Faculty Sponsorship of Student for Admission as a Beginning Freshman


“Each campus at its discretion may admit a student on a probationary basis and/or through faculty sponsorship.”  Academic Handbook 1997, p 115


An individual who has been denied admission to IUPUI based on academic performance in high school or performance on the GED may be conditionally admitted as a beginning freshman if a full time tenure track faculty member assumes the responsibility for sponsorship of the individual.  To be considered for faculty-sponsored admission, the student and the faculty sponsor must complete and submit a “Petition for Sponsorship for Admission”.  This sponsorship is available in exceptional circumstances as determined by the faculty member. This policy does not apply to individuals who have been denied admission for reasons other than prior academic record, who have been previously enrolled at IUPUI and who have been dismissed, who have been dismissed from another IU campus or other academic institution, or who are attempting to transfer to IUPUI. This policy does not apply to international students.


An individual who is conditionally admitted via faculty sponsorship will be required to agree to comply with the stipulations for admission as determined by the individual’s faculty sponsor and academic advisor.  At a minimum, the individual will be required to


·         Complete, with the faculty sponsor, a “Petition for Sponsorship for Admission”.

·         Meet program requirements set by the University for conditional admission, including enrolling in a learning community course during the first semester of enrollment and participating in an academic support program during the second semester of enrollment.

·         Meet with the faculty sponsor monthly during the semester.

·         Achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 to enroll in the subsequent semester.

·         Enroll in no more than 11 credit hours. It is strongly recommended that students do not enroll in more than 9 credit hours.


If the individual successfully completes the stipulations in the admission contract, the individual can enroll in the subsequent semester under the same requirements as a conditionally admitted student.  Failure to comply with the stipulations in the admission contract will result in the student being dismissed.  The Director of Admissions will specify the stipulations for readmission. 


Requests to review the stipulations for admission and readmission should be directed to the Executive Director of Enrollment Services. The “Petition for Sponsorship for Admission” is available from the Office of Admissions.


Each year, the Executive Director of Enrollment Services will report to the Dean of the Faculties and to the University College Admissions Committee on the number of individuals who have enrolled on a sponsored basis and the success of those individuals.


A faculty member can sponsor only one individual per semester.  The faculty member is responsible for overseeing the academic progression of the individual in partnership with the individual’s academic advisor.



Academic Affairs Committee February 21, 2003.