Indianapolis Faculty Council (IFC)


October 7, 2008 ~ University Place Hotel, Ballroom West ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Faculty and Guests Present:  Ron Ackerman, Margaret Adamek, Austin Agho, Hasan Akay, Jeff Anglen, Rachel Applegate, Simon Atkinson, Carol Baird, Sarah Baker, Trudy Banta, Charles Bantz, Martin Bard, Robert Barrows, Margaret Bauer, Terry Baumer, Anne Belcher, Marc Bilodeau, Jacqueline Blackwell, Bonnie Blazer-Yost, William Blomquist, Polly Boruff-Jones, Ben Boukai, Debra Sue Burns, Amanda Cecil, Philip Cochran, Jan Cox, Todd Daniels-Howell, Andre De Tienne, Nancy Eckerman, Marsha Ellett, Garland Elmore, Scott Evenbeck, Anthony Faiola, Charles Feldhaus, John Finnell, Dominique Galli, Greg Garrett, Philip Goff, Carlos Gonzalez-Cabezas, Linda Adele Goodine, William Gronfein, Joseph Harmon, John Hassell, Eyas Hattab, Sue Herrell, Jay Howard, Allison Howland, Susan Hyatt, Kathy Johnson, Areef Salim Kassam, Joan Kowolik, Debomoy Lahiri, Kathy Lay, Chris Long, Joyce MacKinnon, Virginia Majewski, Kathy Marrs, Anna McDaniel, Brenna McDonald, David McSwane, Mahesh Merchant, Henry Merrill, Stacy Morrone, Mary Beth Myers, Bethany Neal-Beliveau, Bart Ng, C. Subah Packer, Rebecca Porter, Stephen Randall, Fred Rees, Dawn Rhodes, Lisa Riolo, Alan Schmetzer, Uday Sukhatme, G. Marie Swanson, Richard Ward, Stuart Warden, Karen West, Corinne Wheeler, Kim White-Mills, Jack Windsor, Andrew Winship, Emily Wren, Frank Yang, and Nancy Young


Agenda Item I:  Welcome and Call to Order

IUPUI Faculty Council Executive Committee Member, Anne Belcher, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. 


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Agenda as the Order of Business for the Day

The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day. 


Agenda Item III:  Memorial Resolution for Dr. Richard Haak and Dr. James East

A moment of silence was given by the assembly.


Attachments: Resolution - Richard Haak.pdf and Resolution - James East.pdf


Agenda Item IV:  [Action Item] Approval of IFC September 2, 2008, Minutes

Hearing no objections, the IFC September 2, 2008, minutes stood as written and were entered into record.



Agenda Item V:  [Action Item] Election of At-Large Representatives to the Promotion and Tenure Committee (Janice Cox, Co-Chair, IFC Nominating Committee)

Cox introduced the slate for elections for the At-Large Representatives to the Promotion and Tenure Committee.  The body began voting.

Promotion & Tenure Committee Representative:  The person receiving the highest number of votes will be given a three-year term (December 2008 – November 2011) with the next highest receiving a one-year term (December 2008 – November 2009).

D. Wade Clapp                                                                     Tenured Professor       Medicine
Nancy Eckerman                                                                  Tenured Librarian       Medicine Library
Carol Brooks Gardner                                                         Tenured Professor       Liberal Arts

Obioma Nnaemeka                                                              Tenured Professor       Liberal Arts

Fred Rees                                                                              Tenured Professor       Engineering and Tech.
Alan Schmetzer                                                                    Tenured Professor       Medicine


Agenda Item VI:  Updates/Remarks from the Chancellor

Chancellor Bantz gave the following report:

·        Indiana Student Life Association is meeting on campus today.  Vice Chancellor Karen Whitney is hosting this group.

·        Gene and Marilyn Glick donated $30M to IUPUI to create the Glick Eye Institute.  $20M is the cost of the building with an additional $10M endowment.  The groundbreaking occurred today.  The building will be on the corner of Michigan and West Drive (by Coleman Hall).

·        The master planning process continues to move with meetings occurring frequently.  The committee will present a plan to the Board of Trustees in November.  There will be a presentation to the campus in the future.

·        Fairbanks Hall has opened on the canal.  It is an education building as well as a “simulation center.”  This includes a real ambulance, an emergency room, and patient rooms which simulate a real experience. 

·        Research III will be completed by the first of the year.

·        The Innovation Center is under discussion.  The President may address this initiative in the President’s State of the University address next week.

·        An administration building is under discussion as well.  The President is committed to the building and hopes to have a project underway within the next year.

·        Construction within the hotel in the food court area is taking place.  The new space will provide exhibition space as well as food.  Microsoft will meet in the new space in December. 

·        Chats with the Chancellor:  Bantz has been meeting with students, faculty, and staff.  The first topic was fitness, facilities, and better food.  He will hold the Chats once a semester in Citizens Common at the Campus Center.

·        Craig Brater, Dean, School of Medicine, was recognized by the National Kidney Foundation for the research and expertise he provides that field.

·        The IU Kenya Partnership was recognized as the International Citizen of the Year by the International Center of Indianapolis.

·        Bantz was invited to be a part of the Chronicle of Higher Education and New York Times Board.  The Board will focus on education issues.     

·        Pricing Textbooks:  The debate on the cost of textbooks is developing over the country once again.  Rep. Jeff Espich (House – District 82, IN) has taken this issue to the legislature.  Discussions will take place across the state. 

·        Enrollment Shaping has brought an increase in students from out of state.  The benefit of the programs in Liberal Arts and Science has seen an increase in revenue.  Better student performance is being seen as well. 

·        Honors College:  The initiative has received good response.  It has not been found that there needs to be approval from the Board of Trustees.  The initiative has the approval of the President.

·        Sukhatme shared information about SRUF (Support for the Recruitment of Underrepresented Faculty):   


Agenda Item VII:  Updates/Remarks from the IFC President

IUPUI Faculty President Simon Atkinson gave the following report:

·        President McRobbie will give the State of the University address on October 14, at 1:30 p.m., in the University Place Conference Center Auditorium.

·        The Chancellor’s State of the Campus address is on November 11, at 3:00 p.m., in the Campus Center, Room 450A.

·        The UFC met on September 23.  The main discussion was the draft recommendations of the system-wide Promotion and Tenure Task Force.  David Malik and Andre de Tienne are on the task force from this campus. 

·        The USG has raised the following issues that they would like faculty to consider:  fall break, dead week enforcement, and lunch periods.  He introduced Areef Salim Kassim who will address the issues at the December 2 meeting of the IFC.  The issues reflect a change in the character of the campus where there are more full-time students than before.

·        The President’s Office is constructing a committee to conduct a review of Chancellor Bantz.  The committee will be charged by the President next month. 

·        IFC committees are beginning their work and reports will be given at upcoming meetings.

·        There will be a town hall meeting with the master planners in the future.  Information will be given when a date is selected.


Election Update:  Cox announced that Carol Brooks Gardner has been elected for the three-year position for the P&T.  There is a three-way tie for the remaining position.  Permission was given to destroy the original ballots.  Voting continued for the remaining position.


Agenda Item VIII:  [Discussion Item]:  Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Connie Bond, Program Officer,;



Kathy Marrs introduced Bond.  The Foundation was developed to help encourage students to teach in the STEM disciplines.  Bond’s report is as follows:

·        The need is teacher quality.   Not enough highly-able people to go into teaching.  Significant teacher shortages contributes to low student achievement, particularly among at-risk students.

·        Background:  The WW Indiana Teaching Fellowship was announced in December 2007.  Funded by $10.1M by the Lilly Endowment and supported by the Governor’s office.

·        Goals:  Recruit strong teachers for high need urban/rural schools in STEM, attract the best and brightest to teach, retain the teachers, and transform to teacher education.

·        Why WW?  Prestige, school-university partnerships, and leadership in education.

·        The Award:  $30,000 stipend, master’s degree program at one of four Indiana universities (Ball State University, IUPUI, Purdue University, and University of Indianapolis).  At the end of the experience, the student will be prepared to teach in a high-need urban or rural secondary school.  Support and mentoring throughout a three-year teaching commitment, guidance toward teacher certification, and life-long membership in the fellowship.

·        Eligibility:  US citizenship, bachelor’s degree, GPA of 3.0 or better as an undergraduate, PRAXIS exam

·        Applications are accepted online only at 

·        What can we do?  Encourage current students/alums to apply.  Only nine IUPUI students have applied so far.  You are encouraged to announce the scholarship to students.  Contact information is Dr. Constance Bond ( or Dr. Kim Nguyen (


Election Update:  Cox announced that Nancy Eckerman will serve a one-year term on the IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Committee.  Permission was given to destroy the ballots.


Agenda Item IX:  Report from the IUPUI Staff Council

Sue Herrell, President-Elect


Herrell announced the following:

·        Dan Rives, University Human Resources, provided a presentation on voluntary benefits packages to employees at the September Staff Council Meeting.  The importance of this has been that short-term disability has finally become an option to staff through a package offered.  The new options will be available in January 2009.  In order to make this a reality, 25% of the staff must register for the option.  The Staff Council has been rallying for short-term disability for many years.

·        The Staff Council is hosting a blood drive on October 31, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at three locations:  Taylor Hall, Campus Center, and the Safeco Building downtown.  The blood drive is in conjunction to the Employee Health and Benefits Fair at the Campus Center.  This is not the first blood drive for the Staff Council.  The goal for this drive is 300 units of blood.  700 staff members attended the Health and Benefits Fair last year and she encouraged support of the staff to attend the fair this year to participate in the blood drive and find information they need on benefits and health information.

·        The IUPUI Staff Council and the IUPUI Faculty Council websites are being revised and will be available soon.

·        Saturday, November 22, 10-4 is the first Arts and Crafts Fair at the Campus Center. 


Agenda Item X:  [Discussion Item] IU Information Technology Strategic Plan 2 (ITSP2)

Frank Acito, Garland Elmore


Handouts: McRobbie and Wheeler0001.pdf Charges0001.pdf


Elmore introduced the discussion as well as Frank Acito.  The Celebration Event was on May 20, 2008, to celebrate the progress and continue the journey.  Brad Wheeler was charged to create the second information technology proposal.  The chair of the University Information Technology Committee is Acito. 


Acito said there will be four task forces looking at a new strategic plan:  Faculty and Scholarly Excellence, Student Success, Effective Community, and Engagement Beyond.  The project will involve 140 people and are planned around the roles within the task forces.  The original plan centered on architecture of the plan and the new plan will center on applications of the plan.  The plan will look at five years into the future.  IU Faculty will be able take place in collaborative tools such as teleconferencing and teleconferencing with students and faculty around the world.  Sharing documents will be more collaborative (working on the same document at the same time as someone else).  Virtualization of the office – be able to communicate with the office by voice and documents anywhere/anytime.  Other items to look forward to are:  more creative usage of technology in the classroom to track student learning and provide feedback; interactive learning and usage of hybrid models of distance learning and internet learning with the classroom; faculty enablement and support for faculty to accomplish their work with information technology; faculty may be able to put together their own programming; take away barriers and tedium associated with technology today so that the benefits of technology can be realized; and capture and store more of the daily life of IUPUI events which will be easily incorporated into homework and classroom use. 


Three strategic thrusts:  1 – architecture of sustained leadership; 2 – human-centric IT; and 3 – focused excellence.



Email: or (Garland Elmore)

Voicemail:  278-9988


The plan will be made available to everyone once it is presented to the President.  There will be 127 meetings held across the campuses.  Contact Elmore if your department/unit/school would like a specialized meeting to discuss the plan.  Atkinson said the Research Affairs and Student Affairs Committees will be meeting to discuss the plan.


Agenda Item XI:  Question and Answer Period

Linda Adele Goodine – Question about SRUF.  Is there still time for a unit to make a hire in 2009 if all funds are exhausted?  Bantz and Sukhatme have decided to continue the hires and they will find the base money.  It is hoped to use some of the Chancellor’s Reallocation Fund.  Bantz encouraged schools to continue the search for faculty.  With the condition of the economy, the legislative session will be difficult.  The change in property taxes will affect the university budget. 


Joe Harmon:  Is there a location for the lab research building?  Bantz said it is likely to be close to the Library and the Science and Engineering and Technology building.  The other, University Hall (working title), would be located close to law and the ICTC building.  May also be close to the hotel to share underground parking.


Agenda Item XII:  Unfinished Business

No business.


Agenda Item XIII:  New Business

No business.


Agenda Item XIV:  [Discussion Item] Update on Food Services

Maggie Miller, Auxiliary Services, Contract Administration,

Tom Cappucci, General Manager, University Place,


John Short introduced the topic and the speakers.  He said with the 21-year track record of the hotel, it was concluded late summer to integrate the services of COMPASS (Chartwells) and FLIK.  Cappucci was asked to work on the integration.  Conversation has taken place with the Undergraduate Student Assembly about the food service demands and requests.  Vice Chancellor Rhodes has asked that this process be ongoing to meet the needs of everyone using the services of food and catering.  Chartwells will be held accountable for the standards needed by the campus.  They have been meeting with students and they will announce next week a 30% discount will be given to the Chartwells No Frills menus to student organizations. 


Miller spoke of realignment of the Chartwells organizations including customer service, standards, and consistency.  An example is the HR director of University Place is now handling all the HR procedures for Chartwells.  This will help with training and consistency to the employees.  FLIK/Platinum service encompasses this.  Bamboo Asian was closed after one semester as it was not popular.  Rio Frontera has replaced it and is successful with the students.  Each of the food concepts in the food court can be changed with times and tastes.  Chartwells looks at food trends to see what is popular on college campuses.


No Frills and Food Works – catering, inexpensive

Campus Specialties – catering, next level

Food Art – catering, high end menus


Cappucci spoke of looking at the Chartwells program and people.  There have been employee shifts to get the result needed in the areas needed.  Pricing structure should make the service competitive for vendors to meet student need.  They do a survey of competitive businesses to keep pricing under control and competitive.  Many places are doing discounts for students and organizations – more than they originally thought, so Chartwells raised their discounts.  Vegetarian and vegan items will be included as options as well.  The quality of food has been reviewed as well.  The hotel executive chef is working to train the staff over in the food court.  Communication needs to be better.  When there is a new promotion or change, they need to be sure the message is out.  There is an electronic newsletter used by the students, Your Voice, they will utilize to get the word out and ask for feedback.  Cappucci welcomes suggestions.  

There are four levels of catering which were outlined above.  No Frills and Food Works are both disposable catering options.  This is to keep the price lower.  Campus specialties and food art are the served events with servers, etc.  The menus are only a sample of what they can do.  If you have a budget or theme, they will do their best to meet your needs. 


Rick Ward said our food costs are 30% higher here than in Bloomington.  He feels we are also short on services for our evening students.  In terms of student organizations, a lot of organizations still believe there is the exclusivity clause and it would be helpful if there was a level at which the clause could be ignored.  Cappucci said that the branded venues such as Chick-fil-A sets their own prices.  We are competitive with what would be purchased downtown.  Hours of operations:  research has been looked at.  They have seen a dramatic drop at 6:00 on cash register purchases.  So, they need to determine if they should consider going later for after classes or not. 


Dawn Rhodes said there will be an independent consultant on food service operations. They will be asked to speak to hours of operations, food service, pricing, and housing.  In response to the exclusivity clause, she said they have not been enforcing this on campus.  They will consider levels of purchases to use catering outside campus for smaller events.  Cappucci said the minimum amounts are to be used around the weekend. 


Nancy Eckerman asked about using Foundation funds to go elsewhere.  Rhodes said Chartwells must be used with Foundation accounts.  Ben Boukai said the Budgetary Affairs Committee has been looking at this as well.  Some donations have been specified for special events and it gets expensive to buy from Chartwells if it can be purchased much more cheaply by purchasing elsewhere.  Chartwells does not see every event as a catered event. 


Agenda Item XV:  Adjournment

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.  The motion carried.  Vice President Watt adjourned the meeting to honor the faculty celebrating 20 years of service at IUPUI.


The following faculty were recognized as having served on the IUPUI faculty for 20 years:


Janet N. Arno,             School of Medicine   

Cheryl A. Bean,          School of Nursing

Robert M. Bigsby,      School of Medicine

Ulf J. Bjork,                JURS

David F. Canal,           School of Medicine

Anthony D. Cox,         School of Business

Dena S. Cox,               School of Business

Kenneth W. Davis,     School of Liberal Arts

Lawrence P. Garetto, School of Dentistry

Maureen A. Harrington, School of Medicine

Alon Harris,                School of Medicine

Steven P. Haug,          School of Dentistry

Roger C. Hoversland, School of Medicine

Joyce E. Hubbard,      School of Medicine

David R. Jones,           School of Medicine

Kellie N. Kaneshiro,   University Library

J. Howard Keller,       School of Business

Barbara Kluve-Beckerman, School of Medicine

Marjorie J. Kurt,         School of Nursing

Norman Lefstein,       School of Law

Katherine R. Levin,    School of Medicine

Richard J. Magjuka,   School of Business

James J. Morgan,        University Library

Grant D. Nichol,         School of Medicine

James J. Nocon,          School of Medicine

Mathew J. Palakal,     School of Informatics

Mark D. Pescovitz,     School of Medicine

Ora H. Pescovitz,        School of Medicine

David A. Plager,         School of Medicine

Frederick J. Rescorla, School of Medicine

Jose R. Rosario,          School of Education

Paul G. Schoon,          School of Medicine

Jane E. Schultz,          School of Liberal Arts

Susan C. Shepherd,     School of Liberal Arts

Robert F. Sutton,        School of Liberal Arts

David A. Suzuki,        School of Medicine

John J. Tilley,             School of Liberal Arts

Michael R. Vasko,      School of Medicine

David F. Westenkirchner, School of Medicine

Chi-Wah Yung,          School of Medicine



Karen Eckert, Faculty Council Coordinator,