Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty Council Minutes: January 13, 2000

Dental School Building, Room 115: 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.


Attendance Record and Original Agenda follow Adjournment as Attachments.


Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)! Galanti called the meeting to order at 3:32.


Agenda Item II: Approval of Minutes for November 4, 1999 (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc991104html.htm), & December 2, 1999 (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc991202html.htm). The minutes for November and December were approved with no changes.


Agenda Item III: Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President). Bepko called upon Plater to address Spring term enrollments. Plater reported that the head count was down to 25,604 from 26,022 last Spring, a difference of 418 or 1.6%, and that the number of credit hours taught was down to 262,272 from 264,702 last Spring, a difference of 2430 or 0.9%. The complete data is available off the Registrar’s website (http://registrar.iupui.edu/). He added that this reflects some concern with enrollments given the state’s economy, the creation of the community college, and our continued effort to refine our admissions policies and practices. This is the first time in a long time that we’ve seen a decrease in credit hours. It does affect income for the campus and we need to take appropriate action. This is a fundamentally important transition time regarding the representation of IUPUI to the outside community. It’s also an ideal time for us to encourage our colleagues including our staff to represent to the larger community in our conversations how extraordinary IUPUI is as a place to receive an education. To reverse the enrollment trend we need to emphasize student recruitment and retention for the next few years. We are doing better at attracting beginning students.


Bepko supported Plater and also emphasized the need to increase our efforts at influencing students to come or stay – we can make a big difference.


In response to Fredland’s contention that we might have partially brought this on ourselves by dismissing greater number of students, Plater said University College dismissed the same this year as last but that our admissions changes might be having an impact. We’ll know more next week when the data is analyzed. Still, retention is the key.


Bepko announced that ICHE (Indiana Commission for Higher Education) will meet on campus Friday (Jan 14) and we hope they will approve the recommendation before them to build the Technology Complex Building. If so, construction will begin in the fall.


Next Monday (Jan 17) is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and everyone is encouraged to join our tradition of volunteering for community projects on that day from 8 am to 1 pm. We have identified three locations (Martin Luther King Jr. Park, the West Presbyterian Church, and the Day Nursery) to which volunteers will be assigned after meeting that morning at the MADAME Walker Center at 8am for a buffet breakfast. Henry Louis Gates will be our special guest later that day, holding a press conference and meeting with student leaders. There will be the annual Martin Luther King Junior dinner at 7pm in the Indiana Ball Room. Call the Chancellor’s office (274-4417) if you are interested in attending -- 625 have signed up so far.


Agenda Item IV: President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary) [URLs for revised and approved "Faculty/Librarian Review and Enhancement" and "Dismissal Procedures for Tenured Faculty and Librarians" documents: http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/reviewenhance991202.htm & http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/dismissalpolicyiupui991202html.htm.] Welcoming everyone back Porter announced that Beth Van Vorst will be joining the coordinator David Frisby to help primarily with Staff Council support but also with Faculty Council during time crunches. It represents a nice move forward for the office.


Porter noted that the URLs are on the agenda for the documents approved in December. The saga continues though since the Trustees will not address their approval until February instead of our anticipated January. No problems are foreseen. The process will be implemented this spring. Implementation is necessary if we are to compliant with the policy. Our Faculty Governance Leaders need to keep schools’ documents moving forward. Everyone should hear more about this from their deans soon.


The Executive Committee has been discussing the challenges facing the faculty regarding faculty governance, including proper participation by the faculty, how to increase effectiveness and efficiency, and how faculty governance works at IUPUI. After an animated discussion the Executive Committee has decided to begin a formal process which will result in a definite outcome – an outside consultant and facilitator will bring together all the appropriate constituencies to question whether we are moving forward in the right direction. More on this will be reported at the February FC meeting.


Agenda Item V: "Election of Faculty Grievance Mediation Committee and Faculty Board of Review Pool" -- Mary Fisher (Nominating Committee Acting Chair) & Becky Porter (Executive Committee Chair) (slates distributed in advance via email when ready, with hardcopies available at the meeting -- ballots distributed at meeting) [ACTION ITEM]. Galanti pointed out that since the slate for the Board of Review Pool was not distributed early enough our rules mandate the election for the Board of Review pool be deferred until the February meeting. Mary Fisher, accompanied by Carl Rothe, distributed the ballots for the Mediation Committee. 55 ballots were cast, which did constitute a quorum. Pat Blake, Richard Fredland, Gerald Powers, and William Schneider were elected to the Mediation Committee for the term February 1, 2000 through January 31, 2002. Langsam moved, with Harrington’s second, that the ballots be destroyed and the tally sheet kept in the Faculty Council Office. Motion carried.


Agenda Item VI: "Executive Committee Annual Report on the Number of Unit and At-Large Representatives to Elect to FC for 2000/01 - 2001/02” -- Rebecca Porter (Executive Committee Chair) [INFORMATION ITEM]. Porter noted that the information was reported as called for, and directed that any questions be referred to the coordinator.


Agenda Item VII: Annual Report of the Affirmative Action Office -- Lillian Charleston (IUPUI Affirmative Action Officer) [INFORMATION ITEM]. Galanti pointed out some information might have had to be excluded due to confidentiality requirements beyond our control.


Charleston noted she was reporting only on complaint activities and that a more complete report might be possible next year. Attached to the agenda are the summary data tables her office provided to Chancellor Bepko and Executive Vice-Chancellor Plater for the past three years. She also distributed a handout giving an overview of the statutes and orders with which the university must comply, such as the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), Executive Order 11246, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Her office interacts with the EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, and the Indiana Civil Rights Commission. When her office investigates complaints they must consider those laws and the burdens of proof relevant to each particular issue, which is crucial. It is also necessary for her office to stay current on case law, for example, the Supreme Court ruling on age discrimination two days earlier. She personally has been involved in this area of concern for twelve years.


Items are brought to her office in three different ways. An informal inquiry (the first way) is not a complaint and just raises an issue or explores options. The office is constrained from addressing any internal allegation unless an investigation is initiated with a signed complaint form (the second way). Sexual harassment is an exception which legally must be explored whether a complaint is filed or not. Official internal complaints are fully investigated and resolved. Last (the third way), items often come from those external agencies mentioned above. Charges of discrimination are filed with one of those agencies and her office (with a small staff of three professionals) is responsible for preparing and submitting IU’s responses, working in conjunction with legal counsel if litigation becomes involved. Because of the proximity of the State and Federal offices to our campus the number of complaints we receive tend to be higher than PU or IUB.


Her office also holds about thirty annual training sessions, e.g., on how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Besides training, her office also addresses administrators, faculty, staff, and students, with regard to violations of university policy. Last, regarding IUPUI’s mission, the concern of her office is that intolerance is too high and more respect and civility is needed. Compared to other institutions we have more complaints than elsewhere in IU but not any more than comparable urban institutions.


Responding to Fredland, Charleston said the percent of complaints that originate from international students is not significant. Responding to Mannheimer, she declined to guess any figures regarding staff complaints of faculty, but noted that the number against faculty by students with disabilities is rising. Porter commented that the UFC is addressing a civility statement and accommodations for religious observances. Charleston added that the Chancellor’s civility statement was the original model which she has shared nationally with other universities. Bepko commented that the newly created diversity cabinet plans to benchmark pertinent data to help establish accountability. His civility statement is being re-issued as part of the new annual and traditional “State of Diversity” address which he will deliver on Martin Luther King Jr. day. Vessely announced that the students will be hosting the second annual civility summit on Friday, March 2nd, and that Chancellor Bepko will be the featured speaker.


Schneider asked for the breakdown of complaints as to gender and minorities for both staff and faculty. Noting that the data is based on an October 1st snapshot, Charleston hazarded a guess that most of the staff complaints are from females and 25% of them from minorities. Urged by Bepko, Charleston promised to contact Schneider later with the figures he requested. Galanti thanked Charleston for the first of regular annual reports. Porter commented that the original request for annual reports to the FC from the Affirmative Action Office was initiated by the Executive Committee on the model of the annual Board of Reviews report, so she encouraged FC members to please provide feedback on the format and extent of the information so next January’s report can be improved.


Agenda Item VIII: Extended Question / Answer Period. Fisher commented that her question had already been answered by a handout of the annual report on the faculty distributed at the meeting by Plater. Bepko requested that Plater comment on that report. Plater explained that the FC asked for this annual report many years ago and that it also is based on the October 1st snapshot. Noting that the data does not include part-time faculty, he called attention to some significant changes. Over the five year period 1995-99 the number of female promotions has increased more than male, the number of assistant professors has decreased, the number of research ranks has increased, as has the number of new clinical ranks (due partly to other schools besides Medicine and Dentistry using it), and last, that the number of minorities (especially “other” minorities besides African-American and Hispanic) has also increased, for which he commended those schools responsible in that regard.


Warfel strongly objected to the way the information was presented. Promotions of females to full professor is listed as 10.1% but the data lists an increase to 76 from 65 which in the context of males increasing from 398 to 417, doesn’t really mean that much. Packer (alternate for Meiss) noted that the trend shows less females being promoted to the rank of full professor. Some confusing discussion ensued regarding where librarians are counted and whether all are included. Plater responded there was no intent to spin the data. This is the way the information is kept by university records. He would try though to answer any questions about explaining the data. Bepko noted that IUPUI’s institutional goal is to make progress in the number of females in all categories and one of the focuses of the diversity cabinet will be gender.


J. Keck raised a question about paychecks not being available on January 1st which caused some problems with banks. After comments by Grove and Vessely, Bepko promised someone would address the issue at the February FC meeting.


Requested by Schneider to address the Mayor’s plan for a summit on race at IUPUI (at University Place on Saturday, January 29), Bepko replied he would have welcomed the participants but will be out of the country. He recommended though that everyone read the plan, especially the part regarding education. This will be the Mayor’s first of what we hope will be many mayoral events on campus.


Fredland moved for adjournment.


Agenda Item IX-XI: Unfinished Business, New Business, and Adjournment. Hearing no fire alarms, Galanti followed Fredland’s move and adjourned the meeting at 4:41.




Attendance Record for January 13, 2000 Faculty Council Meeting;

Agenda for January 13, 2000 Faculty Council Meeting.


[Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,

(UN 403) (274-2215) (Fax 274-2970) (fcouncil@iupui.edu) (http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil)]


[Attachment for FC000113 Minutes]


Attendance Record for FC000113.

[P = Present; L = Alternate; N = Notice; A = Absent]


I. Voting Members (109):

P: Aguet, Henry (Elected Herron Art 6/01);

P: Ambrosius, Walter (Elected: Medicine 6/01);

A: Bailey, Darrell (Ex Officio: Director of Music) (Music Faculty Governance Leader);

A: Baldwin, James (Elected: At Large 6/01) (UFC Representative 6/01) (University Libraries) (Academic Affairs Chair);

A: Banta, Trudy (Ex Officio: Chancellor's Administrative Designee 6/00) (Education);

P: Belcher, Anne (Elected: Nursing 6/01);

P: Bepko, Gerald (Officer: Chancellor of IUPUI) (Ex Officio: Chancellor of IUPUI) (Law);

A: Berbari, Edward (Elected: Engineering and Technology 6/01);

A: Besch, Henry (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Medicine) (Mediation Co-Chair);

A: Bippen, Paul (Ex Officio: Dean of IUPU Columbus) (Education);

N: Blix, Susanne (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

P: Bostwick, Willard David (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Engineering and Technology) (Faculty Handbook Chair);

P: Boukai, Benzion (Elected: Science 6/01) ;

A: Broadie, Thomas (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Elected: Medicine 6/01);

A: Brown, James W. (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Journalism) (Journalism Faculty Governance Leader);

A: Caldemeyer, Karen (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Medicine);

P: Carr, Lucinda (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

A: Chin, Ray (Elected: Science 6/00);

A: Cronin, Blaise (Ex Officio: Dean of Library & Information Science -- IUB);

P: Crowell, Dring (Elected: Science 6/01);

P: Daniels-Howell, Todd (Elected: University Libraries 6/01);

N: Dunning, Jeremy (Ex Officio: Dean of Continuing Studies -- IUB) (Geological Sciences) (Cont Stud Faculty Gov Leader);

P: Eckerman, Nancy (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medical Library);

A: Eickmeier, Valerie (Ex Officio: Dean of Herron Art);

A: Engum, Scott (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Medicine);

A: Evenbeck, Scott (Ex Officio: Dean of University College) (Science);

A: Fineberg, Naomi (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Medicine);

A: Fineberg, S. Edwin (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Medicine) (Medicine Faculty Governance Leader);

P: Fisher, Mary (Elected: Nursing 6/01) (Nominating Chair -- Alternate for Wilkins);

P: Fore, Julie (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Elected: Medicine 6/01) (Medical Library);

P: Fredland, Richard (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts)';

P: Froehlich, Janice (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

P: Gable, Karen (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Allied Health Sciences) (Faculty Affairs Chair);

P: Galanti, Paul (Officer: Vice-President 6/00) (Law);

L: Goldblatt, Lawrence (Ex Officio: Dean of Dentistry) – [via Chris H. Miller (Dentistry)];

P: Goodine, Linda Adele (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Art);

P: Gregory, Richard (Elected: Dentistry 6/00);

P: Gronfein, William (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/01);

A: Guba, Christianne (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Dentistry);

P: Hamant, Celestine (Elected: Allied Health Sciences 6/01);

P: Harrington, Susan Marie (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Liberal Arts);

A: Holden, Robert (Ex Officio: Dean of Medicine);

P: Hook, Sara Anne (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) ;

A: Hoyt, Dolores (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (University Libraries);

P: Isikbay, Serkis (Elected: Dentistry 6/01);

A: Johnson, Eric (Elected: Business 6/01);

A: Karlson, Henry (Elected: Law 6/00);

P: Keck, Juanita (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (Nursing);

P: Keck, Robert (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Science);

P: Kellum, P. Nicholas (Ex Officio: Dean of Physical Education);

P: Kennedy, Sheila (Elected: Public & Environmental Affairs 6/00);

P: Langsam, Miriam (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts);

A: Lee, Wei-Hua (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

A: Lefstein, Norman (Ex Officio: Dean of Law);

A: Leland, Christine (Elected: Education 6/00) (completing Michael Parsons FC9800) (Education FGL);

P: Lewis, David (Ex Officio: Interim Director of University Libraries);

P: Mannheimer, Steven (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Herron Art);

P: Marrs, James A. (Elected: Medicine 6/00) -- [via Simon Atkinson (Medicine)];

P: Martin, Joyce (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Nursing);

P: McBride, Angela (Ex Officio: Dean of Nursing);

P: McCarty, Gale (Elected: Medicine 6/01);

P: McDaniel, Anna (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Nursing);

L: Meiss, Richard (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Elected: Medicine 6/01) – [via V. Subah Packer (Medicine)];

A: Modibo, Najja (Elected: Continuing Studies 6/00) (Labor Studies);

P: Moore, B. Keith (Elected: At Large 6/01)  (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (Dentistry);

N: Newton, Nancy (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (Liberal Arts);

A: Ng, Bart (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Science));

P: Olson, Byron (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Dentistry) ;

P: Perkins, Susan (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

A: Pfile, Richard (Elected: Engineering and Technology 6/00);

P: Plater, William (Ex Officio: Chancellor's Administrative Designee 6/00) (Liberal Arts);

P: Porter, Rebecca (Officer: President 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Allied Health Sciences) (Executive Chair);

P: Powers, Gerald (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Social Work);

A: Queiro-Tajalli, Irene (Elected: Social Work 6/01);

P: Ralston, Rick (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medical Library);

L: Rhodes, Simon (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Science) – [via John C. Watson (Science)];

A: Ricchiardi, Sherry (Elected: Journalism 6/01);

A: Richwine, Margaret W. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

A: Rosentraub, Mark (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Public and Environmental Affairs--Indianapolis);

A: Russell, Steven (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

P: Saatkamp, Herman (Ex Officio: Dean of Liberal Arts);

A: Sawchuk, Alan (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

P: Schmenner, Roger W. (Ex Officio: Associate Dean of Business--Indianapolis) (Business Faculty Governance Leader);

P: Schneider, William (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts) (Technology Chair);

A: Seifert, Mark (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

P: Siegel, Sheldon (Ex Officio: Interim Dean of Social Work);

A: Smith, Richard (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

P: Sothmann, Mark S. (Ex Officio: Dean of Allied Health Sciences);

P: Souch, Catherine (Ex Officio: UFC Representative) (Liberal Arts);

A: Spechler, Martin (Ex Officio: UFC Rep 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Liberal Arts);

L: Stanley, Mary (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/01) (University Libraries) – [via Jennifer Hehman (University Libraries)];

A: Stocum, David (Ex Officio: Dean of Science);

P: Swartz, Darl (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

A: Touponce, William (Elected: Liberal Arts 6/00);

P: Udry, Eileen (Elected: Physical Education 6/00);

P: Unverzagt, Frederick (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine) -- [via Nenette Jessup (Medicine)];

P: VanVoorhis, Rebecca (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Social Work);

P: Vermette, Rosalie (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts) (Student Affairs Chair);

P: Vessely, Jeffery (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/00) (Physical Education);

P: Warfel, Kathleen (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Medicine);

P: Wass, Justin L. (Elected: Medicine 6/00);

A: Watt, Jeffrey (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: UFC Representative 6/00) (Science);

A: West, Karen (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Medicine);

A: Wiebke, Eric (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Medicine);

A: Wilcox, Barbara (Ex Officio: Executive Associate Dean of Education--Indianapolis);

P: Wilkins, Harriet (Officer: Parliamentarian 6/00) (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Liberal Arts) (Nominating Chair);

A: Wokeck, Marianne (Elected: At Large 6/01) (Liberal Arts) (Fringe Benefits Chair);

P: Yokomoto, Charles (Elected: At Large 6/00) (Ex Officio: Executive Committee 6/01) (Engineering and Technology);

P: Yurtseven, H. Oner (Ex Officio: Dean of Engineering & Technology).


II. Non-Voting Members (5):

A: Blake, Pat (Ex Officio: Senior Academy Representative 6/00) (Nursing);

A: Lowenkron, Ann (Elected: University College 6/00) (Nursing) (University College Faculty Governance Leader);

A: Manaloor, Jacob (Ex Officio: Student Assembly President 6/00);

A: Phillabaum, Melinda (Ex Officio: Staff Council President 6/00) (Business);

A: Rooney, Patrick (Elected: IUPU Columbus 6/00) (Liberal Arts).


III. Guests/Visitors/Others (non-voting):

P: Charleston, Lillian (Affirmative Action Officer);

P: Combs, Terri (Coordinator for Associate Faculty);

P: Frisby, David (Faculty Council Coordinator);

P: Gray, Ralph (Liberal Arts: History) (Emeritus);

P: Grove, Mark (Registrar);

P: Lorentz, Donald (UITS Audio Engineer: Recorder);

P: MacKinnon, Joyce (Allied Health Sciences);

P: Rothe, Carl (Medicine) (Constitution Chair);


[Attachment for FC000113 Minutes]


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Faculty Council (FC) Meeting

Dental School Building, Room S115 (DS 115): Thursday, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.


A G E N D A (FC: January 13, 2000)


I.                     Call to Order: Paul Galanti (IUPUI Faculty Vice-President)!


II.                   Approval of Minutes for November 4, 1999, & December 2, 1999 (see attachment1 for November and also on web at http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc991104html.htm" -- December will be emailed and posted at "http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/minutes/fc991202html.htm" when ready, with hardcopies available at the meeting).


III.                 Chancellor's Report: Gerald Bepko (IUPUI Chancellor & IU Vice-President).


IV.                 President's Report: Rebecca Porter (IUPUI Faculty President & UFC Co-Secretary) [URLs for revised and approved "Faculty/Librarian Review and Enhancement" and "Dismissal Procedures for Tenured Faculty and Librarians" documents: http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/reviewenhance991202.htm & http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/dismissalpolicyiupui991202html.htm.]


V.                   "Election of Faculty Grievance Mediation Committee and Faculty Board of Review Pool" -- Mary Fisher (Nominating Committee Acting Chair) & Becky Porter (Executive Committee Chair) (slates distributed in advance via email when ready, with hardcopies available at the meeting -- ballots distributed at meeting) [ACTION ITEM]. 


VI.                 "Executive Committee Annual Report (see attachment2) on the Number of Unit and At-Large Representatives to Elect to FC for 2000/01 - 2001/02 -- Rebecca Porter (Executive Committee Chair) [INFORMATION ITEM].


VII.               Annual Report of the Affirmative Action Office (see attachment3) -- Lillian Charleston (IUPUI Affirmative Action Officer) [INFORMATION ITEM].


VIII.             Extended Question / Answer Period [Questions submitted in advance for Chancellor Bepko, President Porter or others, and addressed to fcouncil@iupui.edu (or UN 403 or Fax 274-2970) are strongly encouraged].


IX.                 Unfinished Business?


X.                   New Business?


XI.                 Adjournment.


*Attachments (not included as part of FC000113 minutes):

1 Unapproved Faculty Council Minutes for November 4th, 1999 (synoptic);

2 Executive Committee Annual Report on the Number of Unit and At-Large Representatives to Elect to FC for 2000/01 - 2001/02;

3 Annual Report of the Affirmative Action Office.

[Coming & available at the meeting: Minutes for Dec 2, 1999, and Slate for election]


Next Faculty Council Meeting: February 3, 1999!


[Agenda Prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, David Frisby,

UN 403, 317-274-2215 (fax 4-2970), fcouncil@iupui.edu : http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil]