Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes: September 3, 1998

Dental School Building, Room 115: 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Attendance Record.

I. Voting Members (106):

Present--: Allen, Stephen (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Present--: Atkinson, Simon (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Absent---: Bailey, Darrell (Ex Officio: Director of Music)

Present--: Baldwin, James (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Banta, Trudy (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Chancellor's Admin. designee);

Present--: Belcher, Anne (Elected: Nursing 6/99);

Present--: Bepko, Gerald (Ex Officio: Officer: Chancellor of IUPUI.);

Present--: Besch, Henry (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Absent---: Bippen, Paul (Ex Officio: Dean of IUPU Columbus);

Absent---: Bjork, Ulf Jonas (Elected: Journalism 6/99);

Absent---: Blix, Susanne (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Absent---: Broadie, Thomas (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Present--: Brothers, Linda (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Brown, Trevor (Ex Officio: Dean of Journalism);

Present--: Burr, David (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Canty-Mitchell, Janie (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present---:Carr, Lucinda G. (Elected: Medicine 6/00)

Present--: Chernoff, Ellen (Elected: Science 6/99);

Present--: Chin, Ray (Elected: Science 6/00);

Absent---: Cobb, Karen (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Absent---: Cronin, Blaise (Ex Officio: Dean of Library & Information Science) (Bloomington);

Alternate: Crowell, Dring (Elected: Science 6/99) --

-------[via Simon Rhodes (Science)];

Absent---: Dalsing, Michael (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: DeSchepper, Edward (Elected: Dentistry 6/99);

Present--: DiMicco, Joseph (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Dunning, Jeremy (Ex Officio: Dean of Continuing Studies) (Bloomington);

Present--: Eckerman, Nancy (Elected: Medicine 6/99. (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent--: Eickmeier, Valerie (Ex Officio: Interim Dean of Herron Art)

Present--: Evenbeck, Scott (Ex Officio: Dean of University College),

Absent---: Faris, James V. (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Fineberg, Naomi (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Fineberg, S. Edwin (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Fisher, Mary (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Ford, David (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Froehlich, Janice (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Galanti, Paul (Officer: Vice-President 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Alternate: Gardner, Carol (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/99) --

-------[via Robert Aponte (Liberal Arts)];

Present--: Gilman, Linda (Elected: Nursing 6/99);

Alternate: Goldblatt, Lawrence (Ex Officio: Dean of Dentistry) --

-------[via Chris Miller (Dentistry)];

Alternate: Greene, Roberta (Ex Officio: Dean of Social Work) --

-------[via J.M. Kapoor (Social Work)];

Present--: Gregory, Richard (Elected: Dentistry 6/00);

Present--: Hamant, Celestine (Elected: Allied Health Sciences 6/99);

Present--: Harrington, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Alternate: Holden, Robert (Ex Officio: Dean of Medicine) --

-------[via Meredith T. Hull (Medicine);

Present--: Hook, Sara Anne (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Hoyt, Dolores (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Jafari, Maymanat (Elected: University Libraries 6/99);

Absent---: Karlson, Henry (Elected: Law 6/00);

Present--: Keck, Juanita (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99);

Present--: Keck, Robert (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Absent---: Keffer, M. Jan (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Absent---: Kellum, P. Nicholas (Ex Officio: Dean of Physical Education);

Absent---: Lee, Wei-Hua (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Absent---: Lefstein, Norman (Ex Officio: Dean of Law);

Absent---: Man, Joyce Yan-Yun (Elected: Public & Environmental Affairs 6/00);

Present--: Mannheimer, Steven (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Notice---: Mannix, Edward (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Present--: Marrs, James A. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Present--: Martin, Joyce (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Mayfield, Jennifer A. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Present--: McBride, Angela (Ex Officio: Dean of Nursing);

Present--: McDaniel, Anna (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Minick, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Ng, Bart (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Absent---: Olson, Byron (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Absent---: Parsons, Michael (Elected: Education 6/00);

Present--: Pfile, Richard (Elected: Engineering and Technology 6/00);

Alternate: Plater, William (Ex Officio: Chancellor's Administrative Designee) --

-------[via Erwin Boschmann (Faculty Development Office)];

Absent---: Pless, John (Elected: Medicine 6/99);

Present--: Porter, Rebecca (Elected Officer: President 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Rep. 6/00);

Present--: Powers, Gerald (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99);

Present--: Ralston, Rick (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Richwine, Margaret W. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Present--: Robertson, Jean (Elected: Herron 6/99);

Absent---: Rogers, Richard (Elected: Business 6/99);

Absent---: Rosentraub, Mark (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Public and Environmental Affairs--Indianapolis);

Present--: Rothe, Carl (Elected: Med 6/99. Ex Off: Exec C. 6/99, & UFC Rep 6/99);

Present--: Russell, Steven (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

Present--: Saatkamp, Herman (Ex Officio: Dean of Liberal Arts);

Present--: Sawchuk, Alan P. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Notice---: Schmenner, Roger W. (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Business--Indianapolis);

Present--: Seifert, Mark (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Sothmann, Mark S. (Ex Officio: Dean of Allied Health Sciences);

Present--: Spechler, Martin (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Stocum, David (Ex Officio: Dean of Science);

Present--: Sutton, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Swartz, Darl (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Alternate: Tompkins, Philip (Ex Officio: Director of University Libraries) --

-------[via Dolores Hoyt (University Libraries);

Present--: Touponce, William (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

Present--: Udry, Eileen (Elected: Physical Education 6/00);

Present--: Unverzagt, Frederick (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: VanVoorhis, Rebecca (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Vermette, Rosalie (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99);

Present--: Vessely, Jeffery (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00);

Absent---: Wagner, Marion (Elected: Social Work 6/99. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99);

Present--: Warfel, Kathleen (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Wass, Justin L. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

Absent---: Watt, Jeffrey (Elected: At Large 6/00. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00);

Present--: Webb, Dorothy (Elected: At Large 6/99);

Present--: Wiebke, Eric (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Absent---: Wilcox, Barbara (Ex Officio: Executive Associate Dean of Education--Indianapolis);

Present--: Wilkins, Harriet (Officer: Parliamentarian 6/99. Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Yokomoto, Charles (Elected: At Large 6/00);

Present--: Yurtseven, H. Oner (Ex Officio: Dean of Engineering & Technology).

II. Non-Voting Members (3):

Absent---: Koch, Mary Jane (Ex Officio: Senior Academy Representative);

Present--: Manaloor, Jacob (Ex Officio: Student Assembly President);

Absent---: Phillabaum, Melinda (Ex Officio: Staff Council President).

III. Guests/Visitors/Others (non-voting):

Present--: Carlin, Paul (Liberal Arts);

Present--: Elmore, Garland (Associate Vice-Chancellor for Information Technologies);

Present--: Frisby, David (Faculty Council Coordinator);

Present--: Grove, Mark (Registrar);

Alternate: Lorentz, Donald (UITS Audio Engineer: Recorder) --

-------[via Randy Newbrough (UITS)];

Present--: Rooney, Patrick (IUPU Columbus);

Present--: Sullivan, Cheryl (Vice-Chancellor for External Affairs);

Present--: Williamson, Gail (Dentistry).


Agenda Item I. Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)!

Brandishing Judge Galanti's gavel, Vice-President Paul Galanti (his son) called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m., and welcomed both new and returning members to the first faculty council meeting of the 1998/99 academic year, a "producti ve" one it was hoped. Galanti reminded members to please identify themselves and their school or unit before speaking, and urged everyone to please arrange for an alternate if their attendance was not possible, so that meetings would constitute a quorum. He also noted that absences are noted in the Faculty Council minutes.

Agenda Item II. Memorial Resolution for Stephen A. Heifetz, M.D., Professor, School of Medicine, for Robert B. Forney, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, School of Medicine, and for William P. Fisher, M.D., Emeritus Professor, School of Medicine (see atta chments1-3) (IUPUI Circulars 98-24, 98-25, and 98-26).

Galanti called for everyone to stand and observe a moment of silence.

Agenda Item III. Approval of Minutes for May 7, 1998 (see attachment4).

A motion was made and seconded to approve the May 7, 1998 minutes, with two changes on page 4: "its" was replaced by "this" on line 5, and "policy would be merely intermediary" was replaced by "policy's sanctions would only be intermediate (not inc luding dismissal)" on lines 8-9. Motion carried. After a bit of discussion, it was moved and seconded that the Minutes for January 15, February 5, and March 5 of 1998, which had been campusmailed two days earlier, and which were available at the meeting, be approved. Motion carried. The four sets of approved minutes will be posted on the new Faculty Council Homepage Website at http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil.

Agenda Item IV. Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President).

Recalling a great academic year last year, Chancellor Bepko looked forward to another this year. He announced and introduced some new appointments: Kimberly Quaid (Director of the Office for Women), Susan Kahn (Director of PEW), Herman Saatkamp (Libera l Arts Dean), and Valerie Eickmeier (Interim Dean for Herron Art). The council acknowledged them with applause.

An update on the new childcare facility was given. The topic has been talked about for many years and updates were given at every FC meeting last academic year. Progress has been slow this year due to bureaucratic complexity, and the administration rema ined embarrassed at the delay. An architect has been hired, the preliminary design is finished, bids will soon go out, and construction will begin during the spring of 1999 (it is hoped). One problem that slowed things up was that the architect concluded the originally designated land was not big enough.

Second, Bepko reported on academic reviews. Lillian Charleston's is finished. Copies of the summary of the report were distributed. Four others remain pending: Norman Lefstein (chaired by Jeffrey Grove), Mark Grove (chaired by Nasser Paydar), Angela Mc Bride (chaired by David Stocum), and Trudy Banta (chaired by Lawrence Goldblatt). All are to be finished early in the spring term. With that, reviews will be up to date, so a year will be skipped.

Third, regarding 18/20 issues, monies are paid from the general fund and not an endowed fund. It will be necessary to allocate more and more money until it peaks about the year 2011. By 2015 eligible participants will be gone for the most part and then IU will experience a windfall of money. The committee formed under IU Vice-President Judith Palmer proposes three alternatives: 1) lower benefits for retirement plans for future new employees from 14-15% to 10%; 2) encourage people to not retire but work through the final five years with a 20% pay increase; or 3) tax academic units at 20% and hire new people at 80%. A possible fourth alternative would be to borrow the money from ourselves and pay it back out of future income, and hope that we won't have a problem paying then.

Spechler suggested another approach which would avoid double-dipping from State funds, which is forbidden under 18/20. It would require legal ingenuity to pass Federal scrutiny. Faculty who retire early could continue using University facilities to carry out their grant research, but the overheads would be channeled through an independent, non-for-profit entity to the University as rent.

Bepko suggested the proposal be studied. It might possibly produce money. It is also possible that IU will need to orchestrate several strategies so as not to endanger academic programs.

Warfel mentioned another possibility: offering money as an incentive for 18-20 faculty to leave even earlier.

Bepko concluded this section on the note that we'll be hearing more on this.

Bepko then moved to the news that there were gifts to the campus of $28 million during 1997/98, a 50% increase. This shows a new level of private support. Also research income for 1997/98 was up to more than $135 million. He reported reading from the o n-line version of the Chronicle for Higher Education that health funding is going to be increased 14% over one year, which amounts to a $2 billion increase, or a 100% increase over several years. Also, July of 1998 was the best month for grants ever with $31 million. If we extrapolate from that one month to the year we see IUPUI approaching the level of Johns Hopkins University.

Also, enrollments are up to record levels with 27,821 heads and 375,000+ credit hours (up nearly 3%). Parking is even more difficult than usual but it will settle out. There are more people attending full-time (52%) and one-half of all new people are f reshmen between 18-20 (up 9%). The average age for an IUPUI student is now 27. The number enrolled as non-degree graduate students is up. Ethnic groups are up (except American Indian). The biggest jump is foreign students at 637 (or 12.3%). Minority students account for 14% with the African-American percentage rising from 9.9 to 10.1. Our goals for minority enrollment are being reached.

Finally, IU President Myles Brand will be returning to IUPUI for his State of the University speech this year (September 8 at 2:30 in the Conference Center Auditorium). Topics will include distributed or distance education, general education, and tenur e.

Along with a speech by Secretary of Education Riley, on October 2 at 11 am, University College will be dedicated. This will be the first time a Secretary of Education has spoken at IUPUI.

Last, but best, seeing the envy in the eyes of the members at the sight of the Jaguar T-shirts worn by those at the front, the Chancellor called upon Vice-Chancellor Cheryl Sullivan to distribute to everyone a Jaguar T-shirt.

Agenda Item V. President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary).

Commenting on the oddness of now being at the end of the table instead of the middle, President Porter wondered aloud at what would come next in this new tradition of IUPUI Starship T-shirts, University College Caps, and now Jaguar T-shirts. Bepko wondered aloud that the same explanation regarding childcare would recur. She also reported on several other items.

The changes to the Constitution approved last May at the FC were approved by the faculty body over the summer and are now in effect.

She outlined a long list of business items to accomplish during the 1998/99 academic year, a list that will be finalized in meetings of the Executive Committee with the Standing Committee Chairs (Sep 10) and then with the Faculty Governance Leaders (Se p 16).

Regarding the UFC this year, nontenure-track faculty will be considered as to defining the problem, long term contracts, salary issues, and appointments and dismissals. Since both IUB and IUPUI last year passed post-tenure review policies, the UFC wil l need to consider whether a common set of principles will be necessary, and whether there are any inconsistencies between the two. The reappointment policies in the IU Academic Handbook (page 59, item 4d, and page 60, item 4h) will need to be interpreted as to in tent. When the UFC Agenda Committee met with the UFC Co-Chairs (Aug 25), a discrepancy regarding Promotion and Tenure was noticed among the campuses, an inconsistent practice involving the notification of individuals of decisions at each level as the dos sier progresses. Last, discussion of and action on items related to distance learning and distributed education will continue.

At the University Level, there will be coming discussions on the ongoing evolution of the 18/20 Task Force, and on the President's Committee on Scholarly Communication, a committee convened by President Brand to resolve the problem of too many journals to acquire at too high a cost.

The policy on IUPUI Faculty/Librarian Review and Enhancement (approved FC980507) will need to be implemented, and it will be necessary for schools to define certain terms like "chronic unproductivity."

The Faculty Affairs Committee will work at the development of a Policy on Transfer, Merger, Elimination, and Discontinuance of Programs.

Due to the adoption of the IU Athletics Policy last year, changes will need to be implemented. A new committee structure has been put in place. Our old Athletic Affairs Standing Committee and the old Chancellor's Athletics Advisory Committee have been merged into a joint academic/administrative committee, the IUPUI Athletics Committee, and it has drafted guidelines.

The Honors Program Proposal will host a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, September 10, at 3:30 in the University Library Auditorium. They hope to upgrade and revise the proposal so as to make it shine.

The reorganization of the campus interrelations and student affairs offices will continue.

TERA will need to be reviewed during the spring semester and input will be requested.

President Porter completed her report with the expectation of a busy year but also with the hope that faculty governance will remain an efficient way of facilitating discussion and moving to effect resolution.

Agenda Item VI. Sexual Harassment Leadership Orientation Program: Gail Williamson (Chair of the Sexual Harassment Working Group for the Commission on Women) [INFORMATION ITEM].

Gail Williamson shared some information with the council regarding their program on sexual harassment leadership. Invitations for the program were sent from the Commission on Women to all deans, directors, and chairs. Their goal is to increase a wareness of sexual harassment and how to handle such issues in a university setting. The program is presented jointly by the commission, Human Resources Administration, and the Affirmative Action Office. Anyone wanting to schedule the program should conta ct Betty Wolf at 278-3600. Brochures were distributed. The work will continue next with staff and then students, having now completed administration and faculty. They look forward to organizing a program at other schools and to solving problems.

Agenda Item VII. [1 of 2]"OnCourse" Presentation: Garland Elmore [INFORMATION ITEM].

First, using overheads, and distributing a booklet, "Information Technology Strategic Plan: Architecture for the 21st Century (May 1998)," IU Associate Vice-President and IUPUI Information Technology Dean Garland Elmore presented an overview of the university wide effort to implement a s trategic plan five years into the future, a plan whose primary goal is to advance the university's mission. The plan lists 68 action items, not all of which can be funded, meaning hard decisions will be necessary. He invited the council members to read th e plan and send comments or questions to himself or Michael McRobbie (IU Vice-President for Information Technology), and closed saying he would be delighted to come back for a discussion.

Last, Elmore introduced OnCourse, a possible university wide canopy for distributed learning. It's goal is to make web authoring simple and intuitive using simple word processing skills with no coding necessary. It is not a commercial competitive produ ct. Faculty and students will be able to set profiles which will determine what appears when they log in. Pictures of students could be available to the professor before the first class. It is an evolving application and is not intended to compete with othe r web authoring tools. He distributed a guide which listed the URL (http://oncourse.iupui.edu/). A tutorial program is included. He requested comments or thoughts on its potential be sent to him (elmore@iupui.edu), invited everyone to visit the WebLab (ET 015A), or to stop by at the reception (following this meeting) for a demonstration.

Responding to a comment from J.Keck, Elmore described OnCourse as providing an online context for teaching. One can use the built in web authoring program or their own. The great advantage is that it offers one uniform front end.

Agenda Item VII [2 of 2]"Salary Equity Study update," Paul Carlin [INFORMATION ITEM].

Paul Carlin reported that he had given the council updates in September of 1997 and May of 1998, but that his updates are not to be compared with those concerning childcare. [laughter] The final report will be ready in a couple of weeks. No basic c hanges have occurred since his May 1998 report. The study is entering its remediation phase where statistical models are used to predict salaries for a particular faculty member within a particular confidence level band. One conclu sion is that there is a significant gap between male and female but not between minorities and non-minorities.

Warfel reminded the council that this was the first phase and did not include the Medical School, and asked the Chancellor if the university is committed to another study that will include it.

Chancellor Bepko responded that it is an open question. Probably not, but there is a plan to study all employees, with professional staff next, and then clerical staff. He pointed out that deans and executives at the administrative level were also not included in the study. He stated that it is necessary to be very careful with the Medical School at this time due to Clarian, and that it would be wise to leave the Medical School faculty alone for now.

Warfel rejoined that they are university faculty and that fairness is necessary.

In response to Rothe's question about other faculty categories, Carlin stated that scientists, lecturers, and librarians were included in the study.

Agenda Item VIII. Presentation of Slate for Election in October to Promotion and Tenure Committee: Karen West (Chair of Nominating Committee) [INFORMATION ITEM].

It was realized after the agenda was distributed that this need not happen until September of 1999.

Agenda Items IX. Question / Answer Period.

Spechler spoke of a document on the objectives of the campus, a document that was used to select SDI (Strategic Directives Initiative) proposals for funding, and asked when the council would be given the opportunity to see it.

Porter responded that it will be coming before the Planning Committee and that she will announce when at the next meeting.

Bepko responded that all such documents have been distributed and comments solicited. The administration does not have anything the council has not been privy to. After a bit more discussion, he then closed by also introducing Rebecca VanVoorhis in her new role as the Assistant Director to the Office for Women.

Agenda Items X-XII. Unfinished Business, New Business, & Adjournment.

Seeing there was no unfinished or new business, Vice-President Galanti adjourned the meeting at 5:00 and directed the group to a reception held at the School of Dentistry Cafeteria.


Attachments: Agenda for September 3, 1998 Faculty Council Meeting.

[Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,

UN 403, 274-2215(Fax 274-2970), fcouncil@iupui.edu : http ://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil ]

[Attachment for FC980903 Minutes]

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Meeting: Thursday, September 3, 1998

Dental School Building, Room S115 (DS 115): 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.


I. Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)!

II. Memorial Resolution for Stephen A. Heifetz, M.D., Professor, School of Medicine, for Robert B. Forney, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, School of Medicine, and for William P. Fisher, M.D., Emeritus Professor, School of Medici ne (see attachments1-3) (IUPUI Circulars 98-24, 98-25, and 98-26).

III. Approval of Minutes for May 7, 1998 (see attachment4).

IV. Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President).

V. President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary).

VI. Sexual Harassment Leadership Orientation Program: Gail Williamson (Chair of the Sexual Harassment Working Group for the Commission on Women) [INFORMATION ITEM].

VII. "OnCourse" Presentation: Garland Elmore [INFORMATION ITEM].

VII. "Salary Equity Study update," Paul Carlin [INFORMATION ITEM].

VIII. Presentation of Slate for Election in October to Promotion and Tenure Committee: Karen West (Chair of Nominating Committee) [INFORMATION ITEM].

IX. Question / Answer Period.

X. Unfinished Business?

XI. New Business?

XII. Adjournment.


Immediately following the Faculty Council Meeting the annual reception for Faculty members will be held. Location of this reception will be announced at the meeting.




1(IUPUI Circular 98-24) Memorial Resolution for Stephen A. Heifetz;

2(IUPUI Circular 98-25) Memorial Resolution for Robert B. Forney;

3(IUPUI Circular 98-26) Memorial Resolution for William P. Fisher;

4Unapproved FC Minutes for May 7, 1998 (synoptic);

5Lists of Members and Meetings for 1998/99.

Next Faculty Council Meeting: October 1, 1998!

[Agenda Prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,

UN 403, 317-274-2215 (fax 4-2970), fcouncil@iupui.edu : http://www.iupui.edu/~ fcouncil]