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Administrative Reviews

Review Procedures for IUPUI Administrators

February 2, 2010 (IFC Faculty Affairs Standing Committee)

Under the leadership of the chancellor, senior campus administrative officers and school deans, in conjunction with the faculty, are responsible for advancing the objectives and mission of the IUPUI campus. The chancellor has specific responsibility for ensuring that the incumbents of these offices perform effectively. Consequently, the chancellor will arrange for the periodic evaluation of administrative officers holding positions that bear directly on the campuswide teaching and research mission of IUPUI and of deans with multiple campus responsibilities who report to the chancellor in the latter's capacity as executive vice president of Indiana University. Their performance, and the performance of their offices, will be evaluated regularly by a review process. The purpose of these reviews is to assist the chancellor and other senior administrative officers in meeting the responsibilities of their respective offices and in advancing the mission of the campus (or campuses) by identifying opportunities for greater effectiveness in a collegial fashion. A more complete description of this procedure can be found in the IUPUI Faculty Guide.

The following reviews have taken place since 2008. Prior years reviews are available (on request) from the IUPUI Faculty Council Coordinator (Karen Lee,, 317-274-2215).