Indianapolis Faculty Council (IFC)


November 11, 2008 ~ Campus Center, Room 450A ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Faculty and Guests Present:  Ron Ackerman, Austin Agho, Hasan Akay, Rachel Applegate, Enrica Ardemagni, Simon Atkinson, Carol Baird, Sarah Baker, Trudy Banta, Charles Bantz, Robert Barrows, Samantha Bartholomew, Margaret Bauer, Anne Belcher, Ed Berbari, Robert Bigsby, Marc Bilodeau, William Blomquist, Janice Buelow, Susan Alvarez (for Amanda Cecil), Andre De Tienne, Nancy Eckerman, Marsha Ellett, Garland Elmore, Scott Evenbeck, Anthony Faiola, Lawrence Goldblatt, Linda Adele Goodine, Joseph Harmon, John Hassell, Jay Howard, Allison Howland, Marilyn Irwin, Kathy Johnson, Areef Salim Kassam, P. Nicholas Kellum, Joan Kowolik, Kathy Lay, Chris Long, Carmen Luca Sugawara, Joyce MacKinnon, Virginia Majewski, David Malik, Kathy Marrs, Anna McDaniel, Brenna McDonald, David McSwane, Ann O’Bryan, C. Subah Packer, Rebecca Porter, Stephen Randall, Mary Riner, Dawn Rhodes, Lisa Riolo, Bill Schneider, Uday Sukhatme, David Suzuki, Richard Ward, Stuart Warden, Amy Warner, Jeff Watt, Corinne Wheeler, Jack Windsor, Andrew Winship, Marianne Wokeck, and Frank Yang


Agenda Item I:  Welcome and Call to Order

IUPUI Faculty Council Vice President, Jeff Watt, called the meeting to order at 3:06 p.m. 


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Agenda as the Order of Business for the Day

The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day. 


Agenda Item III:  Memorial Resolution for Dr. Krzysztof Przemyslaw Wojciechowski

A moment of silence was given by the assembly.


Attachment: Resolution - Krzysztof Wojciechowski.pdf


Agenda Item IV:  [Action Item] Approval of IFC October 7, 2008, Minutes

Hearing no objections, the IFC October 7, 2008, minutes stood as written and were entered into record.



Agenda Item V:  Updates/Remarks from the IFC President

IUPUI Faculty President Simon Atkinson gave the following report:

·        The Office of Faculty Appointments and Advancements is working on way to increase the number of IUPUI nominees for internal and external awards.  The IFC-EC discussed ways in which to assist FAA to find nominations.  The Faculty Governance Leaders have been asked for the names of the chairs of the Faculty Affairs Committees in their schools/units to help in the discussion.  Faculty are also encouraged to think of ways to promote other faculty for awards.  Atkinson asked that the faculty develop lists of internal and external awards for which faculty from their school might be eligible and competitive.  The nomination process for Indiana University honorary degrees should also be reviewed. The last few years, the nominations have come from campus administration.  Faculty should be nominating persons for IU honorary degrees as well, and it would be good to develop ways for the faculty in the schools to identify potential nominees.

·        Vice President for Research:  The President is constructing a search committee and the IFC-EC will suggest names to him for this committee.

·        The President also wants to consider having the University Graduate School report to the Office of Vice President Research, essential returning to the RUGS model.  The IFC Research Affairs Committee will be discussing this action and providing the President with a response.  Suggestions from the faculty are appreciated.

·        The membership of the Chancellor’s Review Committee will be made public soon, and it has its first meeting next week.  

·        The Board of Trustees Facilities Committee will meet on November 19, 2008, at 1:00 p.m., in the University Place Hotel Ballroom, to hear a report from the Master Planners.  This is a prelude to the Trustee’s meeting in February where they plan to announce the final draft of the master plan.  

·        A Town Hall meeting will be held with the master planners; however, the date has not been finalized.  It will most likely be during finals week.

·        A draft of the Information Technology Strategic Plan will be reviewed by the IFC Technology Committee and Academic Affairs Committee. Atkinson encouraged the Council to read the report and offer comments.  The discussion regarding the plan can be found in the October 7, 2008, IFC minutes (  

·        The Core Schools Task Force Report and the President’s response were sent to the IFC members.  They can also be found at:

·        A message has been sent to the voting faculty about their interest in serving on the Faculty Grievance Advisory Panel and Board of Review members.  Requests have also been sent for the Unit Representatives, UFC Representatives, and Undergraduate Curriculum Advisory Committee Representatives.

·        NTTF:  The Faculty Affairs Committee has appointed a subcommittee to consider the issues surrounding the increase in the number of NTTF relative to TTF.   


Agenda Item VI:  [Discussion Item] Project RISE

Mary Fisher, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,

Handouts: PP.pdf Talking Points.doc to the challenge communication.docx 


Fisher gave an update on the RISE initiative and follows the PowerPoint listed above. 


Questions followed the presentation:


Hassell asked about transcriptability:  Fisher met with the Registrar and Becky Porter (Enrollment Services) and they are trying to determine the best way to implement the process and be as automated as possible.  They do not want a school recorder to have to enter all the information.  They are trying to get the system to automatically tag that a RISE experience has having been achieved.  Once two achievements have been recorded a notation will be placed on the transcript.


How are we tagging the RISE courses?  As courses are gathered that meet the criteria, each course has a unique six-digit number.  That number will be linked to RISE from the Registrar’s system and it will automatically record on the transcript.  If a section is not a six-digit number, a number needs to be created.” To “If not all sections of a course are RISE, then a separate unique identifier number will need to be created only for those sections that are RISE.


How is a class judged to meet the criteria?  International, research, and service learning known courses are already tagged and listed.  On the bottom of the first page of the proposal linked above, there are five criteria that must be met.  The framework for criteria will be shared with the schools and the schools will determine if a course meets the criteria and can be tagged a RISE course.


Packer:  At the undergraduate level, students do research in Medicine that is not tied to a course number.  Is there a mechanism that can be used to turn the experience into a RISE experience?  Fisher said there will be a zero credit option that can be tagged as a RISE option and the student would need to get a mentor’s signature to okay that experience for RISE.  This item is still being worked on.


Would there be an effect on students on a summer research stipend?  Fisher said that question has not come up and she will need to research this before responding.


Fisher is accepting suggestions or questions regarding the initiative.


Agenda Item VII:  Question and Answer Period


De Tienne asked why IFC committees cannot use rooms in the Campus Center for meetings free of charge.  Atkinson said the funding for the Campus Center comes from student fees and other options.  The IFC does not have a budget that can cover the cost of covering meetings held in the building.  He hopes to explore ways that meetings can be held in the Campus Center without incurring costs.  Bantz said the students are paying 80% of the cost of the building through their fees.  Faculty Council does not have a revenue source, and he will need to look at ways to create a budget for this purpose.


Blomquist asked about financial exigency planning.  Bantz said the President has asked how each campus will address immediate measures if the state asks for money back during the fiscal year.  There are reserves in the schools and administration which have been noticed by state budget officers.  We need to look at a longer term approach about how to handle fiscal exigencies.  The state has not issued their report yet, and the President has asked that we be proactive in looking at the future.


Bantz was contacted by Mark Miles, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, and the lead person for Super Bowl 2012 Committee.  Miles asked that we start a conversation about how the campus can participate in the event.  Parking will become a problem for the Super Bowl Committee.  The Super Bowl bid did say University Place Hotel will host the NFC East team and that has not changed.  This will cause added security and traffic on campus.  Bantz asked Miles about positive ideas.  What about student ambassadors who can provide tours?  What other items can we think of that can focus on the campus?  There will be a huge media presence.  How can our students benefit by their presence?  Can we have an international experience related to the RISE experience?  Miles said the Pan Am Games created a generation of leaders through their participation in the event (including himself).  Are their students or people on this campus that can take leadership responsibility that can take them far?  Please give some thought to opportunities for the campus.


Agenda Item VIII:  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:49 p.m.  The Chancellor’s State of the Campus Address followed the meeting at 4:00 p.m.



Minutes prepared by Faculty Council Coordinator, Karen Eckert

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