed Berbari (6/14)

    Parliamentarian of the IUPUI Faculty Council: Joyce Mac Kinnon

    Ex Officio

    IUPUI Administration

    Chancellor of IUPUI: Charles Bantz
    Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties: Nasser Paydar
    Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration: Dawn Rhodes

    Academic Unit Heads

    Fairbanks School of Public Health: Paul Halverson
    Herron School of Art and Design: Valerie Eickmeier
    IUPUI Columbus: Marwan Wafa
    IUPUI Honors College: E. Jane Luzar
    Kelley School of Business-Indianapolis: Philip Cochran
    Lilly Family School of Philanthropy: Eugene Tempel
    McKinney School of Law-Indianapolis: Andy Klein
    School of Dentistry: John Williams, Jr.
    School of Education-Indianapolis: Patricia Rogan
    School of Engineering and Technology: David Russomanno
    School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Austin Agho
    School of Informatics and Computing-Indianapolis: Matthew Palakal
    School of Journalism: Jonas Bjork
    School of Liberal Arts: William Blomquist
    School of Medicine: Jay Hess
    School of Nursing: Marion Broome
    School of Physical Education: James Gladden
    School of Public and Environmental Affairs-Indianapolis: Lilliard Richardson
    School of Science: Simon Rhodes
    School of Social Work: Michael Patchner
    University College: Kathy Johnson
    University Library: David Lewis

    IUPUI Faculty Council Executive Committee

    6/14: John Hassell (sabbatical spring 2014 - Linda Adele Goodine will replace him.)
    6/14: Kristi Palmer
    6/14: Jeff Watt
    6/14: Marianne Wokeck

    6/15: Rachel Applegate
    6/15: Simon Atkinson
    6/15: Jan Froehlich
    6/15: Rick Ward

    University Faculty Council (UFC) IUPUI Representatives

    6/14: Simon Atkinson*
    6/14: Ed Berbari*
    6/14: Steve Mannheimer
    6/14: Jodi Smith

    6/15: Charles Davis
    6/15: Jan Froehlich*
    6/15: Linda Adele Goodine

    *Indicates Members of the UFC Executive Committee

    Alternates (without voting power, unless serving for an elected member):

    Richard Gunderman
    Mary Beth Minick
    M. Razi Nalim
    C. Subah Packer
    Fred Pavalko
    Frank Wadsworth

    Members Elected to Represent Academic Units

    37* Elected Voting Positions

    Fairbanks School of Public Health
    (This school was given provisional approval by the IFC-EC on 6-14-13.)

    6/15: Ross Silverman

    Herron School of Art

    6/15: Vance Farrow

    Columbus* (vote allowed by IFC-EC at their 9-16-10 meeting)

    6/14: Catherine Brown

    Kelley School of Business

    6/14: Sasha Fedorikhin

    McKinney School of Law

    6/14: Jim Nehf

    School of Dentistry

    6/14: William Babler
    6/14: Joan Kowolik

    School of Education

    6/14: Chalmer Thompson

    School of Engineering and Technology

    6/14: Karen Alfrey
    6/15: Charles Feldhaus

    School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

    6/15: Jeffrey Crabtree

    School of Informatics and Computing

    6/15: Josette Jones
    6/15: Mark Pfaff

    School of Journalism

    6/15: Kim Walker

    School of Liberal Arts

    6/14: David Craig
    6/15: Daniella Kostroun
    614: Tom Marvin

    School of Medicine

    6/15: Rafat Abonour
    6/14: Patrick Fueger
    6/14: Eric Horn
    6/15: Alan Ladd
    6/15: Richard Nass
    6/15: Mehdi Nassiri
    6/15: Jodi Smith
    6/14: Kenneth White
    6/15: Frank Yang
    6/14: Karmen Yoder
    6/14: VACANT
    6/15: VACANT
    6/15: VACANT

    School of Nursing

    6/15: Pamela Ironside

    School of Physical Education and Tourism Management

    6/15: Susan Alvarez

    School of Public and Environmental Affairs

    6/15: Deanna Malatesta

    School of Science

    6/14: Michael McLeish
    6/14: Xianzhong Wang
    6/15: John Watson

    School of Social Work

    6/14: Carmen Luca Sugawara

    University Library

    6/14: Todd Daniels-Howell

    Members Elected At-Large to Represent the Faculty Body

    (47 Elected Voting Positions)

    Tenured/Tenure Track (37)

    6/14: Sarah Baker (Medicine/UCOL)
    6/14: Nerissa Bauer (Medicine)
    6/14: Debomoy Lahiri (Medicine)
    6/14: Heather Coates (University Library)
    6/14: Mary de Groot (Medicine)
    6/14: Margaret Ferguson (Liberal Arts)
    6/14: Charles Goodlett (Science)
    6/14: Thomas Hurley (Medicine)
    6/14: Jason Kelly (Liberal Arts)
    6/14: Bethany Neal-Beliveau (Science)
    6/14: Kristi Palmer (University Library)
    6/14: Lyne Racette (Medicine)
    6/14: Rosa Tezanos-Pinto (Liberal Arts)
    6/14: Richard Ward (Liberal Arts/CRL)
    6/14: Jeff Watt (Science)
    6/14: Marianne Wokeck (Liberal Arts)

    6/15: Margaret Adamek (Social Work)
    6/15: Gregory Anderson (Science)
    6/15: Simon Atkinson (Science)
    6/15: Anne Belcher (Nursing)
    6/15: Gabrielle Bersier (Liberal Arts)
    6/15: Mary Dankoski (Medicine)
    6/15: Andy Gavrin (Science)
    6/15: Gina Gibau (Liberal Arts)
    6/15: Linda Adele Goodine (Herron)
    6/15: Barbara Gushrowski (Dentistry)
    6/15: John Hassell (Business)
    6/15: Pamela Ironside (Nursing)
    6/15: Andrew Kusmierczyk (Science)
    6/15: Mary Maluccio (Medicine)
    6/15: Megan Palmer (Medicine)
    6/15: William Potter (Herron)
    6/15: Rhonda Huisman (University Library)
    6/15: Deborah Stiffler (Nursing)
    6/15: Yuichiro Takagi (Medicine)
    6/15: Thomas Upton (Liberal Arts)
    6/15: Elizabeth Whipple (Medicine Library)

    Non-Tenure-Track (10)

    Clinical Cagetory:
    6/14: Julie Meek (Nursing)
    6/15: Marcus Schamberger (Medicine)
    6/14: James White (SPEA)

    Lecturer Cagetory:
    6/15: Keith Anliker (Science)
    6/14: Nancy Evans (E&T)
    6/14: Melinda Phillabaum (Business)
    6/15: Kate Thedwall (Liberal Arts)
    6/15: Michael Yard (Science)

    Research Cagetory:
    6/15: Michele Schneider (Medicine)
    6/14: Momoko Yoshimoto (Medicine)

    Non-Voting Ex Officio Members

    Senior Academy Representative: Vacant
    Staff Council President: Lee Stone (6/15)
    Undergraduate Student Government President: Whitey Dyer (6/14)
    Graduate Student Organization President: Tony Greco (6/14) (alt: Sharvonne Williams, VP)

    Non-Voting Elected Members

    University College Representative: Gina Gibau (6/15)

    Non-Member Positions

    Faculty Governance Leaders

    Fairbanks School of Public Health Silvia Bigatti
    Herron School of Art and Design William Potter
    IUPU Columbus Chris Brandon
    Kelley School of Business Sasha Fedorikhin
    School of Dentistry Vanchit John
    School of Education Monica Medina
    School of Engineering and Technology Mark Bannatyne
    School of Health and Rehabilitation Science Gaylen Kelton
    School of Informatics and Computing Oliver Chen / Karl MacDormand
    School of Journalism Jonas Bjork
    School of Law Kathy Jensen / Antony Page
    School of Liberal Arts Enrica Ardemagni
    School of Medicine Rafat Abonour
    School of Nursing Cynthia Dobbs
    School of Physical Education and Tourism Man Lisa Angermeier
    School of Public and Environmental Affairs Deanna Malatesta
    School of Science Snehasis Mukhopadhyay
    School of Social Work Chuck Davis
    University Libraries Tina Baich