[Attachment to FC981203 Agenda]

[Subject: Dealing with Non-Tenure Track Faculty: UFC Faculty Affairs Committee approved this proposal to turn over to the UFC Agenda Committee for its consideration, and then for the UFC agenda].

Proposal for Regularizing and Improving the Employment of Non-Tenure Track Faculty.

(1) Each campus shall establish a Non-Tenure Track Faculty Policy Committee, preferably by an election that will include all NTTFs (both full-time and part-time) and all tenure-track faculty in the balloting. The NTTF Committees shall include NTTFs in their memberships, perhaps in a 50-50% balance with tenure-track faculty. The NTTF Committees will report to the chief academic officer on each campus.

(2) The first task of the NTTF Committees will be to draft policies that are campus-specific, but that incorporate the various items (3-6) in this UFC Policy. Once the campus-specific policies are adopted, copies of these policies will be forwarded to President Brand, to the Co-Secretaries of UFC, and to the Co-Chairs of the UFC Faculty Affairs Committee. The NTTF Committees will continue to function (a) to monitor the execution of the campus-specific policies; (b) to recommend further ways to improve and regularize the employment of NTTFs in all units on each campus; and (c) to provide an annual report concerning the employment of NTTFs to President Brand and the Co-Secretaries of UFC.*

(3) Some limit or "cap" will be placed on the number of NTTFs employed by each campus, in order to avoid increasing IU's dependence on NTTFs for instructional purposes, and hence also to avoid eroding the number of tenure-track faculty lines now budgeted to each campus. Each campus-specific policy should address the distribution of NTTFs among the various academic units.

(4) In order to improve and regularize the pay scale for NTTFs, the NTTF Committee for each campus will set a goal of raising per-section pay for all NTTFs, both full-time and part-time, to a minimum of $2000 (a figure close to the national average for per-section pay for sections of composition and beginning math courses taught by part-time faculty). In the case of NTTFs who are paid on a salary basis, the per-section pay should in no case be lower than $2000. The specific policy adopted by each campus will set a reasonable timeline for meeting this goal of at least $2000 per section.

(5) The NTTF Committee on each campus will establish a means for providing multi-year contracts for NTTFs who have been teaching on a semester- or annual-contract basis for 3 or more years. In some circumstances, NTTFs may prefer to teach on one-year or semester appointments. But multi-year contracts should be made available to long-term NTTFs who apply for them.

(6) As a corollary to item (5), each campus will adopt a regular system for evaluating the work of NTTFs.*

* It is not the intention of this Policy to have the NTTF Committees on the various campuses serve also to evaluate the work of NTTFs. Rather, such evaluation seems best if done by departments and disciplines, rather than by a centralized committee or administrator. At the same time, the NTTF Committees should ensure that such evaluation is being conducted and is adequate for making informed decisions about the appointment of NTTFs especially to multi-year contracts.