Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes: November 4, 1999

Dental School Building, Room 115: 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.


Attendance Record and Original Agenda follow Adjournment as Attachments.


Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)! Galanti called the meeting to order at 3:34 and announced that President Porter would be joining the meeting as soon as possible (she was due at the airport at 2:30), and that item VII of the agenda (on Final Exam Week policy) would be deferred until the December or possibly the January meeting.


Agenda Item II: Approval of Minutes for September 2, & October 7, 1999 (on web at "http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc990902html.htm" & "http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc991007html.htm"). Announcing that a motion with a second to approve the minutes is not officially necessary according to Roberts Rules of Order, Galanti called the question for approval. The minutes for September 2nd and October 7th were approved.


Agenda Item III: Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President). Bepko noted that at most of the meetings he attends these days including this one, an update is given on IUPUI's continuing quest to improve retention and completion rates for undergraduate students. He then called on Dean Plater to give that update. Plater reported that it had been requested that the attendance rosters be returned by the faculty earlier this year, and that 75% of them were returned on time resulting in approximately 900 students correcting their attendance patterns either by formally withdrawing or by changing sections to reflect the accurate one. Plater congratulated all involved for the positive impact and extended an appreciation for the faculty's cooperation, hoping for a 80% return next semester and 90% next year. He explained that this procedure was prompted initially by a need to respond to changes in financial aid policies by the federal government, but more importantly it is a way to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to positively intervene with the students when necessary. Any questions regarding particular units are to be directed to Registrar Mark Grove (mgrove@iupui.edu).


Bepko gave an update on the (now called) Center for Young Children. The contracts were awarded to Clune Construction Corporation of Indianapolis. They are due to begin November 15th and finish July 28th with the facility ready for business as anticipated for the fall semester of 2000.


Bepko gave an update on housing. The presentation by the consultants to the Board of Trustees at their Fort Wayne October 28-29 meeting was well-received, but there was some concern expressed over the limited size of the location (southwest end of the campus centering around the Warthin Apartment Building). If housing is to be provided for 10% of the student body then about 2600 beds will be necessary, but the proposed site calls for only 1000 beds in 500 apartment units. So, at the request of the trustees, and with the help of IUPUI's master planner, John Belle, the administration will conduct a study to consider whether to build elsewhere, or to retain the location along with another. At their IUPUI December 1-2 meeting, the administration, along with Belle, will report on that study and again request that the trustees approve the development of the site plan and the request for proposals from outside developers for the construction of the housing. The opening of available housing is anticipated in the fall of 2001 or 2002.


Initiatives have been launched over the years to increase the diversity of the campus community several times, and there is yet a long way to go, but for various reasons the 1999/00 academic year is the time to renew that effort and achieve a higher level. Based on what we know about community colleges in other states, the introduction of a community college system in Indiana might impact negatively on university diversity due to a decreased enrollment of minority students. Exactly why this might happen is not clear, and we know it is not due to minorities generally being less prepared, but regardless of why, for this and other reasons we will need to re-double our efforts. A Diversity Cabinet has been created. It had its first meeting this week. The cabinet will review IUPUI's data and conditions, will review the strategies that have been employed to increase diversity, will set up measurements and benchmarks to assess the progress of our success, and will establish standards of accountability. The results of the cabinet will be reported by the Chancellor on Martin Luther King Junior's birthday in January in an address on the "State of Diversity on Campus," an address that will annually parallel the December's "State of the Campus" address.


The Faculty Council leadership will soon be asked to internally support the Campaign for IUPUI, the external community part of which is going very well, with the public announcement scheduled for one and one-half years from now. They will be asked to recommend faculty members for the Internal Campaign Steering Committee, which will be charged to encourage as many members of the university family as possible to contribute to the campaign. No arms will be twisted and no one will be expected to do more than they are able, but a commitment to regular contributions from a high percentage of the employees goes a long way in explaining to those outside the institution why resources should be donated. An especially high percentage of contributors from the faculty will be expected, even if individual contributions remain small. If everyone gives a little of their own resources we will have a big commitment for the institution which will generate enthusiasm for the campus within the community. Please jump on the bandwagon.


The Jaguars have been competing in Division I of the NCAA for a little over a year now and have had some very interesting successes. The men's soccer team is tied for first place in the nine-team conference championship and the tournaments for both the men's and women's teams are being held here on campus this weekend, with the men seeded first and the women third. We'll be hosting some very strong teams but expect and hope to win both conference championships.


At the Mid-National Convention in Atlanta last week the College Media Advisors and Associated Collegiate Press awarded one of the top two national awards to  three student members of the editorial board of the IUPUI Sagamore. J. M. Brown, Bobby Bell, and Jill L. Hundley collaborated on an article that won the national award for best "Story of the Year." The other top national award was awarded to the IUB IDS (Indiana Daily Student) for best campus "Newspaper of the Year." The competition included both daily and weekly campus newspapers from across the nation. So, IU's School of Journalism, at both IUB and IUPUI, won the two top awards of collegiate journalism for this year.


Last, the student member of the IU Board of Trustees, Dean Hertzler II, a student of the IUPUI School of Science who is studying biology as a pre-med student, was introduced as a guest and welcomed with applause. Having attended three meetings so far, he has commanded the respect of the other trustees and has done IUPUI proud. He's also a member of the Facilities Committee and will hear our proposal for new campus housing.


Agenda Item IV: President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC (University Faculty Council -- system-wide) Co-Secretary). Having been on the move all day, arriving at the Indianapolis airport only a bit earlier, President Porter came just in time to give her report and catch the FC members up on what the various groups have been doing.


The Executive Committee held a meeting with the Chairs of the Standing Committees, and also another with the Faculty Governance Leaders of the Academic Units, with the intent to align everyone along the same issues for the academic year, and to open two-way channels of communication.


The Academic Affairs Committee continues to revise the wording regarding "Exam Policy Related to Final Exam Week," and will again present the revisions for approval at the December or January meeting. The UFC committee corresponding to our Academic Affairs Committee, i.e., the Educational Policy Committee, is working on the policy for intercampus transfer of courses, which is related to the impact of the community college initiative.


The Faculty Affairs Committee is creating guidelines for awarding the title of "Emeritus" and will present them to the FC for approval in January or February. At the UFC level, the committee is continuing to work on a policy for non-tenure-track faculty.


The UFC will meet next Tuesday (November 9th) at 1:30 at the IUPUI Conference Center. Agenda items include an update on the policy for non-tenure-track faculty and a presentation on the proposed IUB golf course. Members of the IUPUI Faculty Council were invited to attend and learn more about how the UFC works.


The Board of Trustees discussed the issue of "seldom-granted degrees at the regional campuses" at their last meeting. The issue of "seldom-granted degrees at IUB and IUPUI" will be on the agenda for the next meeting which will be held on December 1st and 2nd at the IUPUI Conference Center. The public portion of the meeting starts at 3:30 (see the Jagnews). Come see how the board works and maybe get acquainted with some of the trustees that you normally only hear about!


Agenda Item V: Selection of "N" for 2000/01 and 2001/02 (chart distributed at meeting) -- Rebecca Porter (Executive Committee Chair). Porter explained the purpose of "N" and speaking for the Executive Committee recommended it remain at "53" for the next two years because the size of the FC is just about right. Besch called for the question. The FC approved keeping "N" at 53.


Agenda Item VI: Presentation on Upcoming Survey Regarding Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -- Miriam Langsam (Associate Dean for Students) (Liberal Arts: History) [INFORMATION ITEM: 5 Minutes]. Langsam presented the background to the upcoming survey. The ADA (American Disabilities Act) passed in 1990 and applies to public institutions. Two assessments are necessary to determine whether an institution is accessible. The first, a physical assessment of parking lots, entrances, bathrooms, etc., has been completed. The second will be an assessment of all programs, activities, and services, to determine whether the university is providing opportunities for everyone with a disability. IUPUI has been leading the way on this for all of IU for the last three to four years. The survey is currently being created and will be posted on the web by Vic Borden, and survey administrators and unit contacts have been established. Around the end of January or beginning of February there will be eight training sessions for the survey administrators and unit contacts on how to complete the surveys. The survey will be conducted in February or March with feedback provided to all units where there are any possible barriers to accessibility. For example, what to do if a student using a wheelchair takes a class that meets on the second floor of the Mary Cable building (which has no elevator).


Potential barriers will then be divided into those which are real and those which are not, and a corrective action plan will be developed for the real ones. We will make IUPUI the best accessible campus with regard to complying with the ADA. Actually, IUPUI began in 1971, which is two years before the first of the disability acts. Brand will make an appropriate announcement in January. Please support this difficult and complex but very important endeavor. With your help conditions will improve. IUPUI is now the campus of choice for ADA students of which we now have 1600. This effort is being headed up on the IU level by Sonja Johnson (Executive Assistant to the Vice-President for IU Administration, J. Terry Clapac) and Julie Knost (Director of the IU Office of Affirmative Action). The Affirmative Action Officer of each campus will head of the effort in general. IUPUI will be headed by a joint effort of Lillian Charleston and Miriam Langsam.


Agenda Item VII: Revised Version of Change in Wording of Policy Regarding "Exam Policy Related to Final Exam Week" (distributed at meeting) -- Jim Baldwin (Academic Affairs Chair) [DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEM: 20 Minutes] (First Presented at FC991007). This item was deferred until the next meeting.


Agenda Item VIII: Amendments to "Faculty/Librarian Review and Enhancement" and "Dismissal Procedures for Tenured Faculty and Librarians" documents -- Rebecca Porter (Executive Committee Chair) [DISCUSSION ITEM: 20 Minutes].[To be voted on at December 2nd meeting]. Porter presented the history and background of the documents. In the first half of this decade the FC worked through the process of adopting policies for the dismissal of tenured faculty for incompetence, misconduct, and financial exigency. The policy for financial exigency procedures began in April of 1995 and was finally approved by the FC on March 7th of 1996. The need to assess tenured faculty dates to at least 1996. Consistent then with the national discussion and with our own concerns the FC identified the need to develop a policy that ensured tenured faculty would have an ongoing assessment of their performance and that a structure was in place that would allow them to enhance their performance if it was less than satisfactory. This led to the adoption of the "Faculty and Librarian Review and Enhancement" policy. The IU Board of Trustees then determined that each campus should have procedures in place to deal with these issues, and that its University Policies Committee should review and approve those documents. Last May the FC adopted changes to our Review and Enhancement Policy because of concerns initiated by the trustees. Today, on behalf of the Executive Committee and the Faculty Affairs Committee, further changes are recommended so that the trustees' committee will accept our documents. If we approve these changes the trustees will approve our documents and this process will be brought to closure. Discussion is to be limited to only those recommended changes.


Porter walked the FC members through the recommended changes (see page 3.18 of the third attachment to the FC991104 agenda), especially those changes included to prevent a faculty member from using a Board of Review to delay the process of dismissal, which the trustees are insisting be able to move smoothly and timely while also protecting the interests of both the faculty member and the institution. We will make sure no faculty member is railroaded out of IUPUI. The possibility remains of building in peer committees while not delaying the dismissal process. If a faculty member thumbs their nose at the process and attempts to stall any progress the dean can initiate more formal proceedings. One year's salary may be offered in lieu of the one year notice period but not automatically. The final change was generated as a result of the Ethics in Research Committee which can on its own recommend dismissal.


Yokomoto pointed out an inconsistency between the initial and formal notification regarding the number of days involved. Plater explained what was intended. Porter promised that the language would be corrected to remove the inconsistency.


Vessely suggested adding some simple language to forestall any later discussion of "what if" with regard to accounting for semester breaks or summers for the counting of days, but Porter responded that no changes at this time are simple. After this is adopted the faculty of each individual unit will need to adopt procedures to implement the policy. Besides, it is not prudent in this context to point out that faculty disappear for large chunks of the year. Plater commented that reasonable accommodations and adjustments will remain possible if the problem arises, but any return to the trustees to negotiate timelines at this time will be problematic. Porter added that the faculty and administration have a good history of trust on these matters and will be able to work things out.


Just before having to leave, Kennedy commented to Langsam (who shortly thereafter repeated it for the FC), that one never sees anything like this in the world of business. Langsam then urged the adoption of the document with no additions or subtractions.


In response to Schneider's first question as to whether the change stemming from the Ethics in Research Committee poses any problem, Porter stated that the intent is simply to bring the two documents into concert ("Research Misconduct" and "Review and Enhancement").


In response to Schneider's second question as to whether a problem is presented with the language of "immediate action" by the chancellor in an "extraordinary situation," Porter stated "immediate" means between zero and two years. Schneider then moved with Fredland's second that the word "immediate" be deleted, but Porter explained that it refers not to immediate dismissal but to an action beginning immediately. Galanti clarified that immediate action means a time is set as of now, and not necessarily two more years.


Besch asked if the phrase "justify the determination" (3.11) includes any means of justification. Porter explained that exactly how the determination is to be justified has not been specified, and that the trail of evidence necessary for such a determination has not been laid out. Besch also asked for a clarification of the name of the Faculty Grievance Mediation Committee and recommended that the name be kept consistent with the constitution.


Vessely asked what happens if the chancellor determines a time less than two years from then. VanVoorhis added that she reads it as meaning immediate dismissal and recommended that if that is not what is meant that the language be changed. Porter responded that the interests of the individual and the institution need to be balanced. In the interests of the institution the chancellor may set a time at less than two years. Some mechanism for dismissal in a timely fashion is needed. This document is better than the alternatives.


In response to Schneider's question as to whether there is any provision for immediate suspension or dismissal, Rothe stated only for misconduct.


Langsam suggested that all of these points from the discussion be reflected in the minutes so others can return to address them if necessary, as they do in Congress, but that the document be accepted as it stands. Galanti added that this practice of legislative history is both used and abused. As an addition to the point on legislative histories, Bepko stated for the record that the language of the policy will be understood and administered as it has here been described.  He added that what is called in commercial law the "course of dealings" is distinguished from the "course of performance". As a course performance, the record of the minutes may be used as evidence of what was intended.


Warfel called for congratulations for Porter and the many others who have make this closure possible, and then called for the question, but Galanti reminded her the FC must wait for December before voting. Galanti seconded her call though for Porter's service beyond the call of duty. [Applause.] Porter cautioned any premature celebration and offered the services of Galanti or herself with regard to coming to any faculty body that needs clarification or explanation on any of these matters.


Agenda Item IX: The Impact of the Community College Initiative on IUPUI and IUPUI's Response ("IUPUI 2000 and Beyond"), including a Report on the Town Hall Meeting of October 5th -- Ulla Connor (Campus Planning Chair) and Trudy Banta (Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement) [DISCUSSION ITEM: 20 Minutes] [Continued Over from FC991007 due to Fire Alarm]. Banta first presented some background information to the document.  The "IUPUI in 2000 and Beyond" document began its life as a response to a request from IU President Myles Brand for each campus to look at the potential impact of the community college on its activities.  In so doing the opportunity was taken to also review IUPUI's overall plan. Last June a group was named consisting of the chancellor's staff, several deans, President Becky Porter and Vice-President Paul Galanti, and the faculty governance leaders of the Schools of Liberal Arts and Science. It is called the Future Group.  This group has met several times and its members are responsible for much of the content of

the "IUPUI in 2000 and Beyond" report.


Faculty Council members received at least two drafts of the report prior to the one they received today.  In addition, members of the Planning Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, and Student Affairs Committee studied the report and drafted their own comments at their meetings in September. The chairs of those committees were invited to the October 5th Town Hall meeting, as well as two of the deans who serve on the Future Group, and the director of enrollment management. They fielded questions from the stage while Banta moderated the event, which was attended by about 80 faculty and staff.  The issues that engendered the most discussion were: 1) student advising (the low student satisfaction rating for advising on the most recent continuing student survey played a role here); 2) IUPUI's commitment to access for minority students; 3) concern about the quality of preparation Vincennes students receive; 4) the need to raise the per-student state funding for IUPUI so that a great city can have a great university; 5) the need to work carefully on matriculation agreements with other institutions and transfers within IU; 6) the need to emphasize in marketing IUPUI the quality of our academic programs (e.g., our graduates are competitive nationally, scoring well on such pre-professional tests as the MCAT, the DAT, and the LSAT); 7) the concern about the loss of community associated with distance learning; and 8) the concern that the planning document is too faculty-centered and not sufficiently student-centered. The last issue has not yet been addressed but will be. The other seven issues have been addressed in the draft of the "IUPUI in 2000 and Beyond" document distributed to FC members at this meeting.


The objectives in the "IUPUI in 2000 and Beyond" document will now be implemented and the Future Group will continue to have the fundamental responsibility for revising and updating the entire campus plan.  Until now the focus has principally been on those parts of our mission that have to do with undergraduate programming, but now the entire planning document will be looked at and refreshed since it is nearly five years old. Banta then presented Ulla Connor, chair of the Faculty Council Planning Committee.


Connor reported that the Campus Planning Committee consists of eight faculty members representing a wide variety of disciplines and schools as well as Dr. Trudy Banta, Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement. The committee's charge is to "facilitate involvement and communication between the Faculty Council, the Executive Committee, the Budgetary Affairs Committee, and other committees and academic units concerning institutional planning and improvement at IUPUI. [It] shall be responsible for continued communication with the administration, particularly the Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement."


The Campus Planning Committee was one of the three FC committees specifically requested by the Executive Committee to review the community college initiative. Most suggestions made by the planning committee concurred with those of the other committees, as incorporated in the revised version of the report and explained by Vice-Chancellor Banta. However, the planning committee offers the following faculty points of view, meant for the benefit of the institutional planning of IUPUI:


The general conclusion is that the community college initiative may cause short-term problems for the schools in lost revenues. There is a necessity to be creative in developing new programs to attract students. The long-term benefit will be the opportunity, created by this necessity, to create IUPUI into the great urban university that Indianapolis needs. This can happen because of the new potential of being able to attract better-prepared students and through a well-recognized inventory of advanced programs at baccalaureate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels, responding to community needs.


To accomplish this transition from an open access university to one that attracts better-prepared students, IUPUI's research profile needs to be enhanced through attaining a Carnegie Research I classification, and through ensuring fellowships and tuition waivers that will enable IUPUI to increase its numbers of masters and doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows. The point of view of the committee is encapsulated by the following comment, made by one of the committee members: "We should put the same funding emphasis on this as we did on University College!" The Capital Campaign should bring some solutions for the funding of fellowships. IUPUI also needs to recruit, retain, and place students through aggressive marketing. All the schools, including the professional, need to be included in the marketing plan to attract students to IUPUI. Graduates who have been nationally competitive in their fields need to be marketed. The number of graduate students in the professional schools who have IUPUI undergraduate degrees needs to be stressed. IUPUI undergraduates need to be encouraged to select graduate programs at IUPUI.


Vermette, Student Affairs Committee Chair, commented that it was her committee that emphasized the need to be more student-centered and less faculty-focused, and then wondered if it might be better to flip the two main concerns such that student recruitment and improvement becomes first and becoming a Carnegie I institution becomes second. This would improve our status as a student-centered institution. 


Warfel read the statement on diversity: "Increase the multicultural diversity of the campus and the success of underrepresented populations by undertaking specific community outreach activities and offering strong campus support programs." She commented that although admirable the statement is insufficient and recommended that the Chancellor's Diversity Cabinet improve it. Analysis shows that white males still predominate both among the faculty and in the administration at this institution while the representation should reflect the community we serve.


Harrington asked if the community college initiative will make an impact on the availability of associate faculty. Plater commented that he had met with the associate faculty that day, and responded that  IUPUI will likely have trouble retaining the excellent associate faculty it now has, but that he will make available a document for training part-time faculty that is now circulating.


Porter asked Banta how this information will be disseminated. Banta replied that it has only officially gone to President Brand so far, but that there are several outlets for distribution through the chancellor's office including community leaders, the general assembly, and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. It will be disseminated generally as a document stating what IUPUI intends and why it is requesting support. Because of its depth of thought it will form a major part of President Brand's university-wide response to the community college initiative which will involve the governor and the legislators.


Porter encouraged everyone present to please share the document with their various constituencies to help them understand IUPUI's aspirations. To get the necessary resources there is a special need to educate the faculty.


Galanti added that Connor had also presented to him for the Executive Committee's consideration some comments on the process of holding Town Hall Meetings generally, including four areas of concern: the inconsistency of formats, the lack of coordination between the various FC units, the feedback process, and the mysterious process of who sets the agenda. The planning committee recommended the process be standardized. The matter will be considered by the Executive Committee.


Agenda Item X: United Way Key Club -- Ken Kopecky (IUPUI United Way Campaign Steering Committee) (Medicine: Radiology) [INFORMATION ITEM: 5 Minutes]. Apologizing for adjourning the previous meeting prematurely before Kopecky had time for his presentation, Galanti welcomed him back.


Kopecky referred to the two handouts distributed at the meeting. Those donating between $1000 and $10,000 become members of the United Way of Central Indiana Key Club. Kopecky, a member himself of the Key Club, requested that no one simply let their packets just sit, but that they do return them. Colleagues should also be reminded to not forget. The Lilly Foundation donated $50 million to the United Way's endowment (The Forever Fund). Its interest will pay for operating expenses from now on. Therefore, as the fund grows, no part of whatever people give will be for operating expenses but will go entirely to the deserving parties (children and youth, families and neighborhoods, people who need a second chance, and seniors). Join the Key Club -- be a key to the future.


Agenda Item XI-XII: Question / Answer Period & Unfinished Business. There was none.


Agenda Item XIII: New Business? Banta drew attention to the handout distributed at the back of the room on "Faculty Development Opportunities" which will provide three $5000 stipends for faculty who undertake leadership roles in identifying and documenting across the campus the best practices for teaching and learning the Principles of Undergraduate Learning. The deadline for applying is December 1st.


Agenda Item XIV: Adjournment. Noting that the next meeting will be December 2nd at 3:00 at a place yet to be determined, and followed by the Chancellor's "State of the Campus" address, Galanti adjourned the meeting at 5:13.




Attendance Record for November 4, 1999 Faculty Council Meeting;

Agenda for November 4, 1999 Faculty Council Meeting.


[Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,

(UN 403) (274-2215) (Fax 274-2970) (fcouncil@iupui.edu) (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil)]


[Attachment for FC991104 Minutes]


Attendance Record for FC991104.

[P = Present; L = Alternate; N = Notice; A = Absent]


I. Voting Members (109):

P: Aguet, Henry (Elected Herron Art 6/01);

P: Ambrosius, Walter (Elected: Medicine 6/01);

A: Bailey, Darrell (Ex Officio: Director of Music) (Music Faculty Governance Leader);

A: Baldwin, James (Elected: At Large 6/01) (UFC Representative 6/01) (University Libraries) (Academic Affairs Chair);

P: Banta, Trudy (Ex Officio: Chancellor's Administrative Designee 6/00) (Education);

P: Belcher, Anne (Elected: Nursing 6/01);

P: Bepko, Gerald (Officer: Chancellor of IUPUI) (Ex Officio: Chancellor of IUPUI) (Law);

P: Besch, Henry (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Medicine) (Mediation Co-Chair);

A: Bippen, Paul (Ex Officio: Dean of IUPU Columbus) (Education);

A: Blix, Susanne (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

P: Bostwick, Willard David (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Engineering and Technology) (Faculty Handbook Chair);

A: Boukai, Benzion (Elected: Science 6/01) ;

A: Broadie, Thomas (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Elected: Medicine 6/01);

A: Brown, James W. (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Journalism) (Journalism Faculty Governance Leader);

A: Caldemeyer, Karen (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Medicine);

P: Carr, Lucinda (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

P: Chin, Ray (Elected: Science 6/00);

A: Cronin, Blaise (Ex Officio: Dean of Library & Information Science -- IUB);

P: Crowell, Dring (Elected: Science 6/01);

P: Daniels-Howell, Todd (Elected: University Libraries 6/01);

A: Dunning, Jeremy (Ex Officio: Dean of Continuing Studies -- IUB) (Geological Sciences) (Cont Stud Faculty Gov Leader);

A: Eckerman, Nancy (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medical Library);

A: Eickmeier, Valerie (Ex Officio: Dean of Herron Art);

A: Engum, Scott (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Medicine);

A: Evenbeck, Scott (Ex Officio: Dean of University College) (Science);

N: Fineberg, Naomi (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Medicine);

N: Fineberg, S. Edwin (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Medicine) (Medicine Faculty Governance Leader);

A: Fisher, Mary (Elected: Nursing 6/01) (Nominating Chair -- Alternate for Wilkins);

P: Fore, Julie (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Elected: Medicine 6/01) (Medical Library);

P: Fredland, Richard (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts)';

P: Froehlich, Janice (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

P: Gable, Karen (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Allied Health Sciences) (Faculty Affairs Chair);

P: Galanti, Paul (Officer: Vice-President 6/00) (Law);

A: Goldblatt, Lawrence (Ex Officio: Dean of Dentistry);

A: Goodine, Linda Adele (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Art);

P: Gregory, Richard (Elected: Dentistry 6/00);

N: Gronfein, William (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/01);

A: Guba, Christianne (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Dentistry);

P: Hamant, Celestine (Elected: Allied Health Sciences 6/01);

P: Harrington, Susan Marie (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Liberal Arts);

L: Holden, Robert (Ex Officio: Dean of Medicine) -- [via Meredith Hull (Medicine)];

P: Hook, Sara Anne (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) ;

P: Hoyt, Dolores (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (University Libraries);

A: Johnson, Eric (Elected: Business 6/01);

A: Karlson, Henry (Elected: Law 6/00);

N: Keck, Juanita (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (Nursing);

P: Keck, Robert (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Science);

P: Kellum, P. Nicholas (Ex Officio: Dean of Physical Education);

P: Kennedy, Sheila (Elected: Public & Environmental Affairs 6/00);

P: Langsam, Miriam (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts);

P: Lee, Wei-Hua (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

A: Lefstein, Norman (Ex Officio: Dean of Law);

A: Leland, Christine (Elected: Education 6/00) (completing Michael Parsons FC9800) (Education FGL);

P: Lewis, David (Ex Officio: Interim Director of University Libraries);

N: Mannheimer, Steven (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Herron Art);

L: Marrs, James A. (Elected: Medicine 6/00) -- [via Simon Atkinson (Medicine)];

P: Martin, Joyce (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Nursing);

P: McBride, Angela (Ex Officio: Dean of Nursing);

N: McCarty, Gale (Elected: Medicine 6/01);

A: McDaniel, Anna (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Nursing);

A: Meiss, Richard (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Elected: Medicine 6/01);

A: Modibo, Najja (Elected: Continuing Studies 6/00) (Labor Studies);

P: Moore, B. Keith (Elected: At Large 6/01)  (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (Dentistry);

A: Newton, Nancy (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (Liberal Arts);

A: Ng, Bart (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Science));

P: Olson, Byron (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Dentistry) ;

P: Perkins, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

L: Pfile, Richard (Elected: Engineering and Technology 6/00) -- [via Elaine Cooney (Electrical Engineering Technology)];

P: Plater, William (Ex Officio: Chancellor's Administrative Designee 6/00) (Liberal Arts);

P: Porter, Rebecca (Officer: President 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Allied Health Sciences) (Executive Chair);

P: Powers, Gerald (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Social Work);

L: Queiro-Tajalli, Irene (Elected: Social Work 6/01) -- [via Marion Wagner (Social Work)];

P: Ralston, Rick (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medical Library);

P: Rhodes, Simon (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Science);

A: Ricchiardi, Sherry (Elected: Journalism 6/01);

P: Richwine, Margaret W. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

A: Rosentraub, Mark (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Public and Environmental Affairs--Indianapolis);

P: Rothe, Carl (Officer: Parliamentarian 12/99 -- Alternate for Wilkins) (Medicine) (Constitution Chair);

A: Russell, Steven (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

P: Saatkamp, Herman (Ex Officio: Dean of Liberal Arts);

P: Sawchuk, Alan (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

P: Schmenner, Roger W. (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Business--Indianapolis) (Business Faculty Governance Leader);

P: Schneider, William (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts) (Technology Chair);

A: Seifert, Mark (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

N: Siegel, Sheldon (Ex Officio: Interim Dean of Social Work);

A: Smith, Richard (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

A: Sothmann, Mark S. (Ex Officio: Dean of Allied Health Sciences);

A: Souch, Catherine (Ex Officio: UFC Representative) (Liberal Arts);

N: Spechler, Martin (Ex Officio: UFC Rep 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Liberal Arts);

N: Stanley, Mary (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (University Libraries);

A: Stocum, David (Ex Officio: Dean of Science);

P: Swartz, Darl (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

A: Touponce, William (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

A: Udry, Eileen (Elected: Physical Education 6/00);

L: Unverzagt, Frederick (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine) -- [via Nenette Jessup (Medicine)];

P: VanVoorhis, Rebecca (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Social Work);

P: Vermette, Rosalie (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts) (Student Affairs Chair);

P: Vessely, Jeffery (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Physical Education);

P: Warfel, Kathleen (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Medicine);

P: Wass, Justin L. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

P: Watt, Jeffrey (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Science);

A: West, Karen (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Medicine);

P: Wiebke, Eric (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

A: Wilcox, Barbara (Ex Officio: Executive Associate Dean of Education--Indianapolis);

N: Wilkins, Harriet (Officer: Parliamentarian 6/00) (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Liberal Arts) (Nominating Chair);

A: Wokeck, Marianne (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts) (Fringe Benefits Chair);

P: Yokomoto, Charles (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Engineering and Technology);

A: Yurtseven, H. Oner (Ex Officio: Dean of Engineering & Technology).


II. Non-Voting Members (5):

P: Blake, Pat (Ex Officio: Senior Academy Representative 6/00) (Nursing);

P: Lowenkron, Ann (Elected: University College 6/00) (Nursing) (University College Faculty Governance Leader);

A: Manaloor, Jacob (Ex Officio: Student Assembly President 6/00);

A: Phillabaum, Melinda (Ex Officio: Staff Council President 6/00) (Business);

A: Rooney, Patrick (Elected: IUPU Columbus 6/00) (Liberal Arts).


III. Guests/Visitors/Others (non-voting):

P: Connor, Ulla (Campus Planning Chair) (Liberal Arts);

P: Crist, Al (Associate Vice-Chancellor and Executive Director of Enrollment Services);

P: Frisby, David (Faculty Council Coordinator);

P: Grove, Mark (Registrar);

P: Hertzler, Dean II, (IU Trustee);

P: Kopecky, Kenyon (IUPUI United Way Campaign Steering Committee) (Medicine: Radiology);

P: Lorentz, Donald (UITS Audio Engineer: Recorder);


[Attachment for FC991104 Minutes]


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Faculty Council (FC) Meeting

Dental School Building, Room S115 (DS 115): Thursday, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.


A G E N D A (FC: November 4, 1999)


I.                     Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)!


II.                   Approval of Minutes for September 2, & October 7, 1999 (see attachment1-2 and also on web at "http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc990902html.htm" & "http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc991007html.htm").


III.                 Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President).


IV.                 President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary).


V.                   Selection of "N" for 2000/01 and 2001/02 (chart distributed at meeting) -- Rebecca Porter (Executive Committee Chair).


VI.                 Presentation on Upcoming Survey Regarding Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -- Miriam Langsam (Associate Dean for Students) (Liberal Arts: History) [INFORMATION ITEM: 5 Minutes].


VII.               Revised Version of Change in Wording of Policy Regarding "Exam Policy Related to Final Exam Week" (distributed at meeting) -- Jim Baldwin (Academic Affairs Chair) [DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEM: 20 Minutes] (First Presented at FC991007).


VIII.             Amendments to "Faculty/Librarian Review and Enhancement" and "Dismissal Procedures for Tenured Faculty and Librarians" documents (see attachment3) -- Rebecca Porter (Executive Committee Chair) [DISCUSSION ITEM: 20 Minutes].[To be voted on at December 2nd meeting].


IX.                 The Impact of the Community College Initiative on IUPUI and IUPUI's Response ("IUPUI 2000 and Beyond" -- see attachment4), including a Report on the Town Hall Meeting of October 5th -- Ulla Connor (Campus Planning Chair) and Trudy Banta (Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement) [DISCUSSION ITEM: 20 Minutes] [Continued Over from FC991007 due to Fire Alarm].


X.                   United Way Key Club -- Ken Kopecky (IUPUI United Way Campaign Steering Committee) (Medicine: Radiology) [INFORMATION ITEM: 5 Minutes].


XI.                 Question / Answer Period.


XII.               Unfinished Business?


XIII.             New Business?


XIV.             Adjournment.



*Attachments (not included as part of FC991104 minutes):

1 Unapproved Faculty Council Minutes for September 1, 1999 (synoptic);

2 Unapproved Faculty Council Minutes for October 7, 1999 (synoptic);

3 Amendments to "Faculty/Librarian Review and Enhancement" and "Dismissal Procedures for Tenured Faculty and Librarians" documents.

4 Latest "IUPUI 2000 and Beyond" document (without appendices).


Next Faculty Council Meeting: December 2, 1999 (AT 3:00 -- NOT 3:30) --

With the Chancellor's "State of the Campus" Address About 4:00

At the Annual Meeting of the IUPUI Faculty Body!


[Agenda Prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,

UN 403, 317-274-2215 (fax 4-2970), fcouncil@iupui.edu : http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil]