Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes

December 4, 1997

School of Dentistry, Room 115

3:30 - 4:00 p.m.

Attendance Record:

I. Voting Members (104)

Absent---: Allen, Stephen (Elected: Medicine 6/99)

Present--: Atkinson, Simon (Elected: Medicine 6/99)

Absent---: Bailey, Darrell (Ex Officio: Dean of New Media)

Present--: Baldwin, James (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Present--: Banta, Trudy (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Chancellor's Admin. designee)

Present--: Barlow, John (Ex Officio: Dean of Liberal Arts)

Present--: Barnes, A. James (Ex Officio: Dean of Public & Environmental Affairs)

Present--: Belcher, Anne (Elected: Nursing 6/99)

Present--: Bepko, Gerald (Ex Officio: Officer: Chancellor of IUPUI.)

Present--: Besch, Henry (Elected: Medicine 6/99)

Alternate: Bippen, Paul (Ex Officio: Dean of IUPU Columbus)

------[via Patrick Rooney (IUPUI Administration Special Assistant)]

Absent---: Bjork, Ulf Jonas (Elected: Journalism 6/99)

Absent---: Blomquist, William (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/98)

Absent---: Broadie, Thomas (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99)

Present--: Brothers, Linda (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Brown, Trevor (Ex Officio: Dean of Journalism)

Absent---: Burr, David (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Present--: Canty-Mitchell, Janie (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Chernoff, Ellen (Elected: Science 6/99)

Absent---: Cobb, Karen (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99)

Absent---: Cochran, Michael (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/98)

Absent---: Cronin, Blaise (Ex Officio: Dean of Library & Information Science) (Bloomington)

Present--: Crowell, Dring (Elected: Science 6/99)

Present--: Dalsing, Michael (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Dalton, Dan (Ex Officio: Dean of Business)

Absent---: DeSchepper, Edward (Elected: Dentistry 6/98)

Notice---: Dickerson-Putman, Jeanette (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/98)

Present--: DiMicco, Joseph (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Dunning, Jeremy (Ex Officio: Dean of Continuing Studies) (Bloomington)

Absent---: Eble, John (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Alternate: Eckerman, Nancy (Elected: Medicine 6/98)

------[via Rick Ralston (Medicine)]

Absent---: Evenbeck, Scott (Ex Officio: Dean of University College)

Absent---: Faris, James V. (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Fineberg, Naomi (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Fineberg, S. Edwin (Elected: At Large 6/98. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/98)

Present--: Fisher, Mary (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Ford, David (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Present--: Fore, Julie (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Alternate: Fredland, Richard (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/98)

------[via Rebecca Porter (Allied Health Sciences)]

Present--: Froehlich, Janice (Elected: Medicine 6/98)

Present--: Galanti, Paul (Elected: Law 6/98. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99))

Alternate: Gardner, Carol (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/99)

------[via Suzanne K. Steinmetz (Liberal Arts)]

Absent---: Gilman, Linda (Elected: Nursing 6/99)

Present--: Goldblatt, Lawrence (Ex Officio: Dean of Dentistry)

Alternate: Greene, Roberta (Ex Officio: Dean of Social Work)

------[via J. M. Kapoor (Social Work)]

Present--: Gregory, Richard (Elected: Dentistry 6/98)

Absent---: Hall, Robert (Elected: Science 6/98)

Present--: Hamant, Celestine (Elected: Allied Health Sciences 6/99)

Absent---: Hart, Stuart (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/98)

Absent---: Hawley, Dean (Elected: Medicine 6/98)

Alternate: Holden, Robert (Ex Officio: Dean of Medicine)

------[via Meredith Hull (Medicine)]

Present--: Hook, Sara (Elected: At Large 6/98. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/98)

Present--: Hoyt, Dolores (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/98)

Present--: Jafari, Maymanat (Elected: University Libraries 6/99)

Present--: Jones, Elizabeth (Elected: Physical Education 6/98)

Absent---: Karlson, Henry (Elected: At Large 6/98. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/98)

Present--: Keck, Juanita (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99)

Present--: Keck, Robert (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Keffer, M. Jan (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99)

Present--: Kellum, P. Nicholas (Ex Officio: Dean of Physical Education)

Absent---: Leapman, Stephen (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Lefstein, Norman (Ex Officio: Dean of Law)

Notice---: Luerssen, Thomas (Elected: Medicine 6/98)

Absent---: Man, Joyce Yan-Yun (Elected: Public & Environmental Affairs 6/98)

Present--: Mannheimer, Steven (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/98)

Present--: Mannix, Edward (Elected: Medicine 6/99)

Alternate: McBride, Angela (Ex Officio: Dean of Nursing)

------[via Shirley Ross (Nursing)]

Absent---: Modibo, Najja (Elected: Continuing Studies 6/98)

Absent---: Ng, Bart (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/98)

Present--: Olson, Byron (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Parsons, Michael (Elected: Education 6/98)

Present--: Peters, G. David (Elected: Music 6/98)

Present--: Peterson, Richard (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/98)

Present--: Plater, William (Ex Officio: Chancellor's Administrative Designee)

Absent---: Pless, John (Elected: Medicine 6/99)

Notice---: Porter, Rebecca (Elected Officer: Vice President 6/98. Ex Officio: UFC Rep. 6/98)

Absent---: Porterfield, Amanda (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Present--: Powers, Gerald (Elected: At Large 6/98. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99)

Absent---: Rescorla, Frederick (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Rizkalla, Maher (Elected: Engineering & Technology 6/98)

Present--: Robertson, Jean (Elected: Herron 6/99)

Present--: Rogers, Richard (Elected: Business 6/99)

Present--: Ross, Beverly (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Present--: Rothe, Carl (Elected: Med 6/99. Ex Off: Exec C. 6/99, & UFC Rep 6/99)

Present--: Schneider, William (Elected Officer: President 6/98. Elected: At Large 6/98.)

Absent---: Shay, Robert (Ex Officio: Dean of Herron)

Absent---: Sothmann, Mark S. (Ex Officio: Dean of Allied Health Sciences)

Absent---: Spechler, Martin (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Stocum, David (Ex Officio: Dean of Science)

Present--: Sutton, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Present--: Svanum, Soren (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Tarver, Robert (Elected: Medicine 6/99)

Alternate: Tompkins, Philip (Ex Officio: Director of University Libraries)

------[via Dolores Hoyt (University Libraries)]

Absent---: Vermette, Rosalie (Elected: At Large 6/99. Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/99)

Present--: Vessely, Jeffery (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Present--: Wagner, Marion (Elected: Social Work 6/99. Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/99)

Present--: Warfel, Kathleen (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Warren, Donald (Ex Officio: Dean of Education)

Absent---: Watt, Jeffrey (Elected: At Large 6/98)

Absent---: Webb, Charles (Ex Officio: Dean of Music) (Bloomington)

Present--: Webb, Dorothy (Elected: At Large 6/99)

Absent---: Weetman, Robert (Elected: Medicine 6/98)

Present--: West, Karen (Elected: Medicine 6/98)

Alternate: Wilkins, Harriet (Appointed Officer: Parliamentarian 6/98. Elected: At Large 6/98)

------[via Carl Rothe (Medicine)]

Absent---: Yokomoto, Charles (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/98)

Present--: Yurtseven, H. Oner (Ex Officio: Dean of Engineering & Technology)

II. Non-Voting Members (3)

Absent---: Phillabaum, Melinda (Ex Officio: Staff Council President)

Absent---: Barlay, Thua (Ex Officio: Student Assembly President)

Absent---: Yovits, Marshall (Ex Officio: Senior Academy President)

III. Guests/Visitors/Others (non-voting)

Present--: Bartlow, J. Douglas (UITS Audio Engineer: Recorder)

Present--: Boschmann, Erwin (Faculty Development Office; Science)

Present--: Crews, Kenny (Law, SLIS, Copyright Office)

Present--: Elmore, Garland (University Information Technology Services)

Present--: Frisby, David (Faculty Council Coordinator)

Present--: Gray, Ralph (Liberal Arts)

Present--: Grove, Mark (Registrar)

Present--: Hamilton, Sharon (Liberal Arts)

Present--: Johnson, James (Economic Model Office)

Present--: Manlove, Kim (Academic and Faculty Records)

Present--: Martin, Robert (Vice Chancellor of Administration & Finance)

Present--: Nehf, Laura (?) (Visitor?)

Present--: Plater, Gail (IU Foundation)

Present--: Rand, Leon (IUPUI Administration)

Present--: Ryan, Robert L. (?) (Visitor?)

Present--: Sullivan, Cheryl (Vice Chancellor for External Affairs)


Agenda Item I: Call to Order

Schneider: Iím calling this meeting of the IUPUI Faculty Council to order. I am not Becky Porter, in case you didnít notice. She had to be out of town today and left strict orders just what to do. I got the approval of the Executive Committee th at as President I could sit in for her. I certainly canít replace her, but I told her when she comes back in January she will be greatly appreciated. This is an unusual meeting in another respect, mainly it is a short Faculty Council meeting prior to the Chancellorís "State of the Campus" address which will begin at 4:00. I want to make one comment about the agenda. You may have noticed that we tried this time to distribute it electronically as well as by paper. And the intention of the Executiv e Committee is eventually to move to electronic distribution of the agenda and attachments by email and or by the WEB. Iím curious if you could show me by hands how many people got the agenda electronically. Who did not get the agenda electronically or is incapable of doing that? Okay. We need to know that. Please tell David Frisby, whoíll be working the bugs out and trying to figure out the least painful way to phase this in, of course with your approval.

Agenda Item II: Administrative Report

Schneider: The second item on the agenda is an administrative report from Chancellor Bepko. It will be brief, because he says he has some things to tell you much later. So, Chancellor.

Bepko: I want to update you on two matters and Bob Martin will do that. Bob.

Martin: Thank you, Jerry. One was to give an update on where we are in regards to the child care center. I think I reported last time that we were completing what we called the economic analysis for the child care center which would lead to the development of the program statement. We have completed that and weíre awaiting the final draft of the program statement, which is really just an expression, a written expression of what it is that weíd like to do. That will be done in the next two weeks. That will be forwarded to the University Architectís office. And at the same time weíre in the process now of compiling a list of potential architects for the child care center and that selection will be made in January. The process after that will then of course be the architect sitting down with the working team and beginning to design the child care center. So, thatís where we are with respect to that.

The other item that the Chancellor asked me to report on was the unfortunate drowning incident that occurred in October, the latter part of October at the Natatorium--kind of where we were with respect to our review of that. The one report that has bee n completed and filed is just the police report. We have that. What we are waiting on is the coronerís report, the internal Risk Management report, and a report from a firm called Ellison and Associates. They are worldwide lifeguard status consultants. Th eir office is located in Ft. Lauderdale and Houston. We have employed them before and they have been employed this time to come in and review our lifeguard standards, review our process to assure that we ourselves have done everything correctly. All of th ose reports are to be filed within December. So, Iíll know a little bit more about a month from now. The preliminary report is I feel comfortable that weíve done everything that we shouldíve done, that our lifeguards were properly certified, and we had th e proper number there. It is unfortunate that we had an incident like this to investigate, but we will continue to investigate it.

Agenda Item IV: Report of Administrative Reviews

Bepko: If there are any questions, Iím sure Bob would be happy to respond? If not, as you have already discovered, there are copies of three of the administrative review summariess available in the back of the room: the administrative review for th e office of the Associate Dean of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Mark Rosentraub; the review of the office of then Associate Vice-Chancellor of Graduate Education, the Director of the Undergraduate Education Center, now Dean of University College, Scott Evenbeck; and the review of the Office of Executive Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Faculties, Bill Plater. You can read these summaries for yourself. Iíd like to just take a moment to read the last paragraph of the review for Bill Plater, whi ch Iím very proud of in terms of the work that Bill has done. And the paragraph is a summary. It says, "The committee concluded that the overwhelming character of the testimony gathered finds the Executive Vice-Chancellor to be an impressive champion of the university and an administrator whose loyalty, dedication, and talents have served the campus well. The committee agrees that he has real stature as a most extraordinary university administrator, one of the best to be found in the United States, a nd that IUPUI is fortunate to have Dr. Plater here in office." Oh, yes. To repeat what we have explained before and whatís in the policy on these administrative reviews, the policy is to have the report of the committee itself be confidential and mad e available only to the university administration. We have developed a practice of then writing a summary of that full report and making the summary available to the relevant constituent groups. In preparing that summary, we provide a draft of the summary memorandum to the Chair of the Review Committee and also to the President and the Vice-President of the Faculty Council, and to the incumbent. And we also give each of those persons a copy of the original report in confidence so that they have both the o riginal report and our draft of the summary. The persons that Iíve mentioned all review the draft summary to make sure itís faithful to the full text of the report, so that these summaries that youíre reading are not just a product of some process that ma y skew the summary in some way. Theyíve been reviewed by several persons to make sure theyíre faithful to the original report. Not that any of you would be cynical in the least. But we do those extra things to make sure that everyone has complete confiden ce in the final documents that are distributed.

Agenda Item III: Presidentís Report

Schneider: Okay. Weíve gotten a little bit out of order on the agenda, but weíll come back later to a question and answer period after the president's report. And I wonít change chairs. I have a couple of things mostly to warn you about and report on. First is to report on an action by the Executive Committee to replace Bill Orme who has resigned from the Executive Committee. Following procedures of going back to the most recent election of the Executive Committee members, we have found and got the agreement of Steve Mannheimer to serve out the rest of the term of Bill Orme. Steve is here taking his place as an ex officio member of the Faculty Council. So, our thanks to him. A couple of matters coming up have to do with elections. The prefer ence sheets that you have all filled out have come back in and will be the basis for drawing up some slates. I want to thank you all for it. Remember that weíre doing this twice, a new policy this year. The first round had to do with preferences, primaril y for the Boards of Review and Mediation Committee. And thereíll be another request coming around in a couple of months. On Monday there will be a roster sent around that concerns nominations for IUPUI Faculty Council at-large elections, so that a slate c an be drawn up in January to be sent out for voting. And faculty governance leaders in each of the schools will also be notified that theyíre to hold elections for unit representatives to the IUPUI Faculty Council as well as nominations for UFC representa tives.

As far as the next meeting of the Faculty Council in January, it will be January 15th, not January 8th as you might be expecting. The reason for this is that school doesnít start until the 11th , and we thought it might be a little difficult to hold a meeting before school started. Make a note of that now, but of course youíll be advised of that both electronically and by paper. Weíre going to have a fairly full agenda, mostly housekeeping matters. In addition to the el ections for Boards of Review and Mediation Committees, weíll have a report on the next step in the NCAA division I change where it will be conducting a self-study. As part of that, we may have a policy on faculty governance of NCAA Division I Athletics th at is being finalized at the university level. I also believe that weíll probably have a policy on sexual harassment. We may have a policy for search and screen committees for campus administrators as well. Most of these will be by way of trying to get th is business done before the February and March meetings which will take up the more substantive matters that weíve preliminarily discussed, especially the question of faculty review and enhancement and some policies on non-tenure track faculty which have been around for a while. At the last meeting of the UFC the policy was passed that you amended here on Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials for Research and Teaching. That passed unanimously at the University Faculty Council. It was sent to the Trustees and as soon as tomorrow they may in fact act on it to make it University policy.

Speaking of the Trustees, the meeting of the Trustees is at IUPUI beginning this evening at nine. Business meetings will be tomorrow. One item of interest to you perhaps is there will be a presentation by the Medical School at 10:00 tomorrow at Univers ity Place Conference Center. I believe itís called the Policy Seminar. And then thereíll be the regular business meeting of the Trustees at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. Those are open to the public and youíre invited to attend. That concludes my report from t he President.

Agenda Item V: Question and Answer Period

Schneider: Now is the question and answer period. Are there any questions? Any answers?

Bepko: How would you like "Jeopardy"? Give the answer and then state the question.

Schneider: Iím advised by the parliamentarian that it might be in order to have a motion that we have received the reports of the summaries of three administrative reviews. Does it please the group to make such a motion? [Besch] Okay is there a second? [Keck] Okay. Itís been moved and seconded that we have received these summaries. Any discussion? All in favor say aye? All opposed? Okay.

Bepko: Apropos of the issue of summaries of the administrative reviews. I thought I should mention that the administrative review of Lillian Charleston, Affirmative Action Officer, is still not finished. Thatís owing to the fact that the Chair o f the Administrative Review Committee, Barbara Fischler, had surgery this fall, which delayed the process, but Iím optimistic that weíll have that report soon enough to have the summary for the January meeting of the Faculty Council.

Schneider: Okay, last chance for questions and answers.

Bepko: I have a question that I had before. Are we into that? People asked about the menís basketball team and the game that they played the other night at Miami of Ohio, which is a notable Division I school. As you probably read in the paper, t hey lost the game. It was a pretty lop-sided loss, but there were a number of IUPUI fans there who could report better than I, but during the first moments of the game IUPUI was ahead by about 10 points. And it sent shock waves through the Miami fans. But the eventual outcome was fairly lop-sided in favor of Miami. The question was also asked about: Are there tickets yet for the Butler game on December 10th. The menís basketball team plays Butler, and yes there are tickets and you can call the Alumni Office, I think, here on campus if youíre interested. And finally just a footnote. We were told the other day that the menís basketball team will play Georgetown next year, which is really notable. And I wouldnít bet on IUPUI in that game, but itís exciting to see that kind of opponent being booked by our menís basketball team. The womenís basketball team is having similar invitations from major universities and is doing very well. Those are the two featured sports of the IUPUI intercollegiate athl etic program. Hope youíll make an effort to come to the Butler game.

Schneider: Okay. I think the Chancellor should wager the Chancellor of Georgetown. Weíll have to think of an appropriate thing that we produce and an appropriate thing that they produce next year for Georgetown. [Laughter]

Agenda Item IX: Unfinished Business

Agenda Item X: New Business

Schneider: Alright, moving on to the next item. Is there any unfinished business to come before the body? Is there any new business? Then a motion for adjournment is in order.

Bepko: Can I ask Dean Yurtseven to mention something? We talk a lot about intercampus collaboration. And Iíll help say a word about that too, but there was a very important grant that was received from the Whittaker Foundation to support biomedi cal engineering at West Lafayette and here in Indianapolis, and that may be something that would be of interest for others to hear about.

Yurtseven: I assume that most of you know about the Biomedical Engineering Program which is run by a coalition of Purdue University at West Lafayette and the schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Science, and Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. The j oint proposal sent to the Whittaker Foundation was one of 42 submitted proposals, and only 7 were funded. Our BME coalition received a funding of close to $1 million for three years. This gives us an opportunity to compete in the future for one of the Bio medical Engineering Center grants from Whittaker Foundation, a possible funding of $6 million.

Agenda Item XI: Adjournment

Schneider: Any other news? Okay, then weíll turn back to the matter of adjournment. Is there a motion for adjournment? [Besch.]. Ok, all we need is a second. Itís seconded. [Powers.] Before we adjourn let me tell you whatís going to happen. This me eting will adjourn and then we will reassemble it at 4:00 for the State of Campus address. So, keep that in mind. I see people outside ready to come in. All in favor of adjourning say aye. All opposed. We stand adjourned (3:55 p.m.).


Attachment: Agenda for the December 4, 1997 Faculty Council Meeting.

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Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Meeting

School of Dentistry, Room 115

December 4, 1997

3:30 - 4:00 p.m.


I Call to Order: Promptly at 3:30!

II Administrative Report: Chancellor Gerald L. Bepko

III President's Report: William Schneider

IV Report of Completed Administrative Reviews on Associate Dean Mark Rosentraub,

Dean Scott Evenbeck, and Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties William Plater

V Question / Answer Period

IX Unfinished Business

X New Business

XI Adjournment

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Meeting

School of Dentistry, Room S115

December 4, 1997

4:00 p.m.

I Call to Order

II State of the Campus Address

III Adjournment