Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes: October 1, 1998

Dental School Building, Room 115: 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Attendance Record and Original Agenda follow Adjournment as Attachments.

Agenda Item I. Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)!

Vice-President Galanti called the meeting to order at 3:32 pm.

Agenda Item II. Approval of Minutes for September 3, 1998 (see attachment1); sent via email and posted on the web (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc980903html.htm).

Chancellor Bepko moved and Vessely seconded that the minutes be approved with the mentioned changes. Motion carried.

Agenda Item III. Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President).

Chancellor Bepko began his report commenting on two capital projects: childcare and housing. Both are moving forward at a faster pace. He called upon Vice-Chancellor Martin for a childcare and housing report.

Martin had talked to the architect's office that day, a location has been decided (south of the graduate townhouses between Lansing and Limestone streets), and the building has been downsized a bit. There will be a kickoff meeting October 2, then the s chematic design will go to the Board of Trustees December 4. The Trustees will submit the document for bids in May, and then there will come the normal state approvals, like the Commission for Higher Education, with construction beginning before the end o f 1999. With regard to housing, the RFP process itself, including the use of construction firms, is being looked at with an eye to efficiency because the project has moved back to the private sector again. A design group should be selected by the first of November. Only two or three firms are really in the running.

Bepko added that it may be necessary to raise some private money for these, and that there is hope that the IUPUI campaign will generate some help. He suggested that the Executive Committee request a report on the campaign for dissemination to the Facu lty Council. Preparation for the campaign is speeding up, some of the staffing is in place, the budget is set, the President's Office and the IU Foundation will help defray some of the costs to conduct the campaign, leading up to December of 1998 where th e goals will be set. Throughout 1999 the campaign will work on the private sector and then publicly announce its goals in 2001 and raise funds through 2005. Expectations are that the goals will be high but the community will be supportive.

Bepko mentioned the faculty component of the salary equity study was now at the school level, and reminded FC members that any faculty member can ask for a review.

The athletic program is off to a good start. Those who missed out on an IUPUI Jaguars t-shirt last meeting can look forward to another batch distributed at some future meeting -- so don't miss a meeting. They're also available at the bookstores. The Ja guars (IUPUI basketball team) will be on the road at Georgetown University for their first game this season, and then at Houston where the media will likely play up the rivalry between IUPUI coach Ron Hunter and Houston coach Clyde Drexler. On December 7 the Jaguars will be nationally broadcast on LeSea Broadcasting (local affiliate WHMB-40) when they play Missouri at Kansas City (this marking a first in IUPUI's history).

In some ways, the attention of the country, or at least urban campuses across the country, will be on Indianapolis tomorrow (10-2) when University College is dedicated. Secretary of Education Richard Riley will become the first recipient of the Urban U niversity Medal. Robing will take place at 10:15 am, the dedication at 11:00, and a reception will follow at several University College locations. Dean Evenbeck has received a national award at South Carolina for Freshman Advocacy, and University College has received two Department of Education grants for Upward Bound and for support initiatives for first generation students. There's also been the PEW grant for achievement strategies, a Lilly grant for retention, and an SDC grant for the Threshold Course.

Agenda Item IV. President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary).

Consistent with the constitutional changes approved over the summer, the council welcomes the addition to its membership of Ann Lowenkron, an elected but non-voting representative of University College, as well as another member soon to come out of IUPU Columbus.

The Executive Committee had a productive meeting with the Faculty Governance Leaders and hopes to set another one for the beginning of the spring semester so as to continue to foster contact between and work with the campus faculty governance entity an d the faculty governance entities of the schools.

Porter attended the last meeting of the IU Board of Trustees. They are interested in learning more about non-tenure track faculty policies, and hope that discussion will continue regarding university-wide guidelines for post-tenure review that are cons istent with campus policies (guidelines we expect will already be consistent with ours).

The UFC will meet October 13 at IUB and discuss the same agenda items on our agenda today (18-20 and the UITS strategic plan). If they bring 18-20 discussions to a conclusion, President Brand expects it will appear on the agenda for the Trustees meetin g October 30. The UFC Agenda Committee will probably recommend that the Trustees adopt a motion committing them to review these 18-20 policies when a financial surplus occurs. Most of the UFC standing committees will be meeting after the October 13 UFC me eting at IUB.

Our IUPUI Faculty Council Standing Committees are now in full swing. Faculty Affairs has generated the principles underlying our Enhancement and Review Policy, in preparation for the UFC level discussion, the Fringe Benefits and Technology committees h ave been active in relationship to today's discussions, and Student Affairs is participating in conversations relating to the new configuration for Student Life services, and is considering a disruptive student policy (some loud noise from the kids in the hall outside the room at this time generated considerable amusement).

Lastly, the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) will be meeting on the IUPUI campus October 23-24. President Myles Brand will be there to receive the Defense of Academic Principles Award for his defense of tenure (for example see his S tate of the University address). Jim Richardson, the national president of AAUP, will lead a session on post-tenure review. Registration information was distributed. One need not be a member to attend. Past Faculty President Bill Schneider is the contact person on campus.

Agenda Item V. "The Final Report: 18-20 Financing Committee: Submitted September 1998" (campusmailed to Faculty Council Members) -- Bart Ng (Fringe Benefits Committee Chair) [INFORMATION ITEM].

Galanti set aside about 40 minutes for this item and the next, with 10 minutes for questions. The Fringe Benefits Committee chaired by Bart Ng met yesterday to discuss 18-20, but Ng couldn't be here today so Vessely will stand in for him. Richard H einz from IUB, who along with Ng co-chairs the UFC fringe benefits committee (Compensation Committee), and who was one of the writers of the report, was also introduced, as was Dan Reeves who directs the IU Benefits Program, Judith Palmer who chaired the committee, and Robert Keck who was a committee member.

Heinz presented an overview. Brand's charge to the committee was to study how to finance 18-20 without changing the plan. Between 1998 and 2031 $2.4 billion will be needed to finance the plan (IUSERP and 18-20). Assuming 5% growth per year, there will be a $642 million shortfall between 1999 and 2021, and he presented three proposals to cover the shortfall. The first cuts benefits for new employees (hired after 7-1-99) down to 10% (from 12% for faculty and 11.25% for senior professional staff) and allo ws no early retirement. Saved resources would be reallocated to pay the 18-20 retirees. The figure of 10% was considered because that is the average of the big 10 universities. The second proposal would involve the selection of highly productive faculty t o offer an incentive ($5000) to stay on, instead of receiving their 18-20 benefit for 1-5 years. The proposal assumed that only 40% of the eligible faculty would be selected and that only 80% of those would choose to take the incentive. The third proposal would have departments reallocate from their base budgets 20% of the benefit for each retiree from their department as long as necessary. An internal financing plan was also mentioned where IU would borrow up to $24 million from its own reserves. With th e base budget growth of 5%, the three proposals, and the borrowing of $24 million, the problem will be solved by 2014.

Vessely stated the IUPUI Faculty Council Fringe Benefits Committee had come up with several questions for Heinz and Reeves and the committee. Why was only the worst case scenario presented? Why assume 5% growth for salaries? What will be the impact on recruitment? Will IRS let us consider other scenarios? How will the 20% budget reallotments affect schools who have clinical practices? Why is the surplus number based on 2021 different than the one based on 2031? Why use value as a percent of base pay wh en base pays differ so much (page 10)?

Spechler had an objection but first raised the question of the possible impact on retirement of the legislation passed by Congress yesterday. Reeves's response touched on the IRS and Brand's original charge, but concluded probably no effect. Spechler t hen outlined two defects in the plan, one technical and one involved a principle. The technical defect is that the 20% reallocation may be a matter of double-counting. Vice-President Judith Palmer responded to this point. The other point, based in princip le, involved who would select the "most productive" with the implication that the ability to make this offer might increase the power of the Deans. Regardless, it will create dissension, and it might be, legally, discrimination. Heinz responded that hard decisions have to be made by Deans, for example at tenure time, and that 40% is no limit, in fact the more the merrier.

Burr asked how the figures of 40% and 80% were arrived at and Heinz said they were guesses on his part, but that the plan would have to be monitored and reviewed each year.

Fisher asked if there was any assessment of what the impact on the academic programs will be and presented a special case with Nursing. Heinz responded that special cases will need to be assessed separately, and Palmer added that some departments will have to have their campus balance things out.

Yokomoto found it interesting but uncomfortable that while on the one hand we are working hard to keep some faculty, on the other we are working hard to get rid of some of them.

Chancellor Bepko began to bring the discussion to a conclusion saying the Trustees will be dealing with this in December of 1998 and may adopt it. Since it will likely be given that new hires will be receiving less benefits, then new possible appointee s should be made aware of that possibility if they begin after the first of the year.

IU Vice-President Palmer added that whether the Trustees get it will depend on what the UFC does with it this month (October). But also, that if one is hired on June 30, 1999 or before, the older and better benefits will apply.

R. Keck added the comment that tuition must not be jeopardized by utilizing institutional reserves.

President Porter volunteered to forward any further comments to the IUPUI representatives on the UFC, or to the UFC membership itself, if they are sent to her at rporter@iupui.edu

Heinz and Reeves added that they expect to see more of what they saw today at the next UFC meeting.

Vice-President Galanti asked whether the committee who constructed this document will also be examining it each year. Palmer replied that that is not determined yet, but that President Brand and the Trustees will put something in place.

Agenda Item VI. "The UITS Strategic Plan" -- Garland Elmore (IU Associate Vice-President and IUPUI Information Technology Dean) [INFORMATION ITEM].

Elmore began saying this would for the most part be a chance to ask questions, but that he first wanted to distribute two handouts and speak a bit about them using the overhead. The first was a series of overhead images he would have used if he wer e simply going to talk, and the other was a distillation of appendix D from the UITS Strategic Plan (copies of which were again available). His main purpose today was to attempt to lead the council into a recognition of the priorities involved. This is th e first comprehensive IU plan and stretches into 2003. There are 10 recommendations and 68 action items. The overall goal of the plan is to advance IU's leadership using information technology as a tool, along with other things. About 50 meetings are now planned. The three major themes will be the potential of information technology, the focus on access, and life cycle funding. Elmore elaborated each of the 10 recommendations and pointed out the priority given to the development of SIS (Student Informatio n System). For example, he highlighted the fact that IUPUI is not only the IU hub, but with Internet2 is a national hub, and with TRANSPAC is an international hub, all in all making IU the lead institution. The plan calls for students to be given basic se rvice, leaving the schools to provide advanced service. There is a consensus that archiving for the long term is important, but not on how to do it. One of the biggest challenges will be how to both provide access and protect privacy. He requested that co mments, especially as to what is important in the plan, be emailed to ITPLAN@indiana.edu or to himself at elmore@iupui.edu or to Carl Rothe at crothe@iupui.edu. The $20 million to support the plan will bring $60 million to the university.

J.Keck, speaking for the Nursing faculty, faulted the plan for assuming that workloads will become less. Elmore replied incentives might be necessary to meets the objectives of the plan. He noted that some of the technologists of the committee debated on what should be left to the schools. J.Keck said she would send him her written comments.

Mannheimer questioned how to set guidelines for a long term policy regarding the transferring of credit for courses that overlap schools, and added that this is an example of how technology is going to crumble previously sacrosanct traditions. More imm ediately, his colleagues at Herron feel this is not evolution but a revolution and they wonder what priorities will prevent some schools being left in the dust. He also generated some discussion by pointing to a "point well taken" regarding academic incen tives on page 2.

Chernoff expressed a concern of her department (biology)that the efforts to advance computer technology will leave other technologies (like the simple microscope) in the dust. She highlighted action point #6 as an example of the danger wherein training of students takes a back seat to an emphasis on webpage construction. Elmore responded that the plan is indeed focused on information technology (which includes but expands beyond computer technology), but that he'd make a note of it and has no better re sponse at this time.

Tompkins, University Librarian, asked that the highest priority be given to the allocation of funding for life-cycle replacement of hardware and software supporting IUPUI publicly accessible computer clusters, found in the University Library, the libra ries of the Professional Schools, and the student technology centers across the campus. Although the first action item of the strategic plan, it relates to six others. He made a plea for serious priority to be given to meeting student needs in this regard .

Harrington (Liberal Arts) pointed out that part-time faculty need training and support.

Roberts (Herron) voiced a concern that the new be assumed as better than the old, for example, in slide technology. Elmore responded there was no intent to assume improvement in quality, only to recognize the inevitable with regard to access.

Spechler pointed out that this campus has had lots of soft money for computer technology but not hard money, money put in the hands of those who are enthusiastic like Garland Elmore, which is okay, but who have also been the ones to evaluate the result s, which is not okay. Assuming computer-based instruction is the way to go may be a mistake. Elmore replied that no one in the information technology world would disagree with him on that and pointed out that the Center for Teacher and Learning could pote ntially catapult us into the heights, so he agreed with Spechler, but he also pointed out that computer technology is only part of instructional technology (which still doesn't include microscopes though).

Wilkins commented on Spechler's point by pointing out that a plan to assess the technology plan is not part of the plan, or at least is not on paper. Elmore responded that his office plans to focus on usability and acceptance, not on learning outcomes. In response to Spechler's rejoinder to therefore let education do it, Elmore referred the council members to the IUB website for finance which can actually show the per unit cost, and that's just a start.

Chancellor Bepko suggested to Elmore that it might be a good idea to assess the plan for purposes of talking to state government, for example, being able to supply a clear concrete answer to the question of what was the value of the funds for the last 2-4 years regarding so and so. Elmore mentioned Trudy Banta's effort regarding the question of what is actually happening with the students.

J. Keck said the comments on University Library reminded her of the question of priorities with regard to adequate teaching resources, and asked Elmore if the priorities would be cross-referenced, to which Elmore responded affirmatively, after they cos t them out.

Porter asked who would determine the allocation of monies across IU, and how and when? Elmore requested that Chancellor Bepko jump in and help if needed, and then answered that the timeline will be determined fairly quickly, by the first of December (1 998), and then compiled and synthesized and sent to McRobbie, and from there to President Brand, who will analyze and review it and then release some one-time monies for December and January. Base funding for staffing will likely be known by January or Fe bruary but we may have to wait for the legislature for the long-term base. Chancellor Bepko added that along with President Brand, it will also go through the Trustees.

Agenda Item VII. Question / Answer Period.

In response to Baldwin's question as to why IUB will be receiving more monies than IUPUI, given that IUPUI has more need, Elmore responded that IUB is better funded.

Elmore added that funding modem pools is a black hole, and the only question is "when" we must begin to ration them. A hard decision will have to be made to limit their use or set a limit beyond which one must pay.

Chancellor Bepko gave a response to Burr's question as to why students must pay about $50 to use athletic facilities between semesters, but only $14 during semesters. He first noted that Vessely, Dean of Students, had somehow managed to slip out, and t hen indicated that he did not know the answer but promised to find out. He did however also point out that paying the costs for the upkeep of the facilities has been a problem, that students already get a reduced rate, and that the campus does not plan to reallocate any money from academic programs, so maybe that's why.

Agenda Items VIII-X. Unfinished Business, New Business, & Adjournment.

Seeing there was no unfinished or new business, Vice-President Galanti adjourned the meeting at .

Noting that the time was fast approaching closing time, Vice-President Galanti called for unfinished or new business, and since there was none, adjourned the meeting at 5:26.


Attendance Record for October 1, 1998 Faculty Council Meeting;

Agenda for October 1, 1998 Faculty Council Meeting.

[Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,

UN 403, 274-2215(Fax 274-2970), fcouncil@iupui.edu : http ://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil ]


[Attachment for FC981001 Minutes]

Attendance Record for FC981001.

I. Voting Members (106):

Absent---: Allen, Stephen (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Present--: Atkinson, Simon (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Absent---: Bailey, Darrell (Ex Officio: Director of Music)

Present--: Baldwin, James (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Banta, Trudy (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Chancellor's Admin. designee);

Present--: Belcher, Anne (Elected: Nursing 6/99);

Present--: Bepko, Gerald (Ex Officio: Officer: Chancellor of IUPUI.);

Present--: Besch, Henry (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Absent---: Bippen, Paul (Ex Officio: Dean of IUPU Columbus);

Absent---: Bjork, Ulf Jonas (Elected: Journalism 6/99);

Present--: Blix, Susanne (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Absent---: Broadie, Thomas (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Absent---: Brothers, Linda (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Brown, Trevor (Ex Officio: Dean of Journalism);

Present--: Burr, David (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Canty-Mitchell, Janie (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present---:Carr, Lucinda G. (Elected: Medicine 6/00)

Present--: Chernoff, Ellen (Elected: Science 6/99);

Present--: Chin, Ray (Elected: Science 6/00);

Absent---: Cobb, Karen (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Absent---: Cronin, Blaise (Ex Officio: Dean of Library & Information Science) (Bloomington);

Present--: Crowell, Dring (Elected: Science 6/99);

Present--: Dalsing, Michael (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: DeSchepper, Edward (Elected: Dentistry 6/99);

Absent---: DiMicco, Joseph (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Dunning, Jeremy (Ex Officio: Dean of Continuing Studies) (Bloomington);

Present--: Eckerman, Nancy (Elected: Medicine 6/99. (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent--: Eickmeier, Valerie (Ex Officio: Interim Dean of Herron Art)

Present--: Evenbeck, Scott (Ex Officio: Dean of University College),

Absent---: Faris, James V. (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Fineberg, Naomi (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Fineberg, S. Edwin (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Fisher, Mary (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Ford, David (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Froehlich, Janice (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Galanti, Paul (Officer: Vice-President 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Alternate: Gardner, Carol (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/99) --

-------[via WilliamGronfein (Liberal Arts)];

Present--: Gilman, Linda (Elected: Nursing 6/99);

Alternate: Goldblatt, Lawrence (Ex Officio: Dean of Dentistry) --

-------[via Donald R. Tharp (Dentistry)];

Alternate: Greene, Roberta (Ex Officio: Dean of Social Work) --

-------[via J.M. Kapoor (Social Work)];

Present--: Gregory, Richard (Elected: Dentistry 6/00);

Present--: Hamant, Celestine (Elected: Allied Health Sciences 6/99);

Present--: Harrington, Susan Marie (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Holden, Robert (Ex Officio: Dean of Medicine);

Present--: Hook, Sara Anne (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Hoyt, Dolores J. (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Jafari, Maymanat (Elected: University Libraries 6/99);

Absent---: Karlson, Henry (Elected: Law 6/00);

Present--: Keck, Juanita (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99);

Present--: Keck, Robert (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Present--: Keffer, M. Jan (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Present--: Kellum, P. Nicholas (Ex Officio: Dean of Physical Education);

Present--: Lee, Wei-Hua (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Absent---: Lefstein, Norman (Ex Officio: Dean of Law);

Absent---: Man, Joyce Yan-Yun (Elected: Public & Environmental Affairs 6/00);

Present--: Mannheimer, Steven (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Present--: Mannix, Edward (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Present--: Marrs, James A. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Present--: Martin, Joyce (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Absent---: Mayfield, Jennifer A. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Present--: McBride, Angela (Ex Officio: Dean of Nursing);

Present--: McDaniel, Anna (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Minick, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Ng, Bart (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--- Olson, Byron (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Absent---: Parsons, Michael (Elected: Education 6/00);

Present--: Pfile, Richard (Elected: Engineering and Technology 6/00);

Notice---: Plater, William (Ex Officio: Chancellor's Administrative Designee);

Present--: Pless, John (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Present--: Porter, Rebecca (Elected Officer: President 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Rep. 6/00);

Absent---: Powers, Gerald (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99);

Present--: Ralston, Rick (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Richwine, Margaret W. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Present--: Robertson, Jean (Elected: Herron 6/99);

Absent---: Rogers, Richard (Elected: Business 6/99);

Absent---: Rosentraub, Mark (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Public and Environmental Affairs--Indianapolis);

Present--: Rothe, Carl (Elected: Med 6/99. Ex Off: Exec C. 6/99, & UFC Rep 6/99);

Present--: Russell, Steven (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

Present--: Saatkamp, Herman (Ex Officio: Dean of Liberal Arts);

Absent---: Sawchuk, Alan P. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Present--: Schmenner, Roger W. (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Business--Indianapolis);

Absent---: Seifert, Mark (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Sothmann, Mark S. (Ex Officio: Dean of Allied Health Sciences);

Present--: Spechler, Martin (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Absent---: Stocum, David (Ex Officio: Dean of Science);

Present--: Sutton, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Swartz, Darl (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Tompkins, Philip (Ex Officio: Director of University Libraries);

Absent---: Touponce, William (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

Present--: Udry, Eileen (Elected: Physical Education 6/00);

Present--: Unverzagt, Frederick (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: VanVoorhis, Rebecca (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Vermette, Rosalie (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99);

Present--: Vessely, Jeffery (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Present--: Wagner, Marion (Elected: Social Work 6/99. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Present--: Warfel, Kathleen (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Wass, Justin L. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Absent---: Watt, Jeffrey (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Webb, Dorothy (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Wiebke, Eric (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Wilcox, Barbara (Ex Officio: Executive Associate Dean of Education--Indianapolis);

Present--: Wilkins, Harriet (Officer: Parliamentarian 6/99. Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Yokomoto, Charles (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Yurtseven, H. Oner (Ex Officio: Dean of Engineering & Technology).

II. Non-Voting Members (3):

Absent---: Koch, Mary Jane (Ex Officio: Senior Academy Representative);

Present--: Lowenkron, Ann (Elected: University College 6/00);

Absent---: Manaloor, Jacob (Ex Officio: Student Assembly President);

Absent---: Phillabaum, Melinda (Ex Officio: Staff Council President).

III. Guests/Visitors/Others (non-voting):

Present--: Elmore, Garland (IU Associate Vice-President and IUPUI Information Technology Dean);

Present--: Frisby, David (Faculty Council Coordinator);

Present--: Heinz, Richard (UFC Fringe Benefits Committee IUB Co-Chair)

Present--: Lorentz, Donald (UITS Audio Engineer: Recorder);

Present--: MacKinnon, Joyce (Allied Health Sciences);

Present--: Martin, Robert (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance);

Present--: McLaughlin, Lee (Office of Vice-President for Information Technology);

Present--: Miller, Hank (Human Resources Administration);

Present--: Palmer, Judith G. (IU Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer);

Present--: Reeves, Dan (Indiana University Director of Benefits Program).

[Attachment for FC981001 Minutes]

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Meeting: Thursday, October 1, 1998

Dental School Building, Room S115 (DS 115): 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)!
  2. Approval of Minutes for September 3, 1998 (see attachment1); sent via email and posted on the web (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc980903html.htm).
  3. Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President).
  4. President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary).
  5. "The Final Report: 18-20 Financing Committee: Submitted September 1998" (campusmailed to Faculty Council Members) -- Bart Ng (Fringe Benefits Committee Chair) [INFORMATION ITEM].
  6. "The UITS Strategic Plan" -- Garland Elmore (IUPUI Associate Vice-Chancellor for Information Technologies) [INFORMATION ITEM].
  7. Question / Answer Period.
  8. Unfinished Business?
  9. New Business?
  10. Adjournment.

*Attachment: [not included as part of FC981001 minutes]
1Unapproved FC Minutes for September 3, 1998 (synoptic).

Next Faculty Council Meeting: November 5, 1998!

[Agenda Prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,
UN 403, 317-274-2215 (fax 4-2970),
fcouncil@iupui.edu : http://www.iupui.edu/~fc ouncil]