Indianapolis Faculty Council (IFC)


September 2, 2008 ~ CE 409 ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Faculty and Guests Present:  Ron Ackerman, Margaret Adamek, William Agbor Baiyee, Austin Agho, Hasan Akay, Jeff Anglen, Rachel Applegate, Enrica Ardemagni, Simon Atkinson, Carol Baird, Sarah Baker, Trudy Banta, Charles Bantz, Martin Bard, Robert Barrows, Samantha Bartholomew, Margaret Bauer, Terry Baumer, Anne Belcher, Ed Berbari, Marc Bilodeau, Jacqueline Blackwell, Bonnie Blazer-Yost, William Blomquist, Polly Boruff-Jones, Janice Buelow, Debra Sue Burns, John Butterworth, Amanda Cecil, Philip Cochran, Todd Daniels-Howell, Andre De Tienne, Nancy Eckerman, Marsha Ellett, Garland Elmore, Scott Evenbeck, Charles Feldhaus, John Finnell, Mary L. Fisher, Philip Goff, Carlos Gonzalez-Cabezas, Linda Adele Goodine, William Gronfein, Joseph Harmon, John Hassell, Jay Howard, Allison Howland, Robin Hughes, Susan Hyatt, Marilyn Irwin, Crystal Johnfauno, Kathy Johnson, P. Nicholas Kellum, Kim Kirkland, Joan Kowolik, Debomoy Lahiri, Kathy Lay, David Lewis, Chris Long, Carmen Luca-Sugawara, Joyce MacKinnon, Virginia Majewski, Kathy Marrs, Brenna McDonald, Mahesh Merchant, Stacy Morrone, Bart Ng, C. Subah Packer, Michael Patchner, Rebecca Porter, Stephen Randall, Lisa Riolo, Pat Rogan, Romil Saxena, Roger Schmenner, Armando Soto, Uday Sukhatme, David Suzuki, Michelle Tansy, Adam Vanosdol, Richard Ward, Jeff Watt, Karen West, David Westhuis, Corinne Wheeler, Karen Whitney, Jack Windsor, Andrew Winship, Frank Witzmann, Marianne Wokeck, Emily Wren, Xiofeng F. Yang, and Oner Yurtseven


Agenda Item I:  Welcome and Call to Order

IUPUI Faculty Vice President Jeff Watt called the meeting to order at 3:08 p.m.  Watt called for a moment of silence for Robin Hass Birky, a faculty member from IU Northwest who was killed in an accident on the way to a meeting at IUPUI.


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Agenda as the Order of Business for the Day

Watt noted that Item III on the agenda (Approval of the IFC April 15, 2008, minutes) should actually be the approval of the minutes for May 6.  The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day. 


Agenda Item III:  [ACTION ITEM] Approval of IFC May 6, 2008, Minutes

Hearing no objections, the IFC May 6, 2008, minutes stood as written and were entered into record.



Agenda Item IV:  [First Reading] Slate of Nominees for At-Large Representatives to the Promotion and Tenure Committee (Jacqueline Blackwell, Chair, IFC Nominating Committee)

Blackwell introduced the slate for elections for the At-Large Representatives to the Promotion and Tenure Committee.  The slate includes:


Slate for IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Committee

Election:  October 7, 2008

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Election Date:                  October 7, 2008

Number to Elect:             1 and possibly 2

Term of Office:                1 at 3 years; 1 at 1 year


The IUPUI Faculty Council Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following nominees for two positions on the IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Committee.  Of the candidates listed, you will be asked to vote for one faculty member.  Election will take place by paper ballot distributed and tallied at the October 7 meeting.  The highest number of votes will receive a three-year position with the second highest receiving the one-year position.  The one-year position was vacated by Patrick Rooney who is unable to fulfill the term due to administrative duties he has taken on within the Center on Philanthropy.


Main List


D. Wade Clapp                Medicine
Nancy Eckerman             Medicine Library
Carol Brooks Gardner       Liberal Arts

Robert Jamison                Business

Fred Rees                        Music
Alan Schmetzer               Medicine


Alternates (if needed)


Obioma Nnaemeka          Liberal Arts

Kimberly Quaid               Medicine

Agenda Item V:  Updates/Remarks from the Chancellor

Chancellor Bantz gave the following report:

·        Welcomed the faculty to the first meeting of the academic year and to the Campus Center.  Bantz applauded the record enrollment for the campus this fall.

·        Bantz distributed information on the new administrative staff for the campus.  (See 2008.pdf)  

·        Porter gave the annual enrollment report.  There is a 4% increase in beginning freshmen;  17% of international admits.  Quality indicators are improved -- the SAT improved to 110 and international admits are improved as well.  Spring cycle increase was 6%.  Students are moving to the junior and senior status.  The Council on Retention and Graduation will be talking with the academic units about what we can do to keep the momentum.  Resident and non-resident enrollment increased.  This includes growth in international and domestic non-residents.  Financial Aid has been switched to the federal lending program.  Disbursement of loans:  18,000 students received loans; an increase of over 9%.  Total volume was over 18%.  The debt students are incurring is a continuing concern.  Porter indicated the report recognizes the hard work of enrollment services and the academic units.  Bantz thanked the faculty, staff, and students who contributed to this growth. (See 2008.pdf)

·        Research Funding for Indiana University:  Varahramyan gave the 2008 Research Report.  $525M was raised in external research with $300M coming from this campus.  (See Rpt 2008.pdf).

·        Bantz reported that campus housing is full.  At one time this summer, there was a waiting list of 400 people for 1100 beds.  Those students have been moved to Candlewood Suites across the White River. 

·        Whitney announced that the Campus Center welcomes you with at 10% discount on books in Barnes and Noble as well as in Starbucks. 

·        Bantz announced the U.S. News and World Report:  Best Colleges:  Up-and-coming National Universities.  (See

·        Report on Equal Opportunity Office:  Kirkland is implementing the set of recommendations in her office garnered from the findings from the report prepared by Barbara Mawhiney.  She will report on those findings later in the meeting.

·        The Core School Report has been submitted to the President.  The President should respond this month.

·        The establishment of a School of Public Health is still under discussion by the President.

·        Search for Dean, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management.  This search has been continued to this academic year and Kellum was thanked for his willingness to continue as Dean until a successor has been found.

·        Search for Dean, IUPUI Honors College:  The search is underway.  $70M was donated to IUPUI on top of the previous gift to the University on the death of Jesse Cox this summer.

·        Search for Director, Center on Philanthropy:  Roger Schmenner, Chief of Staff, will chair the search.  The committee is currently being constructed. 

·        Administrative Reviews of Dean Patchner and Dean Lewis are included in the packet.  A review of Dean Broome will be conducted this year.


·        Schmenner will give a master planning update later on the agenda. 


Agenda Item VI:  Updates/Remarks from the IFC President

IUPUI Faculty President Simon Atkinson gave the following report:

·        Board of Trustees:  There is no change in the composition of the Board.  The Intellectual Property Policy and Family Leave Policies were adopted by the Trustees over the summer.  There was an exception written into the policy for Clinical Faculty in the School of Medicine.  Those faculty are still covered under the old policy.  This exception has a sunset provision of one year; then everyone will be covered by the new policy.  The faculty in the SOM will draft a policy to take place at that time.  The impact to the clinic services may be great if coverage for those on leave cannot be found.  The Trustees are concerned about fringe benefit costs, especially the health care plans, and has asked the President to review the policies.  He is expected to put together a task force. 

·        The President is actively working a committee for the Chancellor’s five-year review.  The chair has been chosen and the IFC-EC has submitted names for the review committee.  The review committee will be 50% faculty with the remainder coming from other constituencies.  An announcement should be made soon.

·        The Task Force on Core Schools was to look at the functioning relationship between the deans of the two campuses.  The review is to look at that function only, not on the core schools as a whole.

·        A system-wide Promotion and Tenure Committee is looking at baseline procedures for P&T.  It is not known when a report will be available.

·        The VP for Information Technology is developing a strategic plan for information technology.  A draft recommendation will be received in October.  The previous plan is ten years old.

·        There has been conversation between the Faculty and Staff Council for increased communication.  At future meetings, the Staff Council will make brief remarks of their current issues.   


Agenda Item VII:  [Discussion Item]:  Office of Equal Opportunity

Kim Kirkland, Director of Equal Opportunity



·        IUPUI Affirmative Action Office Report to the IUPUI Faculty Council – May 6, 2008 ( Report 2008.pdf)

·        Executive Summary:  Affirmative Action Office Hiring and Complaint Procedures – July 8, 2008 ( ExecSum.pdf)

·        Kirkland’s PowerPoint Presentation – 9-2-08 ( PP.pdf)


Kirkland introduced the Executive Summary of the Affirmative Action Office Hiring and Complaint Procedures (prepared by Barbara Mawhiney).  See the link above for the report.  The report discussed a three-pronged approach for resolving complaints.  The approach is:  Consultative Approach, Mediation, and Formal Investigation.  The report includes a flow chart explaining the Office of Equal Opportunity Investigation Complain Process. 


Questions were asked of Kirkland. 


Windsor asked how history will reflect decisions; how will one problem be treated if there is another situation that is identical but treated in a different manner?  Kirkland responded that it will be up to the Decisional Authority to make the decision of conclusion.


Packer asked about having an external panel to assist with decision making.  Kirkland said that is a consideration.  Bantz said if there is a real problem, a complaint can be taken to the EEO. 


Ward said congratulated Kirkland on the improvement in the process.  He is concerned about what is considered egregious.  Should there a counseling body to help with that decision?  Kirkland said the legal counsel on campus is the sounding board.  She said you have to listen to what is being alleged and then be able to make an informed decision. 


Atkinson said that the Faculty Affairs and Student Affairs Committees of the IFC will be working with Kirkland on this new process.


Agenda Item VIII:  [Discussion Item] Campus Master Plan Update

Roger Schmenner, Chief of Staff


Schmenner reported on the commissioning of the master planning (MP) process.  The MP is Smith Group and JJR (out of Washington, DC) – the architects for the Campus Center and the Law School.  He spoke of the subcontractors for various aspects of the campus.  The MP should be completed in January or February 2009.  They have done much of the fact finding and are now in the position of introducing key ideas that will guide the plan.  Each month, there will precision and detail in what they do, and the product will be increasingly firm.  The committees selected to help the process have been helpful to the planners.  Current thoughts are:


·        Land usage.  Comparing IUPUI to other urban campuses, we have much land, but much of it is covered with surface lots.  The MPs say we should be developed more intensively than we are, meaning buildings should be closer than they are and closer to the street.  We may see denser development on campus and a renunciation to seek space elsewhere.

·        Short on space.  If we look at space per student, we have 25% less space than our urban peers, and 26% less space per faculty member than our urban peers.  The next meeting of the MPs will determine which ways we are short and say more specific things about lab space, office space, and teaching space.

·        Traffic is worse than parking.  The MPs will look at how we get around on campus.  We are not pedestrian friendly, bike friendly, or vehicle friendly.  The planners would like Michigan and New York to be two-way streets.  Parking will become easier if the streets become two-way.  We are week in north-south arteries.  We have University Boulevard, but we do not have anything else that connects New York to 10th Street. 

·        Community connection.  Make more of an effort to incorporate the campus with Indiana Avenue and the Cultural Trail.  The Cultural Trail will come through the west side of Indianapolis through the IUPUI campus on the east end.  The growth of the campus should tie to the Trail.  Mixed use development along Indiana Avenue has been suggested (i.e., retail, commercial, restaurants, and perhaps residential space from West to Blackford and back down). 

·        River.  The campus does not view the river as an amenity.  We have a chance to make the river a place to go to and enjoy.  What is likely to immerge is some kind of sports, but most likely housing along the river where the softball fields currently are.  Perhaps put research facilities along that way and move the medical complex south of Michigan. 


All the efforts are being considered to have green space on campus as well.  There may be walkways and green space for pedestrians and bikers that tie buildings together and an east-west and north-south direction.  A Town Hall meeting is being planned at a future date to go further into the plan. 


Agenda Item IX:  Question and Answer Period


Ward asked about campus housing.  He said that during orientation this summer, there were parents upset about how housing worked with the waiting list.  Persons paid a deposit for housing, then found out housing was full and they could not receive their deposit back.  Whitney said there was an application charge for housing.  She was aware that money had been returned.  If a student has not returned the application, money was not returned.  If an application was filled out, it was processed, and they were not able to get a spot, they were given their money back.  Whitney knows of three people who wanted their money back but did not receive it because they did not send their contract back. 


Ng asked about housing and overpromising space to students when they recruit.  How can we get on the agenda of the Trustees to hear our needs?  Bantz asked that Whitney be placed on the next IFC agenda for discussion of the timeline for new housing. 


Berbari asked about the School of Public Health.  Where do we stand?  Bantz said the Board of Trustees approved the mission statement.  The challenge is there is a HYPER school in Bloomington, and there are programs in the School of Medicine for public health.  The accreditation process for public health is complicated.  There is one school in the country that is a two-campus school.  He has suggested to the President that he look at this school.  A School of Public Health opens the door for public funding that cannot be gotten in any other way.  The President has made it clear that he is making the decision.


Kowolik asked about the plans for the School of Dentistry with master planning.  Bantz said the parking lot takes up the space, but the building remains in its location.  There is enormous square footage of developable space next to the building, but it is taken up by a parking lot. 


Hassell said in the old master plan, there was field house space for Commencement.  Is there a plan for that?  Schmenner said there is some consideration for convocation space or performing arts space and the closer to the Cultural Trail, the better. 


Belcher asked about development around the Union Building area.  Schmenner said that is possible. 


Agenda Item X:  Call for any IFC or UFC Standing Committee Reports.

The IFC-EC met with the Committee Chairs last week.  No additional reports were given.


Agenda Item XI:  Unfinished Business

No business.


Agenda Item XII:  New Business


Hyatt asked about summer pay on two paychecks with one being held for the first check in the fall.  She is concerned for instructors who work in the summer for extra pay but is held up for three weeks.  Bantz asked her to speak with Dawn Rhodes.


Eckerman asked us to consider faculty age and benefits.


Agenda Item XIII:  Adjournment

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.  The motion carried.  Vice President Watt adjourned the meeting.



Karen Eckert

IUPUI Faculty Council Coordinator