IFC 4/3/07 Minutes

Approved 4/17/07

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes (“IFC”): April 3, 2007

Wynne Courtroom, Inlow Hall (“IH 100”): 3:00 – 5:00 pm


Original agenda  follows adjournment as attachment.



Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Rosalie Vermette (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President, 4.0064). 

Vermette called the meeting to order at 3:00pm.



Agenda Item II: Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.

The agenda was adopted as the order of business for the day.



Agenda Item III: [ACTION ITEM] Approval of IFC 2/20/07 Minutes.

Hearing no objections, the 3/6/07 IFC minutes (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc070306html.htm) were approved as written and entered into record.



Agenda Item IV: [INFORMATION ITEM] IFC-2007-08: Slate of Candidates for Election to the IFC Executive & Nominating Committees for the 2007-09 Terms: Jacqueline Blackwell (Chair – Nominating, jblackwe@iupui.edu).

Blackwell announced the slate of candidates for election to the IFC Executive and Nominating Committees ( http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/IFC-2007-08.htm ) (respectively) for 2007-09 terms.  The election will be held at the May 1st IFC meeting.



Agenda Item V: [INFORMATION ITEM] IFC-2007-09: Results of 2007-09 At-Large and UFC Elections: Jacqueline Blackwell.

Blackwell then announced the results of the recent online election of IFC Representatives At-Large and IUPUI Representatives to the University Faculty Council ( http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/IFC-2007-09.htm ) for the 2007-09 terms.   Those elected will join representatives currently serving 2006-08 terms.  Blackwell thanked all of the candidates and congratulated the newly-elected representatives.  She, then, moved that the ballots be deleted/destroyed.  The motion carried unanimously.



Agenda Item VI: Updates/Remarks from the Chancellor: Charles Bantz (Indiana University Executive Vice President and Chancellor of IUPUI).

Bantz briefed the faculty on the following:

·       He called on Dean Uday Sukhatme who reported that a search committee is being convened to select the new Dean of the School of Science (Bill Bosron is serving as Interim Dean).  Science faculty and senior leadership originally asked that the search be delayed a bit; it was and will now proceed, likely starting in earnest this Fall.


·       Dean Sukhatme then reported that the campus promotion and tenure process is complete [for the academic year] and that the recommendations have been forwarded to the Presidents of IU and Purdue, as appropriate. The campus committee made some recommendations regarding process and next year’s guidelines feature a few minor changes, including a page limit of 50 pages (NOTE:  that 50-page limit does not include letters of recommendations or the vita, itself).  Sukhatme closed by announcing that Associate Dean of the Faculties Sharon Hamilton is working to streamline the current guidelines (NOTE: content will be unaffected).


·       Bantz reported that the name of the new Vice Chancellor for External Affairs will likely be announced Friday April 6th.  He thanked all those involved in the search process.


·       The search committee for the new Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance—to be chaired by Dr. Bob Jones from the School of Medicine—is nearly complete.  Long-time Vice Chancellor Bob Martin will retire at the end of this year. 


·       The task force has reported to the Chancellor on the new Campus Diversity Officer (“CDO”) position.  Chancellor Bantz has shared the report, gathered feedback, and is now putting together the search committee. He, then, noted that Wellpoint CDO David Casey will serve on the committee and that a search firm will be used.


·       The Chancellor has received the selection committee and Dean Sukhatme’s respective recommendations for the next crop of Chancellor’s Professors.


·       David Malik and Chancellor Bantz have reviewed the regional campus promotion and tenure cases for which the Chancellor is responsible.  They have forwarded their recommendations to President Herbert.  The Chancellor will brief the Board of Trustees on this year’s process, as this was the inaugural year of the new aspects of his system-wide role.  He looks forward to highlighting the many outstanding cases at IUPUI and throughout the system and to explaining some of the more complex cases, as well.


·       Chancellor Bantz explained that he is currently serving on the IU East (“IUE”) Review Committee.  This review is important to IUPUI in two ways, he explained:  1) IUE is a “sister campus” and (2) the issues IUE is facing are partially-related to changes in state policies on higher education.


·       On a related note, the Chancellor explained that his system-wide role includes chairing the Chancellor’s Review processes at IUE and IU South Bend (“IUSB”), both of which are underway.


·       The Board of Trustees meets Thursday and Friday (April 5-6) at IUSB; the agenda includes discussion of a distance education pricing policy.


·       The Multicultural Center Review Committee submitted their report to the Chancellor on Monday.  He will review the recommendations and report back.



Agenda Item VII: Updates/Remarks from the IFC President: Bart Ng (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary, 4.8185, bng@math.iupui.edu).

Ng briefed the Council on the following:

·       The IFC will meet with President-Elect Michael McRobbie on April 17th.  Ng asked that IFC members prepare questions for the meeting.  He suggested that questions from the following areas might be especially pertinent: administrative structure and academic priorities within the budgetary/planning process.


·       The IFC Executive Committee (“IFC-EC”), joined by Dean Sukhatme and Chancellor Bantz, met with President-Elect McRobbie on March 29th and enjoyed a productive conversation. Ng then offered a few highlight.  McRobbie acknowledged to the IFC-EC that he understands the importance of symbolism and that he plans to spend time “being visible at IUPUI.”  Ng feels that the President-Elect has a good perspective on IUPUI and IU and his general impression is that McRobbie is in “fact-finding mode,” prepared to engage and listen to faculty. 


At their meeting McRobbie told the IFC-EC that he plans to alternate the President’s cabinet meetings between IUPUI and IU Bloomington (“IUB”), perhaps adding other campuses to the mix as well.  The President-Elect also plans to continue a tradition he began as Provost at IUB with the Wells House:  holding regular, informal faculty receptions at the Lilly House.  The President-Elect also remarked that he envisions greatly improved mechanisms for collaboration across the IU system.  Finally, Ng explained McRobbie’s take on the development of new programs, an issue of great concern at IUPUI.  The President-Elect assured the IFC-EC that, while program duplication is an issue, but it is not the only consideration when reviewing program proposals.  He explained that viability, market size, innovation, and quality are all critical factors.  


·       Bart on his quote about “IUPUI will be independent in 15 years:”  the point he was making was that IUPUI being a strong part of IU depending on collaboration, etc. & how the people of IN feel they’re best served in re: to a question from last question (“I heard around hear that IUPUI will be independent in 30 years anyway”)


·       The University Faculty Council (“UFC”) has spent a great deal of time discussing the Report on Core and System Schools and President Herbert’s response to it.  The UFC feels that faculty were not properly consulted in the composition of, review of, and response to this report and has set up list-servs for potentially affected schools so as to gather faculty feedback.  The UFC will, then, use that feedback to compose a resolution on the report and associated recommendations, which they hope to adopt in late April.


·       At its March meeting, the UFC passed the following resolution on Senate Joint Resolution 7 (the so-called Marriage Amendment):


“Be it resolved that the University Faculty Council is strongly opposed to SJR 7, a proposed state constitutional amendment that says:


"Marriage in Indiana consists only of the union of one man and one woman. This Constitution or any other Indiana law may not be construed to require that marital status or the legal incidents of marriage be conferred upon unmarried couples or groups."


This proposed amendment expresses an intolerance and narrow-mindedness that is inimical to the principles of diversity, respect, tolerance, and freedom that are the foundations of a university.  If it is adopted, this amendment will have a profoundly negative effect on Indiana University's ability to attract and retain the best scholars, staff, and students.


By Action of the Indiana University Faculty Council: March 28, 2007”


·       Nominees and volunteers are now being sought for the position of Faculty Commissioner on the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. The current commissioner is an IUB law professor.  Candidates for the position—which comes up every two years—will be reviewed by a panel made up of UFC Senior Co-Secretary Ted Miller and faculty leaders from all state-supported institutions.  The panel will pare down the nominees to a list of 5-6, which will be forwarded to the Governor The application deadline is April 13th.  Visit the ICHE homepage to apply (the application link is on the right-hand side)


·       Four IUPUI students are up for consideration to become the next IU Student Trustee.


·       IU Trustees Sue Talbot (Alumni-Elected), Steve Ferguson (President), Clarence Boone, and Jeff Cohen (IUPUI Liaison) are serving terms that come up for reappointment/re-election in 2007.  Next year, Ng remarked, promises to be one of great change at IU.


·       The Division of Labor Studies (“DLS”) merger task force is moving forward and making progress towards the DLS move into the School of  Social Work.  The task force plans to report to Chancellor Bantz on or before May 1st.



Agenda Item VIII: Question/Answer Period.       

During the Q&A session, IFC members posed the following questions:


Jim Baldwin asked the Chancellor to share his timeline for selecting Vice Chancellor Bob Martin’s successor.  Bantz explained that it is likely a new Vice Chancellor will be in place in October 2007.  Those who have reviewed the position’s portfolio believe it is a highly marketable and attractive position.


Anne Belcher asked when IU could expect a state budget forecast from the State Assembly.  Bantz responded that very few things are firm at this point but that this legislative session has been an interesting one (this is the Governor’s first experience with a house not of his own party).  The Chancellor believes the budget will be finalized at the “11th hour,” but is also confident in continued support for the Life Sciences Initiative.  In closing, Bantz noted that the university is not nearly as pessimistic about the state budget as it was two years ago. 


Bill Schneider asked when the Proposed Policy on Research Misconduct (a university policy being reviewed by the IFC Research Affairs Committee) would come before the IFC.  It will be presented for action on April 17th as the UFC plans to act on it in late April in order to satisfy deadlines set by external organizations.


Martin Spechler noted that President-Elect McRobbie has expressed his views about relatively recent administrative structural changes at the university by implying that the position of Provost at IUB will stand (as opposed to returning to the Chancellor model at IUB).  Ng remarked that, as McRobbie is not President yet and that since the Trustees made the changes in structure, he might not be able to speak to any future changes at this time.  Ng also remarked that McRobbie is not ready to address the symbolic implications of the IU President’s role as the CEO of IUB.  The President-Elect communicated that he intends to act as the CEO of IU and each of its campuses.  The title of CEO for the IUB campus, he said, will not affect his administration of the university.


David Ford and Henry Karlson expressed their concerns about the conflict of interest they feel is inherent in the President’s role as the CEO of IUB.  Other echoed those concerns.  Ford followed up by voicing concerns about the application of the President’s discretionary fund; he wants IUPUI to benefit from the “presidential taxes” it pays.  Ng agreed and noted that the IUPUI Budgetary Affairs Committee is closely monitoring the development of the discretionary fund administrative structure in order to address this concern.  Vice Chancellor Martin followed up, noting that a group has been convened to review the tax and explore ways to shift the burden on the fund across time.


Martin Spechler explained that he feels it is important for Ng to clarify any misquoted passages in recent IDS articles on IU’s administrative structure, IUPUI’s status in the IU system, etc.   Ng said that he appreciated Spechler’s concerns but that he is unconvinced that there would be any benefit to drawing more attention to misquoted information.


Marianne Wokeck asked Dean Sukhatme when the campus P&T guidelines would be formalized (a draft was distributed at the most recent workshop).  Sharon Hamilton noted that the guidelines are being formalized and assured Wokeck that the new guidelines will not contain changes in content or expectations of candidates.



Agenda Item IX: [ACTION ITEM] IFC-2007-04: Request for Endorsement of IUPUI Student Affairs Committee Recommendations Regarding Campus Student Pedestrian: Marsha Ellett (Chair – Student Affairs Committee, 4.0051, mlellett@iupui.edu).

Ellett re-read the resolution for which she is seeking IFC endorsement.


Ellett explained that her committee has partnered with student government to explore possible approaches to addressing the campus increase in pedestrian-related accidents along New York and Michigan Streets.  She noted that the recent growth of hospitals, additional on-campus housing, and the rise in campus population have all led to increased pedestrian traffic on campus.  Her committee worked with IUPUI Deputy Chief of Police Larry Propst to discuss ways in which student, staff, and faculty groups can assist in the campus’ negotiations with the city. Propst help the committee develop the suggestions contained in the resolution above.


Ellett accepted the following recommendations (so-called “friendly amendments”) from the floor:

Henry Karlson suggested that the resolution title be revised to read “IUPUI Student Affairs Committee Recommendations to IUPUI Faculty Council: Regarding Campus Student Pedestrian Safety” (it was originally directed to “the IUPUI Faculty Senate,” a misnomer.


Andre De Tienne suggested that the word “student” be removed from phrases “Campus Student Pedestrian Safety” and “student safety issues” in order to broaden the intent of the resolution to address the safety of all pedestrians on campus.


The amended resolution read:

“IUPUI Student Affairs Committee

Recommendations to IFC Regarding

Campus Pedestrian Safety



The Student Affairs Committee recognizes the legal and manpower limitations governing the IUPUI Police and Administration in regard to safety issues recognized on the IUPUI campus. The Committee appreciates that laws regarding adjacent roadways were enacted to accommodate the efficient flow of vehicular traffic and, as such, pedestrians must assume a great deal of responsibility for their own safety when crossing all campus roadways.


Accepting the above factors, the City of Indianapolis must be aware that much has changed on the IUPUI campus.  A larger number of individual are engaged in activities in more campus buildings.  University Hospital is expanding, and with that expansion we can expect an increasing stream of visitors.  Traditional on-campus housing opportunities have increased the amount of student pedestrian travel along Michigan and New York Streets.  These factors, combined with the fact of increasing numbers of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians, must be a driving force in the adoption of slower speeds and more stringent traffic enforcement on the IUPUI campus.


Based on a response from University Police Deputy Chief of Police Larry Propst to our inquiry regarding pedestrian safety, the IUPUI Student Affairs Committee makes the following recommendation to the IFC.


Encourage Chancellor Bantz and University Police to work with the city and the appropriate city departments to:


1.     Lower the 35 mph speed limit on Michigan and New York Streets


2.     Install scramble lights at key intersections


3.     Repaint existing appropriate pedestrian crosswalks and remove those that are not appropriate or are in violation of state statutes


4.     Change the timing of automatic signals to allow longer pedestrian crossing times.”



With discussion concluded, Vice President Vermette called the question.  The IFC voted unanimously to endorse the resolution, which will now be forwarded to Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Bob Martin.



Agenda Item X: Call for any FC or UFC Standing Committee reports: Rosalie Vermette.

Technology Committee Chair Hasan Akay reported to the IFC that his committee continues to work with the Information Technology Policy Office (“ITPO”) reviewing proposed and interim technology and technology use policies.    Akay directed IFC members to the ITPO website to familiarize themselves with policies as well as to offer feedback on draft policies.  Policies, once commented on by the Technology Committee, University Counsel, and others, are typically forwarded to the Trustees for action.  Akay noted, especially, IT-07: The Policy on Privacy of Indiana University IT Resources.  Akay’s committee, he explained, has already submitted their comments on IT-07 and, now, he urges IFC members to review the policy and submit their own feedback.  In response to a question from the floor, he explained that the ITPO model for collecting feedback from technology policy stakeholders does not include seeking formal votes on policies [like IT-07] by faculty governance but that faculty feedback and the engagement of his committee is a high priority of the ITPO.  IFC President Ng thanked Akay and his committee for their hard work over the past two years, ensuring a strong faculty voice in the development of information technology policy.



Agenda Item XI:  Unfinished Business:  Rosalie Vermette.

Vice President Rosalie Vermette—in response to a question from the floor—reported that, following the reading at the March 6th IFC meeting, the Academic Affairs Committee requested additional time to review the proposed revised Principles of Undergraduate Learning (“PULs”) which features new language for the 2nd Principle [on “Critical Thinking”] and a “postscript” [detailing processes for implementation, assessment, and revision of the PULs].  The proposals will be presented for IFC action on May 1st.



Agenda Item XII:  New Business: Rosalie Vermette.      

When Vice President Vermette called for new business, Martin Spechler asked that the IFC Executive Committee assign a committee to review President Herbert’s report on core and system schools and work with the President to understand and possibly offer recommendations or support.  Ng responded that he believes the UFC course of action is preferable, especially considering that action on this report may occur as early as July.


Next, Faculty Affairs Chair Andre De Tienne reported that his committee has convened a subcommittee to explore ownership of and the use of student evaluations in the P&T process.  De Tienne urged IFC feedback on the issue, he can be reached at adetienn@iupui.edu.



Agenda Item XIII:  Adjournment: Rosalie Vermette.

Vice President Vermette adjourned the meeting at 4:43pm.


Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, Molly Martin

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / fcouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil


[Attachment for IFC 4-3-07nutes]





Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Faculty Council (IFC) Meeting

Wynne Courtroom (Inlow Hall Room 100) / Tuesday April 3, 2007 - 3:00-5:00 pm

A G E N D A (IFC: April 3, 2007)




Welcome and Call to Order.

Rosalie Vermette (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President, 4.0064, rvermett@iupui.edu). 




Adoption of the Agenda as the Order of Business for the Day.


Rosalie Vermette



[ACTION ITEM] Approval of IFC 3/6/07 Minutes (distributed electronically).


Rosalie Vermette


(2 minutes)

[INFORMATION ITEM] IFC-2007-08: Slate of Candidates for Election to the IFC Executive & Nominating Committees for the 2007-09 Terms (see reverse side of agenda).


Jacqueline Blackwell (Chair – Nominating, jblackwe@iupui.edu).



(2 minutes)

[INFORMATION ITEM] IFC-2007-09: Results of 2007-09 At-Large and UFC Elections (see p. 3 of agenda packet).


Jacqueline Blackwell



(15 minutes)

Updates/Remarks from the Chancellor.                                           

Charles Bantz (Indiana University Executive Vice President and Chancellor of IUPUI).



(15 minutes)

Updates/Remarks from the IFC President.   


Bart Ng (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary, 4.8185, bng@math.iupui.edu).



(15  minutes)

Question / Answer Period.          


Rosalie Vermette


(10 minutes)

[ACTION ITEM] IFC-2007-04: Request for Endorsement of IUPUI Student Affairs Committee Recommendations Regarding Campus Student Pedestrian Safety (see p. 4 of agenda packet).


Marsha Ellett (Chair – Student Affairs Committee, 4.0051, mlellett@iupui.edu)


(5 minutes)

Call for any FC or UFC Standing Committee reports.

- From the Hasan Akay & the Technology Committee  


Rosalie Vermette



Unfinished Business?


Rosalie Vermette


(5 minutes)

New Business?                            


Rosalie Vermette





Rosalie Vermette


Next Faculty Council Meetings: 

Tuesday April 17, 2007, 3:00-5:00pm, Wynne Courtroom of Inlow Hall (IH 100)

Tuesday May 1, 2007, 3:00-5:00pm, Wynne Courtroom of Inlow Hall (IH 100)


Please visit the Faculty Council website at http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil for agenda, updates & more.

Agenda prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator Molly Martin: UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / fcouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil