A note about the May 1, 2007 IFC Meeting from Coordinator Molly Martin:


“In addition to an informative conversation with President-Designate McRobbie, the IUPUI Faculty Council ("IFC") completed the following pieces of business at today's meeting:


--The election of members for the 2007-09 terms to the IFC Executive and Nominating Committees, respectively.

Simon Atkinson, Mary L. Fisher, Jeff X. Watt, and L. Jack Windsor were elected to the Executive Committee.

Jacqueline Blackwell, Janice Cox, and Stephen Towne were elected to the IFC Nominating Committee.


--The approval of the revised Principles of Undergraduate Learning and accompanying language regarding introduction, implementation, and revision:  http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/PULs_as_of_5-1-07.doc


--A report from Chancellor Bantz that the searches for the Vice Chancellor of Research and Dean of Science will be launched in the coming weeks.  The Chancellor also reported that the search committee for the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance had its inaugural meeting today.  Finally, the Chancellor reported that he and Dean Sukhatme participated in a meeting featuring U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzales; the meeting addresses, in part, the issue of campus safety, student mental health, and associated legal/security concerns [in the wake of the VPI tragedy].


In closing: although time ran short today before we could recognize them, the IFC Officers (and yours truly) would like to thank all those who are completing terms on the IFC this June.  We'd like to extend special thanks to Enid Zwirn, Marion Wagner, and Dolores Hoyt, all long-time and very active IFC members who will be retiring in the coming weeks.  Marion and Enid are also departing the IFC Executive Committee, alongside Jim Baldwin and Cliff Goodwin, to whom we also extend sincere thanks.  If you are retiring this summer as well, please let me know as I'd like to post a list of acknowledgments on our website.


And, although, the standing ovation spoke volumes:  thank you, Betty Jones, for your terrific work on the PULs!


Thanks, everyone!  Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you over the summer.


Molly M.”