The Emeritus/Emerita title (hereafter simply “the title”) may be awarded upon retirement from IUPUI to faculty members, librarians, administrators, clinical professors, senior scientists, and senior scholars as recognition of substantial contributions to the university in the fields of teaching, research, and/or service. Upon recommendations by the department, chair, dean, dean of faculties, and chancellor, the Board of Trustees awards the title as recognition of scholarly and professional contributions made before retirement and, to a lesser degree, as encouragement for continued association with IUPUI and continued pursuit of scholarly and other professional interests.





Faculty members, librarians, administrators, clinical professors, senior scientists, and senior scholars may, upon retirement, be awarded the title if they meet the following criteria:


  1. have been full or associate professors or librarians or have reached the highest level of attainment in administration (dean or higher) or in the clinical, scientist, and scholar ranks;


2.   have been at IUPUI for a significant period of time (ordinarily at least ten years); and


3.   have made substantial scholarly and professional contributions for the university.


In cases where retirees have made exceptional contributions for the university and have been recommended by their department and/or unit, they may be awarded the title even if they do not meet all the foregoing criteria.





1.         Recommendations for the title are initiated by the department (or unit) and transmitted by the chair to the dean. (If the candidate holds a tenured or affiliate appointment in more than one department, the departments are expected to coordinate recommendations.) Transmissions to the dean should include a narrative summary, preferably one page in length, citing the professional accomplishments and the record of university service of the candidate, as well as a copy of the letter of retirement and the expected retirement date.


2.         With the dean’s approval, documentation (including the departmental letter of recommendation) is transmitted to the Dean of Faculties, the Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees.


3.         Recommendations for candidates for the title retiring at or prior to the end of the fiscal or academic year are considered at budget preparation time (in February or March): and the title is awarded on the day of retirement, or as soon thereafter as possible.


For administrators and those outside the regular faculty member or librarian ranks, these procedures will be modified as needed.





Retirees awarded the title may be accorded the following privileges:


 1.        lifetime ID card indicating their status, and listing in university catalogs and directories;


 2.        network account and access privileges;


 3.        regular-faculty library privileges, including remote access to on-line databases;


 4.        by invitation of the department or unit, service as guest lecturer, substitute or part-time faculty, or member of master’s and doctoral thesis committees—in some cases, especially in the health and legal areas, this may include the provision of licensure and insurance fees;


 5.        based on availability and the recommendation of the department or unit, use of office or lab space, equipment, and other campus facilities in support of research or educational projects;


 6.        in exceptional cases, service as department chair or in other administrative functions;


 7.        with the recommendation of the school or unit, voting privileges in the department;


 8.        purchase of regular-faculty parking permits and/or, when underwritten by the department or unit, receipt of free parking for special committee assignments;


 9.        fee courtesy for credit courses and reduced fees for non-credit Continuing Studies courses;


10.       participation in university public ceremonies (such as Commencement) and, on request, receipt of campus publications;


11.       regular-faculty access to and ticket arrangements for use of recreational and social activities;


12.       reduced membership fees in the Faculty Club.


Retirees awarded the title are expected to maintain the same level of professionalism as before their retirement; if such professionalism is not maintained, the Emeritus/Emerita title may be rescinded.


Policy to be effective 1/1/2001.


Approved by Faculty Affairs Committee 1/28/2000

Amended 1/29; 2/25; and 3/24/2000

Approved by the IUPUI Faculty Council 4/6/2000