IFC 9/5/06 Minutes

Approved 10/3/06

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes (“IFC”): September 5, 2006

University Place Conference Center Room 137 (UPCC 137): 3:30 – 5:30 pm


Attendance record & original agenda follow adjournment as attachments.



Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Rosalie Vermette (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President, 4.0064). 

Vermette called the meeting to order at 3:33pm. 



Agenda Item II: Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.

The order of business was revised.  The revised order of business for the day was adopted.



Agenda Item III: [ACTION ITEM] IFC 5/2/06 Minutes.

Hearing no objections, the IFC May 2, 2006 minutes stood as written and were entered into record.


These minutes are available to view online at http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc060502html.htm



Agenda Item IV: [FIRST READING] Slate of Nominees for At-Large Representative to the Promotion and Tenure Committee [for Election at 10/3/06 IFC meeting]: Jacqueline Blackwell (Chair – Nominating, jblackwe@iupui.edu).  

Nominating Committee Chair Jacqueline Blackwell announced the slate of candidates for election at-large to the IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Committee for the 2006-09 terms. 


The election will be held at the October 3rd IFC meeting.  “The individual receiving the most votes will serve until November 30, 2009 as one of three IFC-elected At-Large members of the Promotion & Tenure Committee.  Other At-Large Members currently serving are Keith Moore (Dentistry) / 11-30-2007 and Richard Meiss (Medicine) 11-30-2008.”


Name                           Unit                             Sub-Unit                                  Academic Rank

Nancy Eckerman          School of Medicine        Library                                     Tenured Librarian

Robert Goulet, Jr.          School of Medicine        Oncology                                  Tenured Professor

James E. Klaunig          School of Medicine        Toxicology                                Tenured Professor

Patrick Rooney             School of Liberal Arts    Center on Philanthropy              Tenured Professor


Blackwell also distributed a hand-out detailing upcoming opportunities for tenure-track faculty interested in running for election to the IFC. 


NOTE:  In the original hand-out, potential opportunities for non-tenure-track-faculty were also announced.   Although the idea of non-tenure-track-faculty representation to the IFC was approved last spring, the Bylaw language relating to that action has not yet been completed or voted on by the faculty, so the initiation of any election process or timeline for non-tenure-track-faculty is pending.



Agenda Item V: Updates/Remarks from the Chancellor: Charles Bantz (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Executive Vice-President).

Chancellor Bantz began by welcoming Uday Sukhatme, IUPUI’s new Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties.


Chancellor Bantz then updated the IFC on the following:

§         David Malik has been appointed Associate Executive Vice President of Indiana University. “In that role, Malik will work directly with Chancellor Bantz in the areas of promotion and tenure and policy development for IUPUI and Indiana University’s regional campuses.”


§         The search for the Vice Chancellor of External Affairs is being convened by chair Gene Tempel.


§         Chuck Bonser has completed a study on core and system schools at IU; a draft report is nearing completion.


§         The IU Communications Group will convene a September 11th retreat to discuss the Integrated Image Project.


§         Following a Board of Trustee recommendation, the research compliance structure is being reviewed.


§         The Commission on Higher Education meets Thursday September 7th and Friday September 8th to review IU’s proposed budget.  This year’s proposal requests significant investment in, both, the Life Sciences Initiative and S.T.E.M.


§         Commitment to Excellence proposals were reviewed over the summer.


§         Dean Sukhatme is working on an academic action plan for IUPUI which, among other issues, seeks to raise the research profile of and creates signature centers of excellence for the campus.  He continues work on this plan with various faculty, staff, and administrative committees and will report back to the IFC.


§         A number of facilities projects are underway across campus including the Campus Center (Fall 2007), Cancer Center (Fall 2007), and Research III, all of which are currently on-time and on-budget.


§         IUPUI went tobacco-free on August 14, 2006.  Thank you to all faculty, staff, and students for their thoughtful participation in the process leading up to the policy change.


§         Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services Becky Porter distributed the Fall 2006 Enrollment Report and Census (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/fall06enroll.htm).



Agenda Item VI: Updates/Remarks from the IFC President: Bart Ng (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary, 4.8185, bng@math.iupui.edu).

Ng reported the following:


§         “Welcome, IFC members, new and returning!”


§         “Welcome, Dean Sukhatme!”


§         The IFC Executive Committee has appointed Herron Art’s Linda Adele Goodine to replace member David Malik, whose recent administrative appointment has necessitated that he withdraw from the Executive Committee.


§         Chancellor Bantz will deliver his annual State of the Campus Address on Tuesday October 3rd in the University Place Conference Center Auditorium immediately following the next IFC meeting (which will begin at 3:30pm).


§         President Adam Herbert will deliver his last annual State of the University Address on Tuesday September 26th at 3:00pm at the IUPUI University Place Conference Center.  A reception will immediately follow.


§         On August 18th the Board of Trustees resolved “that no later than February 2007 the President and faculty submit to the Board of Trustees a plan to incorporate a specific general education component in the undergraduate degree requirements for all Indiana University campuses and programs.” 


Ng observed that, for IUPUI, General Education is a concept very active in our culture and the resolution is an opportunity to highlight and define it.  In other words this resolution offers the opportunity to develop a tactical, course-supported approach to those values. 


The fact-finding process (regarding current practices across campus) has begun in preparation for IUPUI’s response to the Trustees.  Dean Sukhatme and the IFC Executive Committee have discussed and are moving forward to convene an ad hoc curriculum committee--chaired by Senior Advisor to the Chancellor on Academic Planning and Evaluation Trudy Banta and composed of the Associate Deans for Academic Affairs from each school and IFC Academic Affairs Chair Betty Jones--to continue work on a response.


§         Ng then called on Mark Sothmann, Interim Director of the Division of Labor Studies (“DLS”), to speak to the division’s proposed program restructuring [according to procedures and policies on program restructuring passed by a former IFC body].  A timeline has been set for the presentation of a DLS faculty plan in response to a preliminary proposal.  The IFC decided to invite a representative of the DLS faculty to a future Council meeting to discuss the situation. 


NOTE:  Following the meeting, Sothmann compiled materials (timelines, preliminary proposals, etc.) re: the DLS.  The materials—available online at http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/DLS/DLS.htm —were distributed to IFC members electronically and are excerpted below.


“On May 15, 2006 the Indiana University executive vice president and IUPUI chancellor appointed the dean of the IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as interim director of the Division of Labor Studies (DLS) through June 2007. The events leading to that appointment are summarized in a previously submitted June 14, 2006 document (Appendix I).The interim director was given six charges:


1.                    Facilitate a merger if DLS identifies a partner by December 2006

2.                    In the absence of a merger partner, design and implement a Campus Integration Plan taking into consideration the changing labor and economic conditions of the state and Indiana University’s long commitment to provide a high quality academic program in labor studies.

3.                    Seek IUPUI campus review of the Campus Integration Plan through the “IUPUI Policy on School or Program Restructuring”

4.                    Contact all current majors individually and counsel them regarding degree completion options.

5.                    Seek the cooperation of Ivy Tech State College in offering a terminal associate of science degree relevant to labor studies and ensure that those students who complete the degree will be able to enter a baccalaureate program at IU with full credit transfer.

6.                    Examine the quality of current course offerings, particularly of the online courses that now comprise 80 percent of the DLS total enrollment.”



“Timeline for Labor Studies Review and Steps to Adhere to the “IUPUI Policy on School or Program Restructuring”  

Step 1- The Director of the affected program must provide notice to the faculty, staff, and students of the affected program when the change is first contemplated. This should be done as a formal meeting between the Director and the faculty, staff, and students. This meeting shall include discussion of which school and faculty governance bodies are to review the financial viability of the school and its affected programs, and what review processes are to be used and shall include the issuance of a precise statement about the financial and other difficulties associated with the affected programs and the possible impact on the school for not taking action. Sufficient documentation shall be provided to the faculty and to any others who request it to support and explain any proposed plan.


Completion by June 15th:


Executive Vice President’s letter to labor coalition detailing dialogue between Labor Studies and IUPUI Administration regarding history of merger attempts and need to initiate campus based integration


Executive Vice President’s May 15th letter to Labor Studies faculty indicating appointment of  an Interim Director to review on-line curriculum, develop a campus integration plan, seek review through the IUPUI Faculty Council by December 30th 2006, and fully implement by June 30th 2007.


Interim Director’s May 15th letter to all 108 Labor Studies undergraduate students indicating organizational change is occurring and emphasizing that each student’s case will be fully evaluated with the student to ensure full opportunity for graduation- finish review by June 15th 2006


Early June- Interim Director will hold a formal meeting of DLS faculty to detail scope of his responsibility, timeline, and IUPUI policies for review. At that meeting a DLS representative group will be named to engage the Interim Director in planning. The Interim Director will present the academic and budgetary parameters for planning campus integrated units irrespective of campuses and how many such units can reasonably be supported by the current academic environment and budget. Interim Director will caucus with the DLS representative group regarding the modeling.


June 7-8th with Executive Vice President’s entrée, the Interim Director will present the DLS presentation to the Academic Leadership Committee and Chancellors and engage discussion.


At the invitation of the campus officers the Interim Director will visit each campus to host an open forum for presentation and feedback. Students, labor leaders, legislative representatives and others will be invited by campus officers.


 Interim Director will meet with the IU-Bloomington Center for Research on Learning and Technology and the  IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning to determine an independent review process for an evaluation of the on-line curriculum- due date June 30th 2006


Presentation to DLS faculty and campus officers will be made available to IUPUI Vice Chancellor for External Relations and IUPUI Faculty Council President


Step 2- The school’s or unit’s faculty governance body may proceed like the Director as in #1 above to address financial difficulties they believe are present in either specific programs or within a specific school or unit as a whole. In these situations, the designated leader of a unit’s faculty governance body should be the one to initiate the meeting following the guidelines in #1 above


Completion by June 30th - Deadline for the DLS representative group to react to the budgetary and unit modeling and present any alternative models


Completion by June 30th - Deadline for identifying campuses where Labor Studies units will likely reside based on university and campus conversation, conversation with faculty, and university policies.


Step 3- The program faculty shall have an opportunity to discuss the plan proposed by the Director and vote by secret ballot.


Step 4- The Director of the affected program shall provide an opportunity for input by faculty, staff and students of the affected program prior to any formal action.


Completion by July 14th- Deadline for the Interim Director to put forth a “Preliminary Campus Integration Plan for Labor Studies at Indiana University” for distribution to DLS faculty and key constituencies. The Interim Director will host an open forum to explain the preliminary plan and invite response from the faculty, staff, and students. Labor leaders and state legislators will be invited to attend.


Completion by August 4th t- Based upon the responses of faculty, staff, students, labor leaders, and state representatives the Interim Director will submit a “Campus Integration Plan for Labor Studies at Indiana University” to DLS faculty


Completion by August 18th- DLS representative group will discuss and cast secret vote


Step 5- The faculty of the division shall forward its response to and results of their voting on the proposed changes to the Director with a copy to the Chancellor. In preparing the response, the faculty shall address the factors under IV 6 a-j in the policy


Step 6- Any proposal to transfer, merge, reorganize, reduce, or eliminate a program must be evaluated according to the following considerations- note a-j in policy


Completion by September 1st- DLS representative body will forward its response to Interim Director and IUPUI Chancellor noting items a-j in the policy


Step 7- Having considered the input from faculty, staff, and students, the Director shall forward a proposal for the transfer, merger, reorganization, reduction, or elimination of the affected program to the Chancellor with a rationale for why these organizational changes are necessary, how they will enhance the educational process, and what their impact will be on faculty, staff and students. In preparing the proposal, the Director shall address the factors under IV. 6 a-j and include an environmental impact statement that shows how the changes will impact other programs and affect the campus as a whole


Completion by September 8th- Interim Director will submit to the Chancellor a “Campus Integration Plan for Labor Studies at Indiana University” with revisions as necessary based on feedback.


Completion by September 29th- Any alternate proposals will be submitted to the Chancellor


Completion by October 6th- Vice Chancellors on all IU campuses will be given an opportunity to offer remarks to the IUPUI Chancellor regarding proposals


Step 8- If the Director’s proposal and the faculty responses are in agreement on the rationale for and implementation of the changes and if the changes do not involve the elimination of degree-granting program, the Chancellor shall forward them to the IUPUI Faculty Council Executive Committee. If the Committee believes that further review is required, a majority vote may result is a request that the Committee review the proposal and its effects on faculty, staff and students. The Committee may choose to appoint an ad hoc committee to review the proposal or assign the proposal to one of the already constituted committees of the IUPUI Faculty Council for further review


Completion by October 13th- Chancellor forwards the Interim Director’s “Campus Integration Plan for Labor Studies at Indiana University” and any alternate proposal(s) with IU campuses remarks to the Executive Committee for review. Proposals will be distributed to other groups as necessary to comply with Step 10.


Step 9- The Executive Committee review process must include at least one meeting with members of the faculty from the schools or departments affected by the proposed changes


Step 10- Persons affected by, or concerned about, the proposed changes shall be permitted to provide written comments, which will be considered as part of the Executive Committee review process




Step 11- The Executive Committee or its designee shall prepare a report and recommendations and forward a copy to the Chancellor and the Director of the affected program.


Completion by November 10th- Executive Committee complies with Steps 9-11


Step 12- The Director shall provide a response to the Executive Committee which will submit the proposal, the recommendations of the Committee or its delegate, and the response from the Director to the IUPUI Faculty Council


Completion by November 15th- Interim Director provides a response to the Executive Committee


Completion by November 30th- Executive Committee submits recommendations and Interim Director’s responses to the IUPUI Faculty Council


Step 13- When the Chancellor of IUPUI declares that there may be a need to transfer, merge, reorganize, reduce or eliminate a program on campus and that these structural changes may have an impact beyond the affected program and result in the reassignment of faculty or the elimination of degree-granting programs, or when there is disagreement between the Director of the affected programs and the faculty, the proposal will be submitted to the IUPUI Faculty Council Executive Committee for further review.


Step 14- The Executive Committee review process must include at least one open, campus-wide meeting at which anyone with concerns about the proposed changes may be heard.


Completion by December 5th- Presentation of Interim Director’s campus integration plan, Executive Committee responses to the campus integration plan, other reactions to the campus integration plan, and general discussion at a regularly scheduled IUPUI Faculty Council meeting with open attendance


Step 15- The IUPUI Faculty Council shall be given a reasonable time to deliberate and make its own recommendations to the Chancellor


Completion by February 6th- Regularly scheduled IUPUI Faculty Council meeting with open discussion of campus integration plan and vote on recommendation to the Chancellor


Step 16- The Chancellor shall make the final recommendations on the proposal and forward it to the Director of the affected program for implementation


Completion by February 16th- Chancellor makes final recommendations on the campus integration plan and implementation begins.



Agenda Item VII: Question / Answer Period.

See Agenda Item VI. (questions were posed about the Division of Labor Studies).



Agenda Item VIII: New Data Protection Laws in Indiana: Merri Beth Lavagnino (Chief Information Technology Policy Officer, 4.3739, mbl@iupui.edu) and Beth Cate (Associate University Counsel).

Associate University Counsel Beth Cate reported on new data protection laws in Indiana and how they relate to faculty best practices when dealing with sensitive information (student SSNs, financial information, etc.).  Comprehensive information about the new laws and recommendations for faculty [re: securing or destroying sensitive data] can be found online at http://itpo.iu.edu/policies/bestpractices/dataprotectionlaws.html. 

“The first law, found at Indiana Code (IC) 4-1-10, basically makes it a crime to disclose a person's Social Security Number except under certain circumstances that are spelled out in the law.

The second law, which will appear at IC 24-4-14, basically makes it a crime to dispose of certain sensitive personal information areas accessible to the public, without taking certain steps to render it unusable by third parties.

The third law, found at IC 4-1-11, basically requires the University to notify individuals whose personal information is reasonably exposed to unauthorized access as a result of an electronic systems security breach.”

E-mail questions about how to secure your data to itpo@iu.edu .  Contact University Counsel with questions about data protection laws themselves.


Agenda Item IX: Unfinished Business?

No discussion.



Agenda Item X: New Business?

No discussion.



Agenda Item XI:  Adjournment.

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.  The motion carried.  Vice President Vermette adjourned the meeting at 5:27pm.



Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, Molly Martin

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / fcouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil


[Attachment for IFC 9-5-06 Minutes: Attendance Record for IFC 9-5-06


[P = Present; L = Alternate; N = Notice; A = Absent]


[Attachment for IFC 9-5-06 Minutes]




Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Faculty Council (IFC) Meeting

University Place Conference Center (“UPCC”) Room 132

Tuesday September 5, 2006 - 3:30-5:30 pm

A G E N D A (IFC: September 5, 2006)



The Faculty Council Executive Committee welcomes you and thanks you for your service. 






               I.      Welcome and Call to Order: Rosalie Vermette (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President, 4.0064, rvermett@iupui.edu). 


             II.      Adoption of Agenda as the Order of Business for the Day.


           III.      (2 minutes) [ACTION ITEM] IFC 5/2/06 Minutes (distributed electronically): Up for Approval.


           IV.      (1 minute) [FIRST READING] Slate of Nominees for At-Large Representative to the Promotion and Tenure Committee [for Election at 10/3/06 IFC meeting] (see reverse side of agenda): Jacqueline Blackwell (Chair – Nominating, jblackwe@iupui.edu).  


             V.      (15 minutes) Updates/Remarks from the Chancellor: Charles Bantz (Indiana University Executive Vice President and Chancellor of IUPUI).


           VI.      (15 minutes) Updates/Remarks from the IFC President: Bart Ng (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary, 4.8185, bng@math.iupui.edu).

A.            A reception honoring faculty achieving 20 years of service will follow today’s meeting.

B.            The next IFC meeting will be held on Tuesday October 3rd from 3:30-4:00 in the UPCC Auditorium and will be followed by the State of the Campus address.


         VII.      (20 minutes) New Data Protection Laws in Indiana: Merri Beth Lavagnino (Chief Information Technology Policy Officer, 4.3739, mbl@iupui.edu) and Beth Cate (Associate University Counsel).


       VIII.      (10 minutes) Question / Answer Period.


          IX.      (5 minutes) Call for any FC or UFC Standing Committee reports.


            X.      Unfinished Business?


          XI.      New Business?


        XII.      Adjournment.









Next Faculty Council Meeting:  Tuesday October 3, 2006, 3:30-4:00pm, University Place Conference Center Auditorium

Followed by the State of the Campus Address


Please visit the Faculty Council website at http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil for agenda, updates & more.

Agenda prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator Molly Martin: UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / fcouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil