IFC 9/4/07 Minutes

Approved 10/2/07


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes (“IFC”): September 4, 2007

Wynne Courtroom of Inlow Hall: 3:00  – 5:00 pm


Original agenda follow adjournment as attachments.



Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Rosalie Vermette (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President, 4.0064). 

Vermette called the meeting to order at 3:00pm. 



Agenda Item II: Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.

The order of business for the day was adopted.



Agenda Item III: [ACTION ITEM] Memorial Resolution for Elaine Alton, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics-Education.

The IFC adopted the resolution and stood for a moment of silence.



Agenda Item IV: [ACTION ITEM] Memorial Resolution for J. Conrad Crown, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics.

The IFC adopted the resolution and stood for a moment of silence.



Agenda Item V: [ACTION ITEM] IFC 5/1/07 Minutes.

Hearing no objections, the IFC May 1, 2007 minutes stood as written and were entered into record.


These minutes are available to view online at http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/5-1-07_summary.htm



Agenda Item VI: [FIRST READING] Slate of Nominees for At-Large Representative to the Promotion and Tenure Committee [for Election at 10/2/07 IFC meeting]: Jacqueline Blackwell (Chair – Nominating, jblackwe@iupui.edu). 

Vermette (reporting for Nominating Committee Chair Jacqueline Blackwell) announced the slate of candidates for election at-large to the IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Committee for the 2007-10 terms:


The election will be held at the October 2nd IFC meeting.  “The individual receiving the most votes will serve until November 30, 2010 as one of three IFC-elected At-Large members of the Promotion & Tenure Committee.  Other At-Large Members currently serving are Patrick Rooney (serves through 11/30/2009) - Center on Philanthropy and Richard Meiss (serving through 11/30/2008) – Medicine.”


Kimberly Applegate, Tenured Professor - School of Medicine

Bonnie Blazer-Yost, Tenured Professor - School of Science

Bruce Matis, Tenured Professor - School of Dentistry

Richard Nickolson, Tenured Professor - Herron School of Art

William Orme, Tenured Librarian - University Librarian

Armando Soto, Tenure Professor - School of Dentistry

Edward F. Srour, Tenured Professor - School of Medicine

Charles Turner, Tenured Professor - School of Engineering & Technology



Agenda Item VII: OnCourse Update: Garland Elmore (Associate Vice President for Teaching & Learning Information Technologies / Dean for Information Technology), Anastasia Morrone (Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning Information Technologies), & Barry Walsh (Associate Vice President for Enterprise Software).

Elmore, Morrone, and Walsh gave an update and received questions on the status of the full migration to OnCourse CL.  See http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/oclupdate.pdf or read below:


Oncourse Status Update

September 4, 2007


What was done to prepare for the fall semester?


Preparation for the full migration to Oncourse CL has been underway for three years. During

this period, UITS provided faculty with the option to continue using original Oncourse. 

Supporting both course management systems gave faculty a choice of which system to use and

also provided the opportunity for continued development of Oncourse CL to meet and in many

cases exceed the functionality that was available in original Oncourse. These development

priorities, which were endorsed by the Oncourse Priorities Committee, were completed this



The development team conducted load testing of the Oncourse CL system late spring and

throughout the summer and made several adjustments based on the results of that testing.

The number of servers needed was estimated based on historical use of Original Oncourse and

Oncourse CL. 


What caused the slow response times?


There were two separate and unrelated problems on the first days of classes at IUPUI that

resulted in slow performance that UITS was able to quickly identify and address without any

further problems.


On Monday, August 28 at approximately 11 a.m., many users experienced very slow response

times due to extremely high usage resulting from semester startup across IU.  Our load testing

did not reveal nor adequately predict the bottleneck that resulted from the complex usage of

tools in Oncourse CL, and there had been no indication of this particular bottleneck in the

prior year’s or summer’s use.


The bottleneck was not in the Oncourse CL software or the Oracle database but rather, it was

the software that manages the communication between Oncourse and Oracle along with the

need to tune system administration parameters.  Neither the Oncourse application servers nor

the Oracle database servers were running even close to capacity.


This bottleneck was very serious and substantially interfered with essential course

communications, especially in online courses. Faculty were still able to reach students via

email using the Oncourse CL email archive listserv capability.


How did UITS respond?


A team of hardware and software experts in UITS was immediately assembled to analyze and

solve the problem. The team worked around the clock until the system was stabilized on

Tuesday evening, resulting in marked speed improvements that continue to be better than at

any time during the prior years – even during the full load of Wednesday and Thursday. The

team changed the middleware software that we had been using to a new package to manage

the communication between Oncourse and the database. The System Administrators switched

off Oracle’s automatic and highly conservative memory management to a more optimized

configuration. The hardware and software adjustments were carefully balanced to achieve

the optimal combination of settings necessary to support very heavy and complex usage




Communication with users included correspondence with IUPUI Deans, the Oncourse

Administrators list, Oncourse Priorities Committee, three faculty council technology

committee chairs, and individual faculty, schools, and departments. IT Notices and the

Oncourse CL Message of the Day was also used to provide updated information.


Plans going forward:


1. UITS will involve faculty from the IUPUI Faculty Council Technology Committee, IUPUI

Faculty Council Distance Education Committee, Oncourse Priorities Committee, and

Bloomington Faculty Council Technology Policy Committee in completing an After

Action Report.


2. UITS technical staff will continue to tune and refine the overall system and several

specific Oncourse tools that have been identified for such improvement.


3. Continued load testing will be done, anticipating the next peak periods that will occur

during mid term and at semester end. This is critical because faculty and students’

usage patterns will change as they use new and different tools that they may not have

used early in the semester.


4. The IU Associate Dean for Learning Technologies (Stacy Morrone), who also chairs the

Oncourse Priorities Committee (OPC), will invite members of the OPC and other

technologyrelated faculty groups to participate in a task force to help define the

ways in which faculty use Oncourse CL in their teaching.  This task force would include

the following:


a. Interested faculty

b. One or more computer modeling experts

c. Instructional consultants from the campus centers for teaching and learning

who understand the functional use cases at a deep level

d. Oncourse development staff

e. UITS Enterprise Infrastructure staff.


5. UITS Enterprise Infrastructure staff will explore some additional load balancing and

management software and hardware that may make the Oncourse system even more



6. The insights from this experience will be shared with the Sakai technical community to

aid other institutions, and IU will continue to monitor communications from other sites

that may better inform our local configuration.”



Agenda Item VIII: [ACTION ITEM] Motion to allow non-IFC members to participate fully in Agenda Item IX: Rosalie Vermette.

Vermette called the question on a motion to allow the full participation of non-IFC members in the conversation about the Academic Plan.  The motion carried.



Agenda Item IX: An Update on the Academic Action Plan: Uday Sukhatme (IUPUI Executive Vice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties, 4.4500, sukhatme@iupui.edu).

Dean of the Faculties and Executive Vice Chancellor Uday Sukhatme discussed the Academic Plan for Implementing IUPUI’s Mission.  


“The principal aim of an academic plan is to have the strongest possible academic program at IUPUI subject to resource constraints, and market/showcase the program aggressively. With this aim in mind, it is best to focus on four main goals consistent with IUPUI’s urban public research university mission with emphasis on academic health sciences and a commitment to educational, cultural, and economic development. The four goals are:


- Excellence in Teaching and Learning

- Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

- Excellence in Civic Engagement

- Enhancement of the Resource Base


Striving for the first three goals will further enhance IUPUI’s reputation as one of the best urban research universities in the country. The fourth goal is an essential tool which will enable attainment of the first three goals. Each goal has been broken down into several sub-goals, followed by a list of action items for consideration and possible implementation in a spirit of collegiality and trust.”


Details and updates on the Academic Plan are available online at http://www.iupui.edu/administration/acad_affairs/actionplan.html. 


The plan is progressing, having been informed by the work of subcommittees and a core group of administrators.  One feature of the plan—IUPUI’s Signature Centers—is well underway, with 19 proposals recently funded.



Agenda Item X: Updates/Remarks from the Chancellor: Charles Bantz (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Executive Vice-President).  

Chancellor Bantz and his colleagues updated the IFC on the following:

Eight executive searches are currently underway at IUPUI [and certain system schools] for the following positions:  Associate Chancellor for Lifelong Learning; Dean of SHRS; Dean of Liberal Arts; Dean of Optometry; Dean of SPEA; Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance; Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; and Vice Chancellor for Research.  Please see up-to-date search details at http://www.iupui.edu/administration/search/.


IU President Michael McRobbie has made a number of leadership changes in his cabinet. Among the changes are:


“Karen Hanson, Executive Vice President and Provost, IU Bloomington. In 2002, Hanson was named dean of the Hutton Honors College. She has taught at IUB since 1976 in the Department of Philosophy, serving as department chair from 1997 to 2002 and Rudy Professor since 2001. She also is an adjunct professor of gender studies, American studies and comparative literature.


Edwin Marshall, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs. Marshall has served as an optometry professor at IU for more than 30 years and is past president of the Indiana Optometric Association and the Indiana Public Health Association. He has four degrees from IU, including Doctor of Optometry, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. In addition, he holds a Master of Public Health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


Patrick O'Meara, Vice President for International Affairs. O'Meara has been dean for international programs at IU Bloomington since 1993 and has been at IU since the 1960s. Before his appointment as dean, O'Meara had been director of IU's African Studies Program. He is a professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Political Science Department.


Ora Pescovitz, Interim Vice President for Research Administration. She continues to serve as president and chief executive officer of Riley Hospital for Children and executive associate dean for research affairs at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Pescovitz also oversees the Indiana Genomics Initiative, funded by $155 million in grants from Lilly Endowment. She is the Edwin Letzter Professor of Pediatrics at the School of Medicine.


Bill Stephan, Vice President for Engagement. Before joining Clarian Health Partners in January 2005 as senior vice president of community relations and corporate communications, Stephan had served IU as vice president of university relations and corporate partnerships. He first joined IU in 2000 as an assistant vice president responsible for economic development and engagement efforts in the area of information technology.


Neil Theobald, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Theobald had been vice chancellor for budgetary administration and planning at IU Bloomington since 2002 and was later named senior vice provost and special assistant to the president. He came to IU in 1993 to teach educational finance in the School of Education and lead efforts, funded by the Lilly Endowment, to improve the process by which the state of Indiana allocates $7 billion annually to its K-12 public schools.


Brad Wheeler, Vice President for Information Technology. Wheeler had served since February 2006 as IU chief information officer and dean of information technology for IU Bloomington. Since 2002, he has been a member of IU's information technology leadership team, assuming several roles during that span, including associate dean of teaching and learning IT, associate vice president for research and academic computing, assocfiate vice president for community source initiatives, and acting CIO. (IUPUI News Center, 8/3/07)


Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services Becky Porter distributed the Fall 2007 Enrollment Reports and Census.  See  below (for greater detail, view http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/Fall07census.xls).


Fall 2007 Census



IN            28,387 heads*           + 45 (+0.2%)            306,043 hours              +4,075 (+1.3%)

CO            1,532 heads            + 69 (+4.7%)              16,407 hours              +   765 (+4.9%)

IUPUI       29,854 heads**         + 90 (+0.3%)            322,450 hours                       +4,839 (+1.5%)

  *adjusted for students enrolled in two programs simultaneously

** adjusted for students enrolled at both Indianapolis and Columbus


Undergraduate Admissions

§       IUPUI had a record number of applications this year, up 13.3% over last year.  This is notable as the deadline for applications was two months earlier in 2007 than 2006. 

§       The number of admitted students is also a record, up 12.4% over last year. 

§       The quality of beginner applicants and admits as measured by their high school rank continues to improve, with more students in the top 10% and top one-third of their classes.

§       The number of beginner admits who enrolled is up 143 over last year (+5.9%).

§       The yield rate, that is the percentage of admits who enroll, continues to decline; this year down to 52.1% of the admitted population (-3.3% from last year).  Better qualified students have more college choices.


Quality Indicators and Profile of Undergraduate Applicants and Admitted Students







% of


% of

% Chg
2006 to



% of


% of

% Chg
2006 to














High School Percentile Rank

Top 10%












Top third












Middle third












Bottom third












Avg HS Percentile Rank












Average SAT












Average ACT














§       For the 12th year-in-a-row, credit hours taught is a record.

§       Undergraduate students are down 125 (-0.7%), while graduate and professional students are up 154 (+2.0%).

§       Non-resident beginner admits were up 136 (+42.4%) this year. The number of non-resident beginner admits to enroll is up 61 students (58.7%).

§       Total undergraduate non-resident enrollments are up 118 to 692 students (+20.6%).  This is 3.7% of our undergraduates.  Last year 3.0% of our undergraduates were non-residents.

§       Admission and enrollment by International students surged this year, with undergraduate admissions up just over 90% and undergraduate international enrollment up 114 (31.6%).


Sources: Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, IMIR.  For more detail, visit https://www.iu.edu/~rgistra/eReport and http://imir.iupui.edu/picx



Agenda Item XI: Updates/Remarks from the IFC President: Bart Ng (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary, 4.8185, bng@math.iupui.edu).

Ng, looking forward to a productive and interesting year, will serve as Senior Co-Secretary of the University Faculty Council (“UFC”) in 2007-08.  Lisa Pratt, IUB Faculty Council President, is his Co-Secretary.  He welcomed all IFC members, guests, and visitors.



Agenda Item XII: Question / Answer Period.

Much of the question and answer period was contained under Dean Sukhatme’s report.



Agenda Item XIII: Call for any FC or UFC Standing Committee reports.          

No discussion.


Agenda Item XIV: Unfinished Business?

No discussion.



Agenda Item XV: New Business?

No discussion.



Agenda Item XVI:  Adjournment.

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.  The motion carried.  Vice President Vermette adjourned the meeting at 5:00pm.



Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, Molly Martin

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / fcouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil


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