Dismissal From The Faculty Or Libraries
Dismissal shall mean the involuntary termination of a tenured faculty member's or librarian's appointment prior to retirement or resignation, or the termination of the appointment of a non tenured faculty member or librarian prior to the expiration of the term of appointment. Dismissal is thus to be distinguished from the non-reappointment of a probationary faculty member. Dismissal shall occur only for reason of (a) incompetence, (b) serious personal or professional misconduct, or (c) extraordinary financial exigencies of the University. No faculty member or librarian shall be dismissed unless reasonable efforts have been made in private conferences between the faculty member and the appropriate administrative officers to resolve questions of fitness or of the specified financial exigency. If no resolution is attained, the faculty member or librarian to be dismissed shall be notified of dismissal in writing by the Vice President or Chancellor one year before the date the dismissal is to become effective, except that a faculty member or librarian deemed guilty of serious personal misconduct may be dismissed upon shorter notice, but not on less than ten days' notice. Upon receipt of the dismissal notification, a faculty member or librarian must be accorded the opportunity for a hearing. A statement with reasonable particularity of the grounds proposed for the dismissal shall be available in accordance with the provisions of the Faculty Constitution. A faculty member or librarian shall be suspended during the pendency of dismissal proceedings only if immediate harm to himself, herself, or others is threatened by continuance. Any such suspension shall be with pay.
(Faculty Council, Dec. 3, 1968; Board of Trustees, July 27, 1969) (Taken from pages 74-75 of the IU Academic Handbook; see here)