IUPUI Faculty Council (“IFC”)

October 2, 2007





ü     The minutes of the 9/4/07 IFC were approved as written and entered into record.


ü     Nominating Committee Chair Jacqueline Blackwell directed the Council’s attention to the slate of candidates for election at-large to the Campus Promotion and Tenure Committee for the 12/2007-11/2010 terms.  The slate was originally presented at the September IFC meeting. 


After ballots were distributed and tallied, IFC Executive Committee member Jack Windsor reported [on Blackwell’s behalf] that Bonnie Blazer-Yost had been elected.  Per tradition, Windsor then asked for a motion to destroy the ballots.  The motion was moved, seconded, and carried unanimously.  Vice President Rosalie Vermette thanked the candidates and congratulated Blazer-Yost on her election.













Michael A. McRobbie, President, Indiana University

Bethwel Allan Ogot, Chancellor (President), Moi University, Kenya

Joseph J. Mamlin, Professor Emeritus of Medicine (Kenya), Indiana University

Luis Gil Borja, Rector (President), Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico



The program, a translational research discussion, will be held on October 15th from 12:00-1:30 in the University Place Conference Center. The event and luncheon are free to IUPUI faculty, staff, and students.  Please make your reservation by e-mailing Maggie McFarlin.


NOTE:  Lorraine Blackman and the IFC Metropolitan Affairs Committee have played a critical role in promoting and planning TRIP.  Thank you!


o      IUPUI will sponsor student information booths and campus tours during the upcoming annual Future Farmers of America convention.


o      Faculty are urged to visit the Academic Affairs website for updates on Academic Action Plan committee recommendations and Signature Center proposals and funding.




IFC Representative John Hassell expressed concerns about the broad quality of Number 6.  IFC Executive Committee member Mary Fisher echoed his concern, asking for more explicit language guiding the types of program or course changes that will be addressed by the UCAC. 


IFC Representative Bonnie Blazer-Yost asked if, since the UCAC will assume some of the responsibility of the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (“APPC”) and augment the work of other campus committees, the charges of other campus committees would need to be revised.  She also expressed her belief that non-tenure-track faculty should be represented on the committee. Dean of the Faculties Uday Sukhatme agreed that the non-tenure-line voice is a critical once and that non-tenure-track faculty from schools affected by certain discussions should be engaged.


IFC Representative Martin Spechler expressed his support for the policy, noting that it had been a long time in coming.  He believes such a committee will facilitate communication, help avoid duplication, and free up resources. 


Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services Becky Porter reminded the IFC of several campus efforts regarding course remonstrance.


IFC Representative Bill Schneider applauded the statement in the policy emphasizing that “the curriculum is both the prerogative and the responsibility of the faculty.”   He asked why the committee is not being recommended as an IFC standing committee.  Watt and Vice President Vermette explained that they conceived of this committee as functioning much as the campus Promotion and Tenure Committee functions (a faculty committee that advises the administration).  In closing, Schneider suggested that the following sentence could be removed without impacting the original intent of the proposal:   “The Dean of the Faculties retains final authority over all curricular matters.”  As an administrative advisory committee—should it remain so—the Dean of Faculties authority in the matter is implicit.


IFC Representative Edward Curtis reminded the IFC that this issue and faculty governance are both somewhat new to some first-time IFC members and urged the mentorship of veteran members.  Curtis asked that the IFC be given additional time to review the proposal. 


Again: the proposal will return for IFC consideration and possible endorsement in November or December 2007.




Whitney noted that her office will be launching a website which describes the amount each unit receives from the fees in question.  Information will also be posted regarding the programs, services, and facilities funded.  NOTE:  Click here to download a chart detailing fee distribution [shared by Karen Whitney].


IFC Representatives Rick Ward and Jeff Watt expressed concerns that, while pursuing a more uniform or consistent policy for the allocation of fees, the process should remain mindful of and sensitive to the importance of school-based organizations to campus life and diversity.  Other feedback from the Council illustrated a concern that the proportion of the student activity fee that flows directly to the schools, based on head count, should remain consistent with the past funding levels.


Undergraduate Student Government President Trevor Fulk offered his perspective on fee allocation.  A position statement [on this issue] from the USG will be circulated to the IFC in the near future.


The IFC asked Vice Chancellor Whitney to return to meet with the IFC in November or December to discuss this issue further.









Š       IUPUI United Way Campaign Co-Chair Roger Schmenner impressed upon the IFC the importance of supporting the United Way.  Schmenner cited a decline in participation and funds raised and thanked long-time contributors while welcoming new ones.  He explained several changes in Key Club levels for the year.  View Dr. Schmenner’s presentation here.  You can learn more about the campaign (Sept. 14 - Oct. 26) or pledge online on the 2007 United Way Campaign website. 



Š       Chancellor Bantz recognized faculty achieving twenty years of service honoring, especially, attendees Sharon Hamilton, Margaret Richwine, Roger Schmenner, and Darrell Davidson.  The Council, then, adjourned to the Conour Atrium for a reception in their honor.  Congratulations and thank you for your countless and invaluable contributions!





Information about IFC business, meeting schedules, and more are available on our website.