Slate for Faculty Council Meeting:  March 7, 2006

Regarding the Election of President and Vice-President of the Faculty for the

July 1, 2006-June 30, 2008 terms


The IUPUI Faculty Council (“IFC”) Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following nominees. 

Elections will be held at the April 4, 2006 IFC Meeting.






Bartholomew S. Ng (IR01 Tenured Professor) (Science: Mathematical Sciences)

IFC President 2004-06

IFC Vice-President 2002-04

IFC Executive Committee Member 1996-98, 2000-02

IFC Representative At-Large 1997-99, 1999-01

IFC Nominating Committee Member 1999-00

IFC Fringe Benefits Committee Chair 1997-98


CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT:  “I feel honored to have been nominated for the presidency of the IUPUI Faculty Council for a second consecutive term.  During the past twenty months as president of the IFC, I have worked hard to ensure that the constructive voices of our faculty are heard at all levels of decision-making that affect the future of our campus.  With the impending structural and administrative leadership changes at the university level, and the anticipated appointment of a new Executive Vice Chancellor on our campus, IUPUI is entering a critical phase in its development.   The faculty needs to ensure that any organizational changes at the university and the campus levels will only support, rather than undercut, the continuing development of IUPUI as one of the nation’s most innovative and dynamic institutions of higher learning.  If re-elected, I will continue to work for the betterment of IUPUI as our campus strives for a stronger academic identity locally, nationally, and within a ‘restructured’ Indiana University.”





Martin Spechler (IR01 Tenured Professor) (Liberal Arts: Economics)

IFC Representative At-Large 1998-06

IUPUI Representative to the UFC 1998-05

IFC Faculty Affairs Committee 1997-98

IFC Fringe Benefits Committee 1999-00


CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT:  “The primary duty of the President of the IFC is to preside at meetings of the University Faculty Council and to represent Indianapolis faculty to the Trustees and University administration.  After five elected terms on the UFC, I was the senior member of that body and know most of the members from all the IU campuses, as well as most senior administrators.  During my approximately 18 years as a member of the IFC, I have also served as chair of our Faculty Affairs Committee and as a member of the IFC Executive Committee, as well as our Budgetary Affairs, Fringe Benefits, and Finance and Facilities committees.   My concern as spokesman for IUPUI faculty would be to promote equity and cooperation with IUB and the smaller campuses and to maintain—and, where possible, raise--the research standard, teaching quality, and reputation of our campus.   As an ordinary member of the IFC I have been vocal on many issues; as President I would speak less and devote myself to listening and understanding the views of colleagues, so that I may represent the consensus at IUPUI, even when I do not share it completely.”



Rosalie Vermette (IR01 Tenured Professor) (Liberal Arts: World Languages & Cultures)

IFC Vice-President 2004-06

IFC Executive Committee Member 1997-99, 2002-04

IFC Nominating Committee Chair 2001-02

IFC Nominating Committee Member, 2000-01

IFC Representative At-Large 1997-99, 1999-2001, 2002-04


CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT:  “These are perhaps the most critical times for IUPUI in the thirty years that I have been on campus.  Since I arrived here I have been actively involved at all levels of faculty governance, in my school, on campus, and in the university. For the past two years I have had the privilege to serve as Vice-President of the IUPUI Faculty Council.  At this important time, I would like to serve a second term as Vice-President of the IFC and to continue to be an advocate for faculty rights -- and for IUPUI.”




L. Jack Windsor (IR02 Tenured Associate Professor) (Dentistry)

IUPUI Fiscal Futures Team 2005-06

IFC Campus Planning Committee Chair 2005-06

IFC Campus Planning Committee 2003-05

IFC Student Appeals Pool 2002-04


CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT:  “I am honored to have been nominated to run for Vice President of the IUPUI Faculty Council.   I am an Associate Professor of Oral Biology in the School of Dentistry, and I have been active in IUPUI faculty council/governance since 2002.  I have served on several Faculty Council committees including the Campus Planning Committee of which I am currently chairing for the 2005-2006 academic year.  In addition, I was appointed to the Chancellor’s Fiscal Futures Team because of my position as Chair of the Campus Planning Committee.  As Vice President, I would work to enhance the faculty’s voice and to improve the IUPUI environment in order to achieve our missions of teaching, research, and civic engagement so that we may become a world-class campus.”