Revision of Grievance Procedure

For Designated Academic Appointees




            The current policy outlines the Grievance Procedure for those full-time academic appointees not covered under current formal grievance procedures as presented in Article IV of the IUPUI Bylaws: Faculty Grievances Procedures and in the IUPUI Grievance Procedure for Designated Academic Appointees.  However, Research Scientists/Professors and part-time academic appointees are not currently included in the designations.

            All faculty members should have the opportunity to resolve a grieved situation.  Therefore, the following revision is proposed:


Proposed wording:

            “At IUPUI all full and part time academic appointees except lecturers with less than a fifty percent appointment are eligible to seek redress for grievances through the established informal grievance process and, if informal measures fail, to seek a Faculty Board of Review.  Lecturers with less than a fifty percent appointment are entitled to a grievance process within the employing unit, which will have the final authority for addressing such grievances.”



Current wording of The Grievance Procedure:

            “The Grievance Procedure as outlined below is for those full-time academic appointees not covered under current formal grievance procedures.  These appointees include, among others, visiting faculty (FVX), teachers (UCH), research associates (RSS), postdoctoral fellows (RSP), health center physicians (UMD), academic specialists (UAS), and resident counselors (RC).  Most full-time academic appointees holding faculty rank (instructors, professorial ranks, and librarians), including clinical faculty as well as full-time scientist/scholar ranks and full-time lecturers, are eligible to use Faculty Boards of Review to resolve grievances.  All other full-time academic appointees may use the procedures stated below.  Grievances considered through this process include dismissal, non-re-appointment, academic freedom, or other conditions of work.  Part-time lecturers and other part-time academic appointees may use procedures established in the policy statement, “IUPUI Policies Concerning Part-time Academic Appointees.’  Professional, technical, and all other employees are eligible to use the process set forth in the Human Resources Administration Handbook.”







            If adopted by the IFC, the resolution would become effective with grievances initiated after July 1, 2006.  The Dean of Faculties Office is directed to ask all schools that do not have grievance policies to establish them as soon as possible and not later than December 2006.  The Dean of the Faculties is requested to report on the status of school procedures to IFC not later than May 2007.