Proposed Amendments to IUPUI FC Constitution & Bylaws (2004)


Revisions/additions are illustrated as underlined text



Article IV. Faculty Council

Section F. Executive Committee

1. Composition. The Executive Committee shall consist of eight members elected by the Faculty Council. The President of the Faculty, who will chair the Committee, the Chancellor of IUPUI, or that officers designee, and the Vice-President of the Faculty, shall serve ex officio. The Immediate Past President of the Faculty shall also serve ex officio non-voting.





Article I. Officers of the Council: Duties

Section A. President


6. At the end of the elected term, the President shall normally serve as the Immediate Past President for one year.


Section E. Immediate Past President.

The Immediate Past President shall:


1. Serve as an advisor to the newly elected Presiding Officer.

2. Serve as a resource to faculty committees, at their request.


3.Normally serve as an ex officio non-voting member of the Executive Committee for one year.




Passed by Constitution and Bylaws Committee: 2/04

Approved for First Reading by FC Executive Committee: 2/04

First Reading at Faculty Council: 3/04

JH/jh 02/18-22/04 dr.