Policy on Consideration of Requests for Withdrawal after Conclusion of the Course


These policies apply to undergraduate students only.†† Any requests by graduate students for withdrawal after course conclusion are subject to the policies of the specific school.


Policy Statement #1


This policy refers to requests for withdrawals following the conclusion of the course and not issues of grade discrepancies or disputes that would be addressed under the policies of the academic units.


Undergraduate units will not consider grade change petitions for withdrawal from concluded courses older than 5 years.Units may choose to use a shorter time period than the campus limit.Units may make an exception only if an extremely serious and documented circumstance (e.g., coma, unmanageable schizophrenia, etc.) literally prevents the student from filing the petition within the 5-year period.


Other options, such as forgiveness, grade replacement and probationary readmission are possible alternate methods that students can use to continue their education.


Policy Statement #2


Schools will not consider requests for withdrawal when the student has completed the course.


Policy Statement #3


The deletion of a course from the academic record at the request of an undergraduate student is done only when the university has made an error.The studentís failure to withdraw from a course, even if the student never attended the course, is not sufficient reason for the course to be deleted from the record.This also holds for grades of W, whether the result of a student-initiated withdrawal or an administrative withdrawal.


(Approved by Academic Affairs Committee October 1, 2002)

(Approved by Faculty Council October 3, 2002)